My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 17 - Shouldn't You Be Happy?

Chapter 17 – Shouldn’t You Be Happy?

Seeing the various changes in her expression, Xian Zihao knew that Jiang Ruolan was indeed a smart woman. She did not need many hints to understand all the problems she was facing.

Xian Zihao said Nothing and took out his electronic car key to open the car door.

This time, Jiang Ruolan did not refuse him. She looked at him hesitantly as he got into the driver's seat. She walked towards the Land Rover hesitantly.

The car window was slowly lowered as he spoke in a low magnetic voice, "Get in."

"President Xian–"

"Jiang Ruolan." He suddenly called her by her name, causing her to be stunned for a moment. A little impatience appeared in his eyes. "Is it difficult to lower your self-esteem to one person?"

Jiang Ruolan opened the car door and sat in the passenger seat, "I do not have a noble and holy personality. In this era, those who are not afraid of power are all immature nationalist youth; only just because I compromise doesn't mean I have to lowered my head to anyone!"

"Was this the way you compromise?" Xian Zihao sneered as he started the engine, turned the steering wheel, and drove the car into the traffic.

"Besides marrying you, is there any other way to solve this problem?" Jiang Ruolan took a deep breath.

"Nothing is absolute. However, looking at it from other points, other than this method, there is no other way for us." Xian Zihao's gaze was fixed on the traffic, and his voice was so calm that it was difficult to say whether he was happy or angry.

"But we …"

"News that you are my fiancee has been spread by the media and the public. Explaining it will only bring worse results." Xian Zihao shifted gears and accelerated. "Han Xuegang or any of the Ling Family wants to take revenge on you. With your current situation, you are like a locust trying to stop the car. If they want to touch you, it is as easy as destroying an ant."

Jiang Ruolan suddenly realized that Xian Zihao did not even ask her where she lived. Thinking about the information he had collected about herself, she immediately took a stand. She felt this man's calmness was terrifying.

"I know you have a brother. You depend on your job to earn money to live, and you also have to support your brother for his college fees."

"What are you talking about?" Jiang Ruolan looked at him carefully

In just one day, Xian Zihao managed to investigate all these things!

"If you want to be a strong woman, you should also consider your condition. Moreover, in the face of such a dilemma, even if you do not consider your safety, you should still consider your brother's."

Jiang Ruolan looked at the man who had an indifferent expression on his face. "Could it be that all rich people are willing to do anything to protect themselves? Even if the person in front of you is a woman you do not know?"

Xian Zihao suddenly looked at her with cold eyes. "Miss Jiang, I have another solution for this situation. Do you want to die because of illness or do you want to disappear from this world with another way? As a dead woman, I don't have to take responsibility for you."

Jiang Ruolan's expression changed immediately. She understood the meaning behind his words. She did not need him to explain in detail.

"Alright, then." She lowered her eyes and laughed to herself in a low voice. "I am just an ordinary human being who afraid of death."

Xian Zihao looked at her meaningfully. "Miss Jiang, are you laughing at yourself? First, this marriage is to protect yourself, and secondly, you can use your reputation as my wife to defeat your ex-lover. Shouldn't you be happy?"

Be happy about what? She just sold her soul to the devil!

Five minutes later, the black Land Rover had left under the dim light of the night while Jiang Ruolan stood in front of the entrance, completely dazed and motionless.

One was to protect herself; the other was to attack Han Xuegang.

She, Jiang Ruolan, had also lost her rational due to her anger.

While she was lost in thought, she suddenly felt someone was looking at her from a public phone booth across the residential complex street.

Jiang Ruolan looked at the phone booth, and sure enough, she saw a small, sneaky man who seemed to be hiding something in his clothes in a panic.

It was a miniature camera.

Realizing the situation, Jiang Ruolan quickly entered her house.

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