My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 668: - The Premiere of Sleepless

Chapter 668: The Premiere of Sleepless

At six in the evening, the premiere of Sleepless started right on time in the capital.

Mu Weiwei had gained a great deal of fame, when she was nominated at the film festival and also because she was the youngest director of Hua Land. Her fame had also increased after the truth was revealed.

Therefore, more and more media reporters came to attend the premiere.

Since the fight, Mu Weiwei hadn’t received any interviews, apart from a few questions posted on Weibo.

Also, it was her agent who revealed the truth to the public last night, not Mu Weiwei.

And so, many people wanted to see Mu Weiwei, to hear about what had happened between her and the Li Family and how they were going to deal with this grudge.

Therefore, everyone was looking forward to the premiere of the movie.

Gu Weiwei and Qiu Ling rested for a while in the hotel and then started to get changed.

After Qiu Ling finished her makeup, she went to meet the others with her agent.

“Miss. Mu, Third Master, you have been taking care of Qiu Ling these days.” The agent gave them her business card and greeted Gu Weiwei and Fu Shiyi.

The fact that the movie was nominated for the Lugano Film Festival meant that the director must be very capable. She might direct other movies in the future! If possible, not only Qiu Ling, but also the other artists under her charge could be recommended to her.

Therefore, they had to maintain a good relationship.

Luckily, Qiu Ling had not tried to draw a line with Mu Weiwei because of the misunderstanding, otherwise she would have suffered a great deal.

“No, Qiu Ling is very hardworking and talented.” Gu Weiwei gave Jolin the business card and spoke with a smile.

Jolin checked the time and urged them to leave.

“Let’s go, it is starting soon.”

The makeup artist checked their clothes and makeup one last time before the assistant opened the door to let them out.

They took the car to the site of the premiere, where many fans of the main cast were already gathered around the red carpet.

However, most of them were not Fu Shiyi’s fans but Mu Weiwei’s fans.

Gu Weiwei walked onto the red carpet and showed her signature, sweet smile, greeting the fans and thanking them for their support.

“No way, have I become outdated already?” Fu Shiyi was displeased.

Gu Weiwei reminded him with a small voice.

“If you continue to rely on your face, you will become outdated.”

No matter how good-looking he was, the audience would get tired of him after a long time.

They happily walked down the red carpet and the host was already introducing the movie on the stage.

“I am sure that everyone knows that it is not easy for our movie to have a premiere today.”

“Many things have happened to our lead actress and director, Mu Weiwei. The movie was going to be cancelled, but luckily, we are still able to meet everyone today. Now, we would like to invite our director and lead actress, Mu Weiwei. The lead actor, Song Yu. The supporting actress, Qiu Ling and the supporting actor, Fu Shiyi!”

Under the introduction of the host, Mu Weiwei and the others went up and greeted the media and fans.

When the fans heard the host’s words, they all burst into tears.

Mu Weiwei had lost her family and her home and they had almost made her lose her future because of Li Xing’er.

After Gu Weiwei brought the main cast to the stage, the audience burst into thunderous applause.

While everyone was supporting Mu Weiwei, inwardly, they were also deeply hating Li Xing’er.

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