My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 20 - Did You Guys Have A Fight?

Chapter 20 – Did You Guys Have A Fight?

Ever since they agreed to get married that day, Jiang Ruolan had been counting down every day with trepidation.

There were still four days left until their appointment at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

"Sister Jiang! Sister Jiang! A natural gas explosion occurred 20 minutes ago in a multi-storey building on Songliu Road in the southern suburbs. Not many people are in the Reporting Department, so the editor-in-chief wants us to go there immediately, to observe the situation!"

As soon as Jiang Ruolan entered the office, she heard Xiong Ruogang's words. Her expression changed drastically, she hurriedly put on her coat and picked up her bag. "Let's go!"

Ten minutes later, they both arrived at the scene. From a distance, they could see a tall building, already surrounded by police tape.

Xiong Ruogang quickly took out her mini camera and followed behind Jiang Ruolan, showing their media work badge as they walked into the security perimeter.

The sound of police sirens and ambulances continued to be heard at the scene. Jiang Ruolan reached out to help paramedics carried the bloodied people onto a stretcher. She also asked the police and security personnel in the area about the situation.

In the midst of mourning and strife, the wounded were being treated one by one. Xiong Ruogang then suddenly patted Jiang Ruolan on the shoulder. "Sister Jiang, look!"

Jiang Ruolan turned her head to look in the direction Xiong Ruogang was pointing at. In the blink of an eye, she was stunned.

Xian Zihao was scolding the management of the department with a serious and firm expression. Sometimes, he turned around and said a few words to the staff around him.

He was clearly in a meeting when the incident happened and came straight here. He wore a very formal gray and black striped coat. There was no attitude of craziness around the pool at the club that day, and there was no dark and relaxed appearance when he drove her home that day.

This building may be one of the buildings invested by Xian Group. When such a big incident happened, Xian Zihao himself came to the scene.

"Let's meet President Xian!" Xiong Ruogang cunningly blinked her big eyes. She dragged Jiang Ruolan who was still questioning the police, towards Xian Zihao.

"Now is not the time to interview him!"

Although Jiang Ruolan did not expect to meet him at this time, she firmly pulled her hand away from Xiong Ruogang's grip. She raised her head and looked at the scorched building not far away with a worried expression. "Currently, 17 people have died and 45 people have been injured."

After saying that, Jiang Ruolan turned around and walked to the fire department to ask about the rescue situation.

Xiong Ruogang stood still, looking at Jiang Ruolan's back with a confused expression. Then, she turned her head to look at Xian Zihao, who was surrounded by a crowd not far away.

Half an hour later, most people at the scene, including the media were cleared out. As Xiang Ruogang followed Jiang Ruolan back to the car, she asked her with a cunning smile, "Sister Jiang, did you guys have a fight? President Xian seemed to have seen you just now but he reacted as if he saw a stranger. Tell me the truth, did you quarrel?"

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