My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1782 - Used

Chapter 1782: Used

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In the capital of Hua Land.

Although they had caught someone before, they had still failed to find the woman who was hiding the boy.

Apart from the Fu Family’s men and the police, no one knew that the boy was missing.

Since it was not convenient for Fu Hanzheng to show up in public, he spent most of his time going through the CCTV files with the technical team. He felt that he had become very short-sighted after staring at the computer screen for days.

When his eyes could not stand it any more, he got up and gave it to someone else to do so that he could get some fresh air.


The moment he came out of the RV, he saw Fu Shiyi making a call outside and said to him after the conversation ended, “I am going out now, let me know if there is any news.”

Having said these words, he went into the car and left.

Seeing the car leaving, Fu Shiyi threw a look at Yuan Meng who was smoking.

“Where is my brother going? He must have gone out several times these days.”

During the past few days, his brother had not been focusing on finding the children either. He kept making calls or going out without saying a word. He would not be home for hours.

“I don’t know, but it must have something to do with your nephew and sister-in-law,” Yuan Meng said.

It would be a waste of time and manpower to search for him in this way. If they failed to find the child, Weiwei would not be able to escape from the Gu Family either.

Fu Hanzheng was more anxious than anyone else about this matter.

Therefore, he was definitely trying his best to save Weiwei and the child.

Fu Shiyi sighed as he saw the darkening sky.

“It seems that our brother has not talked with sister-in-law for days, he must be very worried.”

They had never lost touch with each other for such a long time before, even from when Gu Siting kidnapped his sister-in-law.

This time, it was because of Gu Siting again.

“If she goes to the Gu Family, Gu Siting won’t let them talk on the phone every day.” Yuan Meng snorted.

But judging from Yuan Shuo’s tone, the situation did not seem that optimistic.

“My brother and my mother have been blaming themselves for Youyou’s disappearance. If they are not found, they will not be able to live on,” Fu Shiyi mumbled.

Mrs. Fu always thought that it was her fault because it was her who put Youyou in the room, so she had been blaming herself these days.

Then his brother blamed himself for not protecting sister-in-law and Youyou so that Gu Siting could take advantage of the situation.

Yuan Meng leaned herself against the car and said as she brushed off the ashes, “Gu Siting is not giving up. If it is not this time, it will be the next time. They should not have trusted the Qin Family, so that Gu Siting was then able to take advantage of the situation.”

Fu Hanzheng had tried his best to keep Weiwei and the two children safe, but he was just a man, and he did not have the ability to see or hear everything. Also, the Qin Family, whom the Fu Family had always trusted, was involved too, so he was not able to defend himself at all.

Hearing these words, Fu Shiyi gritted his teeth.

“We truly did not know him at all! How dare Qin Lv do such a thing?!”

The Qin Family and the Fu Family had always been on good terms with each other, and Qin Lv was the only junior of the two families, so both the elders of the two families and the uncles loved him dearly.

But he had never expected that he would help Gu Siting to deal with the Fu Family.

“He is driven by interest and he really thinks that your brother has stolen the girl he likes, of course he will turn evil.” Yuan Meng snorted.

But this boy was too naive. He heard from Qin Man that he should still try and he thought that if he succeeded, he could get rid of Fu Hanzheng so he could be with Weiwei.

But Weiwei was no longer the Mu Weiwei he was looking for, and Gu Siting would never give her up to him.

He had been used as cannon fodder by Gu Siting the entire time.

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