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Chapter 1749 - The Qin Family Should Pay the

Chapter 1749: The Qin Family Should Pay the Price 2

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In the living room, Fu Shengying and Mrs. Fu were annoyed by the Qin Family, while Fu Hanzheng went to the nursery alone. Standing by the bedside, he reached out for his youngest daughter’s tender face.

He had not liked the arrival of the two children, but after they were born, he truly understood what it was like to be a father.

As a father, he had been deeply saddened by his son’s disappearance, let alone Weiwei who had given birth to them and loved the two children more than he did.

Therefore, he could not stop her from taking the risk at the Gu Family.

He knew that compared to tonight’s separation, losing her son for good would be even more painful.

Seeing him not coming out, Fu Shiyi came to the doorway.

“Brother, are you alright?”

Now his son was not yet found and his sister-in-law was at the Gu Family, he was worried that his brother would not be able to take it.

Fu Hanzheng withdrew his thoughts and said with a low voice, “I am fine.”

Having said these words, he leaned forward and kissed Tiantian’s forehead.

Then he left quietly, closed the door and returned to the living room.

“The Gu Family has called us several times to apologize. Grandpa Qin even came to visit us this afternoon,” Fu Shiyi said.

“They started it, so they shouldn’t blame us now,” Fu Hanzheng said coldly.

Without Qin Feng and Qin Lv’s interference, Gu Siting’s plan would not have gone so smoothly.

Now his son was missing and his wife was far away, and yet they still wanted him to help the Qin Family. He did not have the heart to save everyone.

“We have no objections, neither does the Old Lady.” Fu Shengying sounded resolute.

If it were something else, they might be able to tolerate it, but they would not tolerate anyone who colluded with the Gu Family to do something to their precious grandson.

But now, they were begging them for the antidote. The children of the Qin Family were so precious, yet they disregarded their grandson who was only eight months old!

“Then after Weiwei is at the Gu Family…” Mrs. Fu looked at her son worriedly.

She was worried that something would happen to her daughter-in-law at the Gu Family and that her son would not be able to take it.

“Yuan Shuo and Cayman Dorrans are at the Gu Family too, they will take care of her.” Fu Hanzheng knew that Mrs. Fu had been blaming herself for putting Youyou into the bedroom of the Qin Family, which was where he was taken away from. So he said, “Gu Siting has agreed to let Weiwei see Youyou through a video call tomorrow morning.”

Mrs. Fu let out a sigh of relief. Finally, she had some information about her grandson.

She had not dared to close her eyes these past few days. The moment she did, she wondered if her grandson had been mistreated or starved.

But they just could not find him, so they had no idea how he was doing.

If Weiwei could see Youyou through a video call, she would at least be able to know how he was doing and if he was injured.

Fu Shengying sighed. He had minded Gu Weiwei going back to the Gu Family, but now when he heard that she could get news about Youyou from Gu Siting, he felt a bit guilty.

“Leave Tiantian here with us and we can take care of her; you can go and find your son,” Mrs. Fu said.

“Leave the company to Shiqin for the time being. If anything happens, I will take over. You don’t have to worry about it.” Fu Shengying added.

Nothing was more important than finding her grandson.

Even if the company lost profits, they could always make it back in the future. But if something happened to Youyou, they would be very distressed.

“Okay,” Fu Hanzheng answered and said as he checked the time, “It is getting late, you can take a rest too. We should go home now.”

Hearing his words, Mrs. Fu said, “It is important to find Youyou… but don’t tire yourself out.”

As she spoke, she threw a look at Fu Shiyi, suggesting that he should take good care of his eldest brother.

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