My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Unexpected Blind Date

Ji Cheng called out to Ming Zongyuan when she caught sight of him.

“Grandfather, you are here too.”

“Grandfather?” Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows. Could the world really be so small?

Ming Zongyuan looked at the three girls and asked, “You all know each other?”

“She is the one I told you about, the very excellent piano teacher.” Ji Cheng proudly presented Gu Weiwei to her grandfather.

Ming Zongyuan came to a realization… So the pretty and skilled girl her granddaughter kept on talking about everyday turned out to be the one he knew.

It was true that families would always belong together.

This must be the destiny of heaven’s order for his sweet grandson.

Gu Weiwei threw a look at Ji Cheng and then she noticed the bright smile on Ming Zongyuan’s face.

She felt that she had been fooled by Ji Cheng.

Ming Zongyuan showed them into the club and instead of going into the guest filled dining room, they went to the backyard.

It was a club decorated in the baroque style, which created an elegant and noble aura.

“Sit here for a moment, I will bring my grandson here after going to greet everyone in the dining room.” Ming Zongyuan said with a smile.

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly. “…”

You had better not… come back.

After Ji Cheng saw off Ming Zongyuan, she sat down and pointed at the club and said, “Look, my cousin designed all of this. Isn’t it amazing?”

Gu Weiwei glared at her and said, “So, you tricked me into coming here on a blind date too?”

Ji Cheng let out an embarrassed laughter. “Goddess, I like you so much, but I can’t marry you. So if my cousin marries you, then every good thing will be in the same family.”

Gu Weiwei felt her forehead and said, “Your cousin….”

She was just about to speak when Luo Qianqian asked, “Where is the bathroom? My belly feels weird.”

Ji Cheng put down her drink, stood up and said, “Goddess, sit here and wait for us. I will go with her.”

Gu Weiwei nodded and saw them off.

Ji Cheng must have been too silly to realize that her cousin was into her instead of Gu Weiwei. And what made her bring her on a blind date with her cousin?

The carved letters on the necklace and all those things for young girls… If a man was not interested in a woman, why would he be bothered to buy all of those things.

Also, Ji Cheng had told them before that she was an adopted daughter of the Ji Family, meaning that she and her cousin were not blood-related.

She kept talking about how excellent her cousin was and it was clear that they two were in a very close relationship.

She was just thinking about how to get rid of this awkward blind date when someone approached her and sneered. “Mu Weiwei, seems that you are indeed a tricky woman to have sneaked into such a place?”

Gu Weiwei looked up and recognized that the speaker turned out to be Mrs. Meng, who had been to the Fu Family before.

That was to say, she was Meng Ruya’s mother, Wu Xiulian

Wu Xiulian had observed her for a while from a distance and recognized that she turned out to be the shameless Mu Weiwei who stayed with the Fu Family.

It was said that she had been driven out of the house before, but now she had shown up here in this place.

Because of her, Ruya’s relationship with the Master had somehow cooled down and she was trying to find a way to take revenge.

Wu Xiulian approached her, looking disdainful.

“So which sugar daddy did you have to suck up to after being driven out by the Fu Family?”

The people who were able to attend this occasion today were either nobles or the wealthy and so Mu Weiwei was definitely not qualified to come to this place at all.

Therefore, she must have sucked up to a man so as to be able to enter the event.

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