My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1819 - 1819 Lost Relationship

Chapter 1819 - 1819 Lost Relationship

1819 Lost Relationship

After Yuan Meng brought Gu Weiwei downstairs, Fu Hanzheng followed He Chi to his office.

He Chi checked the data and said seriously, “I know that you want to ask me if there is any way to help her recover, but Gu Siting invested so much into this project and it took him three years before he succeeded…”

“I don’t care how much I invest,” Fu Hanzheng said.

He Chi adjusted his glasses. “It is not a matter of how much money you invest, but how much equipment or drugs you can develop to cure her. That is a task hundreds of times more difficult than Gu Siting’s project.”


“No matter how difficult it is, we must make her well,” Fu Hanzheng said with a low voice.

“In order to cure her, we need to study the right method, and that would take a great deal of time.” He Chi looked at him sympathetically and said, “Also, in my opinion, if her cerebral cortex is stimulated, I am afraid that before she is cured, more serious consequences will follow.”

“So you are not going to do anything about it?” Fu Hanzheng asked with a low voice.

He Chi shrank his neck guiltily. “What I mean is that we can try to make her accept your relationship first and then guide her to remember it herself. Maybe there will be a miracle?”

It was a very detailed and complicated study to figure out the instrument and medicine to cure her memory loss, and it would take a very long time too. Could he wait that long?

Fu Hanzheng stayed silent for a moment and said, “I will find a lab with top-notch research equipment and staff, and you will be responsible for it.”

He Chi had wanted to turn him down, but seeing his distressed face, he felt sorry for him.

“Alright, but I can’t guarantee when this project will be completed.”

Fu Hanzheng nodded. He knew that the hope was slim, but he must not miss any opportunities to cure her.

“Then I will finish the work at the hospital this week,” He Chi said.

Fu Hanzheng nodded, left the office with a heavy expression and joined Yuan Meng in the parking lot.

The moment he left, He Chi reported the situation to Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin.

Within two minutes, Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin exploded in the group chat.

Fu Shiqin: What?

Fu Shiyi: Damn, what is going on?

Fu Shiqin: What do you mean my sister-in-law has no memory? How much is missing?

He Chi: Even your brother is not remembered, how much do you think?

Fu Shiyi: Ahhhh, that can’t be true. She was fine when I saw her at the old mansion yesterday.

He Chi: Something happened to her when she woke up this morning. She just finished the examination here, of course it is true!

Fu Shiqin: In that case, sister-in-law would not remember us or even Youyou and Tiantian.

He Chi: That is for sure. She seems to have been transported back to a certain day years ago. She has no memory of anything after that, just like a file on the computer that has been deleted.

Fu Shiqin: My brother is so miserable.

Fu Shiyi: So sad.

He Chi: It is so sad.


For the first time, the three men, who had always aimed to bring Fu Hanzheng down, showed Fu Hanzheng sympathy.

He had found a wife and had a pair of twins, what a winner he was in life!

But all of a sudden, sister-in-law had forgotten everything she had known about him in the past few years.

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