My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 298 - A Love Filled Day

Chapter 298: A Love Filled Day

Xu Qian, who arrived with Fu Hanzheng, was startled too when he caught sight of Qin Lv, who had taken hold of Gu Weiwei’s hands.

Fu’s Enterprise and the Qin Family had always had business collaborations with each other and today, they were here for the meeting.

Their boss knew that she was shooting the commercial here, so he mentioned visiting this place. Then, the chief showed them the way.

He had intended to take advantage of visiting his girlfriend at work but what he witnessed was his girlfriend being tangled with her ex-boyfriend.

They had also walked out of the office where they had stayed alone together. What were they doing inside the room that they had stayed there for so long?

Xu Qian glanced at his boss’ sunken face, feeling that it would be a very troublesome day.

Gu Weiwei was also startled at the sight of Fu Hanzheng. She had been worried that he would get very jealous when he heard the news but it turned out that he had spotted the whole process with his own eyes.

Fu Hanzheng approached them calmly and gripped hold of Qin Lv’s wrist, as he said with a very cold voice, “I heard that you are the contact representative for this project, so I am here to observe your achievements.”

The staff from Qin’s Enterprise did not suspect anything, when they heard those words. They thought that it was Fu Hanzheng, the senior who was showing concern to this young junior chief.

However, Fu Hanzheng had such a tight grip upon Qin Lv’s wrist that he removed his hand off Gu Weiwei’s arm.

Then he said, with a very low voice that could only reach the three of them, “I have told you to stay away from her.”

With pain attacking his wrist, Qin Lv did not step back when confronting Fu Hanzheng.

“Uncle Fu, she is not yours.”

Fu Hanzheng released his wrist and snorted.

“She is mine, and she will always be mine.”

He had thought about visiting her as she was doing the commercial but what he had witnessed was the scene in which she was tangled with Qin Lv.

Having said these words, he glanced at Gu Weiwei who looked dumb-founded.

Gu Weiwei instantly asked the staff. “Where is the restroom? I need to wash my hands!”

She got the location and went into the bathroom to wash her hands, three times in total!

She told Jolin that she had somewhere else to go, so she did not leave with him but went down to the parking lot, waiting for Fu Hanzheng to come downstairs.

Jolin had just left when Xu Qian came around. He opened the door and said, “Miss. Mu, Boss asks you to wait for him in the car first.”

Gu Weiwei went into the car and waited for him. She felt her heart skipping a beat as she thought of his expression a minute ago.

A quarter of an hour later, Fu Hanzheng came downstairs after finishing the work. He looked very displeased as he seated himself into the car.

Gu Weiwei rolled up her sleeves and showed him her arm.

“Look, I washed it three times!”

Fu Hanzheng did not look at her. “Drive.”

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips, feeling that the car was filled with jealousy.

“My agent signed the contract. I did not know that the chief was him!”

“Why did you enter the office room with him?” Fu Hanzheng asked with a cold voice.

“He kept asking me to do the shoot repeatedly! I did the shoots the entire afternoon, so I needed to ask him what was going on! But that boy said that you are an old fox, so I got very annoyed…” Gu Weiwei explained.

Fu Hanzheng glanced over and took a look at the angry girl. However, he refused to say a word.

Gu Weiwei approached him and whispered, “If you don’t talk with me, I will….”

Fu Hanzheng looked sideways. “What will you do?”

Gu Weiwei smiled sinisterly and kissed him softly on his lips.

“Feeling better?”

“A little better.” Fu Hanzheng said.

Gu Weiwei approached and kissed him again. “What about now?”

“Much better.”

Another kiss.

“Much, much better.”


Xu Qian, who was seated in the driver’s seat, felt very helpless. He had got it wrong.

It was not going to be a troublesome day. It was a love filled day instead.

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