My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1784 - Back to the Beginning 2

Chapter 1784: Back to the Beginning 2

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Gu Siting walked out of her room and could not help but shed tears.

After a long while, he calmed himself down and went to meet the researcher.

“President Gu, what is Miss Weiwei’s reaction?”

“She seems to have forgotten everything about the past few years. Isn’t there supposed to be one more experiment?” Gu Siting asked in surprise.

The researcher checked the data on the tablet and said, “This experiment mainly depends on the individual’s physique and willpower. In the previous experiment, someone did reach the goal ahead of schedule…”


Gu Siting nodded thoughtfully. “Should we do another experiment?”

“If you want her memory to return to an earlier time, you can do it again,” the researcher said.

Gu Siting thought for a long while. “Let’s leave it for the time being.”

Actually, he was already very satisfied with her current state.

If they did it again, he wondered what time her memory would referees back to.

“Okay.” The researcher said no more.

“She will still be living here these coming days, and so when she runs into the researchers, make sure they don’t reveal too much.” Gu Siting stressed seriously.

“I will tell my men now.”

The researchers nodded and told the others to keep their mouths sealed.

Gu Siting went to his room and dealt with some company affairs before knocking on Gu Weiwei’s door.

Gu Weiwei had already changed and asked as she opened the door, “Time to eat?”

“Yes.” Gu Siting nodded.

Gu Weiwei came out of the room and left with him. After a short while, she found that she was not at the Gu Family’s house, but at a research center.

“What… is this place?”

“An important research base for the company. I will be staying here these days,” Gu Siting said and brought her to the restaurant on the top floor.

The huge floor-to-ceiling window allowed the sunlight to shine in. The flowers and plants had been carefully pruned and the entire dining room was filled with the scent of flowers.

Gu Siting pulled out the chair for her in a very gentlemanly way and did not sit down opposite her until she took the seat.

The exquisite French food was the western-style food the Gu Family had always preferred.

The waiter served the food and asked, “Mr. Gu, do you need wine?”

Gu Siting thought for a while and said, “Give me a glass of red wine and a glass of warm water for Weiwei.”

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips, blinked and said, “I want to drink too.”

“You just took the medicine.” Gu Siting turned down her request.

Gu Weiwei let out a sigh of pity and took a sip of the water delivered by the waiter.

Then she started to eat in silence.

“Are you still going to be going out these coming days?” Gu Siting asked.

Normally, she would leave after only staying a few days at home.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a moment and smiled.

“Mom asked me to come home. Your birthday is soon; I’ll leave after the celebration,” Gu Weiwei said.

“Thank you for coming back,” Gu Siting said to both the Gu Weiwei of the past and the Gu Weiwei of the present.

He failed to say thank you to her years ago, but after so many years, he finally said thank you to her.

Gu Weiwei sized him up curiously. “Brother Siting, has something happened?”

“Why do you ask?” Gu Siting smiled elegantly.

“I feel that you are acting a bit weird today.” Gu Weiwei voiced her question.

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