My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 651 - Live Face Slapping 3

Chapter 651: Live Face Slapping 3

“Innocent?” Jolin sneered and asked, “If they are innocent, why is your surname Li even when you are born before Mu Weiwei?”

Hearing his words, Li Xing’er calmly said, “My surname is Li, because my real father’s surname is also Li, not because Li Jiacheng is my father.”

Luckily, her mother was smart enough to have made arrangements for when she was born.

Li Jiacheng’s surname was Li and so was Li Yongmin’s.

So no one could blame their father for having an affair.

“Li Yongmin?” Jolin pretended to be surprised and asked, “What evidence do you have to prove that you are Li Yongmin’s daughter and not Li Jiacheng’s?”

Li Xing’er thought for a while and said to her agent, “Show them.”

The agent took out a picture and gave it to the host.

The host said, “Let’s send this picture to the studio so everyone can take a look at it.”

The staff went on stage and delivered the pictures to the studio. Soon, the pictures were shown on the big screen.

It was a family picture with Li Xing’er and her sister Li Xiangxiang, as well as her mother Zhou Meiqin and her father Li Yongmin.

Host: “This picture must have been taken years ago. I think this is enough to prove that you are distorting the truth.”

At the same time, the comments in the livestream chat were cursing Jolin.

[Mu Weiwei and her friends are desperate!]

[You hit her but you won’t apologize. Instead, you are slandering her! What a crazy dog!]

[The kind of agent you have, same kind of artist you have.]

And those fans who had been waiting for the truth to be revealed, as well as the Shiyi and Weiwei couple fans, became increasingly worried.

Seeing the comments attacking their idol, they could not defend her.

What was more, they were afraid that if they tried to defend her now, they would attract negative comments and cause conflict.

If the fight could not be perfectly solved, Mu Weiwei’s career as a star would be ruined and the new movie would not be released.

Jolin said, as he looked at the family picture on the big screen, “This man is Miss. Li’s real father, Li Yongmin?”

Li Xing’er nodded. “Yes, my surname is Li because of him, not because of my stepfather Li Jiacheng.”

“Good, very good.” Jolin adjusted his glasses and smiled deeply. “Then I heard that your mother Zhou Meiqin used to be a poor student in the rural area, but she went to university because of the Mu Family and also went abroad to study?”

Li Xing’er pursed her lips. She did not want to admit it, but many people already knew about it.

So she had to admit it.

“Yes, I have always been very grateful to the Mu Family. My mother gave up her excellent job abroad and returned to the Mu Family’s company to help them.”

Hearing her words, the host also thought that Li Xing’er’s mother, the Mrs. President of Longsheng Enterprise, was a very loyal person.

Jolin asked curiously, “Miss. Li, how long has it been since you last saw your real father?”

Li Xing’er thought for a while. “It has been almost two years. I heard that he went to the South and I miss him a lot.”

Back then, her mother gave him a sum of money and sent him to the South.

Hearing her words, Jolin said to the audience, “Mr. Li Yongmin, did you hear that? Your daughter misses you very much. Come on stage and meet her.”

With those words being said, a middle-aged man wearing a hat, stood up and removed his hat.

The camera panned around and saw Li Yongmin, Li Xing’er’s father, the same person in the family picture.

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