My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 14 - Enemy II

Chapter 14 – Enemy II

"Her? Do you remember what I once said about the woman who chased me in college? This is her."

"So it's her? Wow, I did not think there could be a shameless woman like her. Didn't you say she was in F City? Why is she here?"

Observing their style of talking badly about herself made Jiang Ruolan understood why Han Xuegang was always on the phone and "busy" after she came to H City.

It turned out that two years after graduating when she was still stupid to hold on to their love, he already had a new woman. The doubts that had accumulated in her heart for so long finally cleared in the blink of an eye.

When she met Xiong Ruogang last weekend at the mall, she saw Han Xuegang walking out of a jewelry store in the city center. She was so excited to think that he would propose to her, but when she saw that he had not done anything the next day, she could not refrain from asking.

Jiang Ruolan thought he was panicking because she knew about the surprise, but she did not think the woman he was proposing was not her. In doubt, he hugged her and told her that he was not ready to propose to her, and he promised that he would marry her within six months.

Those small blessings were gone in an instant. The cruel and sharp words mocked her stupidity and naivety. She looked at the unshakable man and woman in front of her and the dazzling diamond ring on the woman's ring finger.

Oh, how wrong she was!

Her hand that was holding the phone was slowly tightened. Jiang Ruolan's eyes gradually turned red. Of course, she would not cry.

Her eyes were red because of anger. She gritted her teeth as she looked at Han Xuegang with contempt and ridicule. "It's natural for you to walk on two ships. It's nice to talk about love while hugging other women, isn't it?"

Han Xuegang suddenly narrowed his eyes, "Jiang Ruolan, do not make yourself look innocent. Who wants a woman like you who is very ugly and does not have a beautiful figure? First, go back and look at yourself in the mirror. Your face alone makes people want to vomit—"


This loud noise immediately silenced the loud commotion on the first floor of the Aristocratic Hall. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at two women and a man standing in the middle.

"Ah! You dare hit my boyfriend?!" Han Xuegang, who was slapped, couldn't open his mouth before the woman next to him shouted angrily, and swung the bag in her hand to her (Jiang Ruolan) face.

Jiang Ruolan looked at Han Xuegang's stormy face, coldly.

She gritted her teeth and cursed under her breath. "Bastard!"

Then, she quickly dodged the woman's bag and stepped back.

Ignoring the audience around her, she pushed the woman who pounced on her and looked back angrily at Han Xuegang. "Han Xuegang, I curse you, bastard, for a horrible death!"

"You dared to hit my boyfriend and cursed him?! You are such a whore!"

"Scram!" Jiang Ruolan shouted at the woman.

"Jiang Ruolan, don't go too far!"

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