My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 396 - In Bed

Chapter 396: In Bed

Compared to the appearance of that man, her tears gripped his heart tighter and made him sadder.

She was not explaining properly and she was trying to cover up something but… he did not see even a tinge of guilt in her eyes.

Instead, she looked wronged by his interrogation.

Gu Weiwei took hold of Fu Hanzheng’s arms and placed her tiny face against his chest as she mumbled.

“Don’t be sad alright? I only like you.”

I really want to put down my past, when I did not have you and I really hope to embrace you and the future where you are involved.

That is why I am scared that you will find out about my past…

Fu Hanzheng lowered his head and kissed the soft hair on the top of her head.

“How much?”

Gu Weiwei mumbled. “What I am telling you is just the tip of the iceberg, of how much I adore you deep within my heart.”

I like you so much that I am afraid that one day, you will no longer like me.

Fu Hanzheng’s lips finally arched. He was showing a smile.

Gu Weiwei looked tired and said, “I really want to sleep now.”

In order to come home ahead of schedule, she hurried to finish all of the work ahead of time. When she arrived home, she was intensively interrogated the moment she crossed the threshold.

Now when she was relaxed, she was so tired that she almost could not open her eyes.

Fu Hanzheng carried her upstairs and asked, “Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Gu Weiwei answered automatically.

However, she soon regretted giving that answer.

The moment she was in the room, she was woken up by the man’s passionate kiss.

“I mean really sleeping, not this kind of sleeping!”

“I miss you.” Fu Hanzheng had his head against her head and whispered.

Gu Weiwei’s heart skipped a beat. She knew that because of what happened between her and Yuan Meng, he was still feeling uncomfortable. So she mumbled, “Only once, alright?”

However, it happened again and again.

Every time she almost fell asleep, she was woken up by his movements.

“That is enough, it is too much!”

“It is never enough.”

Fu Hanzheng took hold of her protesting lips and tongue and increasingly invaded her.

Gu Weiwei was gagged by the kisses. This man was still angry but he could not hit her or lecture her, so he was bullying her in bed.

Damn, where did he pick up this new position?

The fact told her that men were never concerned about women in bed.

No matter how much she begged with tears, nothing worked at all.

She could not remember how many times they did it but what she did faintly remember, was that Fu Hanzheng carried her to the shower and then placed her back in bed. He then started to get dressed.

She mumbled, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to have a meeting at the company, I will return early this afternoon.”

Fu Hanzheng kissed her face gently and went downstairs, feeling refreshed.

Fu Shiqin was worried that the couple would have quarrelled dreadfully the night before or even thought about breaking up with each other, so before he went to work, he dropped by to see what was going on, by way of telling his brother that an important meeting was happening today.

However, the moment he stepped into the house, what greeted his eyes was his brother happily eating breakfast in the dining room, whilst Mu Weiwei was nowhere to be seen.

Standing dumbfoundedly in the living room, he realized that they could not have broken up judging from his brother’s expression.

“Where is Mu Weiwei?”

“She is sleeping.”

Fu Shiqin asked, “How was your conversation?”

Fu Hanzheng took a sip of coffee and said, “Pretty good.”

Fu Shiqin sat down opposite him and asked, “She told you who that man is?”

Fu Hanzheng said, “Nope.”

“Then what do you mean by pretty good? Are you saying it is fine when the truth has not been told?” Fu Shiqin just could not believe that his brother could be so easily convinced.

Fu Hanzheng said indifferently, as he ate the breakfast elegantly, “Not worth quarrelling over an outsider.”

Fu Shiqin gritted his teeth. “Brother, can you be a little bit stronger?”

He looked satisfied, so apparently, they had a very s*xual night.

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