My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 300 - What to Do

Chapter 300: What to Do

The post published on Ling Yan’s birthday, was on the top search list for three days in a row, occupying the headlines of all the major entertainment media pages.

They all said that she was the winner of life and God’s darling.

She had a heart disease with a rare blood type but she got a new heart that gave her a new life, when she had just so little time left.

She was the Movie Queen in the entertainment industry and a young woman, she was admired and was also asked to be the bride of Gu Siting, who was the top-notch aristocratic man of A Land.

Her life was simply a legend.

Instead of paying more attention to her, Gu Weiwei devoted herself to work every day and made preparations for the filming of the Eyes of the Eagle.

However, after Yuan Meng got the news, she wanted to have an urgent phone call with her.

After finishing the shoot of the first release photography, she made a call to Yuan Meng at the time they had agreed upon.

This time, Yuan Meng seemed to have believed what she had said in their last conversation.

“So Gu Siting truly proposed to Ling Yan?”

Due to the delayed communication, she did not get to know of Ling Yan’s news until a couple of days later but the wedding gown she showed off, as far as she could see, belonged to Gu Weiwei who once presented the sketch to them.

She even said that she was going to get married in that wedding gown but what she had seen was the wedding gown, which was exquisitely designed by her and Martin Green, became the present that Gu Siting gave to Ling Yan.

She had not shown up after she was stabbed and brought back to Gu Siting and Ling Yan, who had the rare blood type, survived because of a new, matched heart soon afterwards.

Therefore, although she did not quite think that her death was reasonable, she still started to believe what she was talking about.

Gu Weiwei brushed away her unkempt hair and said with a cold voice, as she looked into distance, “I have nothing to do with the Gu Family any more.”

Yuan Meng stayed silent for a moment and said fiercely, “How about I kill her for you?”

“I will finish the blood feud I have with her, don’t get involved.” Gu Weiwei turned down Yuan Meng’s proposal.

Killing her was way too simple a way for her to end her life.

She was going to make her lose everything until she had nothing left.

Gu Siting seemed to be quite protective at the moment and if Yuan Meng made a move, she was going to get herself into a lot of trouble.

“Also, you told me that Fu Hanzheng is looking for me, why is that? You hung up before I could understand anything!” Yuan Meng asked when she thought of what she had told her last time.

Although they were hidden in Hua Land and understood that the Fu Family was taking over the territory so that Gu Siting and his men could do nothing about them, they did not understand why Fu Hanzheng was involved anyways?

Gu Weiwei looked around. “It is very difficult to put it in a brief way, you must watch out for your surroundings and don’t get followed. As for everything else, I will tell you when we meet.”

Yuan Meng joined the Yuan Family because she fancied Yuan Shuo. So she had no idea that Yuan Shuo was sent by the Dorrans Family to keep her safe.

If her master did not tell his wife, she should also be cautious about what she tells her.

Without asking her anything more, Yuan Meng said, “Stick to the rule – stay punctual, and no delays!”

They always met punctually, because if one of them did not show up on time, then it might mean that she or he fell into trouble and the other should retreat immediately.


She hung up, switched off the phone and received a call from Fu Hanzheng with the other one.

“Finished working?”

“Just finished, I am on my way home.”

“I am close by, I will pick you up in ten minutes.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei went downstairs, packed away her things and came to the parking lot. Ten minutes later, Fu Hanzheng’s car arrived on time.

She got into the car and saw Fu Hanzheng on the phone but out of habit, he still took hold of her hand.

Fu Shiqin was driving and then asked him, when he saw his brother hanging up, “Our father asked yesterday what you are going to do with Gu Weiwei, if you ever find her.”

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