My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 261 - Uncontrolled

Chapter 261: Uncontrolled

Gu Weiwei slept all the way until it was 11 a.m. and woke up with a terrible headache.

After she rolled over, she realized that she was naked. All of a sudden, she sat up with the blanket over her body, only to find that Fu Hanzheng was no longer next to her.

She pulled away the blanket and found that there were numerous kiss marks over her body. Then she started to remember what had happened the night before.

So she almost… almost slept with Fu Hanzheng?!

If Fu Hanzheng had not discovered her period the night before, so that he stopped halfway, she would have ended up sleeping with him!

She threw herself back onto the bed in pain, wondering if she had been possessed.

She was drunk and had started to lose control of herself.

She stayed in bed for a long time, feeling regret over whatever she had done and failing to see Fu Hanzheng once again.

So she grabbed the phone on the bedside table and started to text Jolin, begging him to get her as much work as possible.

She hoped that she would have so much work to do that she had no time to be at home.

After she texted Jolin and was about to get up, she realized that her own clothes were not in this room.

Her walk-in closet was in another room and she could not possibly run there naked.

As alast resort, she put on Fu Hanzheng’s shirt that was lying on the floor.

She decided to eat something and waited for Jolin’s call. She must sneak away before Fu Hanzheng returned from work, so she should really start packing now!

However, she had just heated up a cup of milk in the kitchen when the door of the study creaked open.

The man, who she thought was at work, walked out of the study.

The milk in Gu Weiwei’s hands trembled and when she saw the kiss marks on Fu Hanzheng’s neck, she suddenly felt even worse.

What on earth had she done to him the night before?

Fu Hanzheng walked into the kitchen, poured her a bowl of porridge as well as a bowl of brown-sugar water.

“Still feeling terrible?”

Gu Weiwei shook her head and focused on eating the porridge, almost burying her head into the bowl.

“Your head still aches?” Fu Hanzheng frowned.

Gu Weiwei laughed dryly. “Just a little.”

Fu Hanzheng said, “What about your stomach?”

Gu Weiwei laughed even more dryly. “Just a little.”

She felt her face heating up when she thought of her newly-changed sanitary pad.

Sitting opposite her, Fu Hanzheng watched her, who had turned both embarrassed and shy.

“Last night…”

“I really did not mean last night!” Gu Weiwei explained as she looked up.

Fu Hanzheng reached out for her, seeing how she behaved.

Gu Weiwei leaned backwards and kept leaning backwards until she touched the back of the chair. Then she found that he had only reached out for her, just to wipe off the rice on the corner of her lips.

“I am sorry, I promised you not to get drunk and when I got drunk, I started to do something improper to you…”

She had not even realized that she was at home. She had thought that she was still outside and dreaming.

Fu Hanzheng nodded and said with regret in his voice, “It is okay, I just think that it feels a bit… unfortunate.”

Gu Weiwei looked at him with a helpless expression.

She had been worried that Fu Hanzheng would sleep with her but now she had started to worry that she would sleep with him instead.

Seeing her finishing the food, Fu Hanzheng stretched his arms and said,

“Come here.”

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips, stood up and walked towards him, only to end up in his arms.

Fu Hanzheng brushed away the strands of hair and smiled sexily.

“If you really want to do it, we can continue when your period finishes.”

Gu Weiwei shook her head constantly. “No, I really don’t want to do it!”

“But you wanted it badly last night.” Fu Hanzheng reminded her.

He had stopped himself from forging on ahead but she still did not give up. She almost took off his pants!

“That was drunk me doing stupid stuff, it was not real.” Gu Weiwei felt even more helpless.

She was indeed possessed the night before!

Fu Hanzheng chuckled and gazed deeply into her eyes.

“People always tell the truth when they are drunk and whatever they do and say when they are drunk normally turns out to be exactly what they are thinking, in the deepest parts of their heart.”

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