My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Bitten by A Girl

After the banquet at the club, Mrs. Fu received a call from Meng Ruya. “Aunt, I just received an email from MG. They will send a lawyer here for negotiation and the lawyers from the Gu Family are coming too. I really didn’t know that it was a copy…”

Having heard Meng Ruya’s words, Mrs. Fu calmly asked, “How is your mother?”

“Not so well. Her sickness has come back. She has just taken her medicine and laid down. She did not even eat a single bite at dinner.” Meng Ruya sounded wronged.

Mrs. Fu’s heart softened after hearing what she had said. She did not have a daughter herself and because of the frequent visits of Meng Ruya, she had already regarded her more or less as a daughter.

“Don’t worry, I will discuss it with Hanzheng. We will help you solve the problem be it from the Gu Family or MG.”

“Thank you so much Aunt, you are the one who treats me the best…”Meng Ruya stopped sobbing and said with gratitude.

Since the Old Lady liked Mu Weiwei, what she had to do now was to cling to Mrs. Fu. After all, Mrs. Fu had always had a soft heart and liked her, and if she agreed to help her, there would definitely not be any problems.

As for Mu Weiwei who had humiliated her on the issue of Priam’s painting and also on this occasion, she would be well prepared to pay her back next time.

As Mrs. Fu returned to the mansion of the Fu Family, she saw Fu Shiqin at home for dinner after work as well.

“Shiqin, when will your brother be back?”

“In a couple of days, why?” Fu Shiqin asked in astonishment. His mother never asked them about work.

Mrs. Fu asked the servant to pour some water, sat down at the table and recounted what had happened at the club today and said, “MG and the Gu Family may have sent their lawyers for negotiation so send the best lawyer from your company to solve this problem for Ruya.”

Fu Shiqin put down his bowl feeling nauseated and said, after letting out a sigh, “Her again? The lawyers from our Legal Department are busy dealing with the Wilsons on the collaboration details, they do not have time to care about her.”

“She is your future sister-in-law, we must help her family because she will be part of our family soon too.” Mrs. Fu said, sounding intimidating.

After hearing those words, Old Lady put down her bowl and chopsticks in displeasure, losing all desire of eating anything more.

“What do you mean by future sister-in-law? She bought a forgery of Priam’s painting and almost screwed up the signing with the Wilsons. If Mu Weiwei had not recognized the painting in time and persuaded Mr. Ming to spare us one, the business deal worth tens of billions of yuan would have collapsed.”

“Does she really like forgeries? She buys a forged painting and a forged bag, she is always causing so much trouble.” Fu Shiqin complained unhappily.

“Mu Weiwei?” Mrs. Fu frowned slightly. So Mu Weiwei had helped to finish the deal with the Wilsons?

She did not quite believe that she would be so capable, but if it had not been because of the deal, she could not figure out what else would have made Mr. Ming defend her in this way today.

“Mom, it is a matter if you like Meng Ruya, but it is another if brother doesn’t.” Fu Shiqin said, lifted the bowl and continued with the food. “Also, my brother has a girlfriend now anyways…”

“A girlfriend?” Mrs. Fu and Fu Shengying, who was busy reading his newspaper in silence, were both very surprised.

Seeing the disbelief on their faces, Fu Shiqin took out his cell phone and showed the picture he had snapped at the morning meeting and presented it in front of his parents faces.

“Look at the wounds on brother’s lip. It must have been bitten by a girl when they were kissing…”

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