My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1689 - Troublesome Kid

Chapter 1689: Troublesome Kid

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They had planned to stay at the Qin Family for only half an hour, but because of Old Master Qin’s request, Fu Hanzheng did not want to embarrass him in front of the guests.

So he had to stay with Gu Weiwei and the children, even though they were ready to leave when the banquet started.

Before the birthday banquet officially started, it was time for dinner.

Seeing Fu Hanzheng talking with the elders of the Qin Family, Gu Weiwei whispered, “The children must be hungry, I will make the milk for them.”

Fu Hanzheng nodded. “Go ahead.”

Gu Weiwei made a call and asked Yuan Meng to bring her baby bag into the car. Then she carried the bag to the dining room of the Qin Family and brought out the milk powder and bottles.

Then she boiled the water and waited for it to cool down.

She was just pouring the water into the bottle when a five-year-old boy rushed over and bumped into her legs.

Since she was wearing high-heels today, she lost her balance and the water poured over her hands.

Her hand hurt, and the milk bottle she had not managed to hold onto spilled over the boy’s head and face.

The boy was in so much pain that he burst into tears. Gu Weiwei put down the water and looked at the boy, ignoring the burn on her hands.

“Tell me, where does it hurt?”

The boy wailed and hit her in pain and anger.

“Damn you, damn you!”

Nervous, Gu Weiwei brushed away the child’s hands.

But because the boy could not hit her, he threw himself to the ground and cried loudly.

“Grandpa, grandma, someone is hitting me, someone is hitting me…”

The children’s grandparents were looking for their grandson when they heard the crying. Seeing their grandson crying on the floor, they picked him up anxiously.

“What is it, Haohao?”

“Where does it hurt? Tell grandma.”


Seeing the grandparents approaching, Gu Weiwei explained, “I am sorry, I was making milk for my children and he suddenly bumped into me. The hot water spilt over him, so I had better call the family doctor of the Qin Family to take a look at him…”

The grandpa asked the servant of the Qin Family to fetch the doctor, but the boy looked up from grandma’s arms and pointed at Gu Weiwei.

“Grandma, that bad woman scalded me with water and hit me…”

Gu Weiwei raised her eyebrows in disbelief; five years old and he was already lying?

“Little boy, you are not being a good boy when you lie. I just spilled the hot water.”

Her hands were seriously burned, but she was a mother too, so she went to check on his wounds first. But this boy turned against her!

“Grandpa, grandma, it was her! I hate her so much…”

The child’s skin was soft and tender, and his face had turned totally red.

“I say, how can you be so cruel to a five-year-old child?” The grandma bellowed at Gu Weiwei.

“I didn’t mean to burn him, but he bumped into me and got splashed,” Gu Weiwei said with a serious face.

“The child is only five years old, how can a child lie and frame you?” The grandpa accused her.

Gu Weiwei pursed her lips. “He is in the wrong. He bumped into me first and the hot water splashed over him. Also… I did not hit him.”

“You did, you hit Haohao!” The boy wailed.

They were just arguing when a voice arose.

“Mu Weiwei, you are a mother yourself, how can you be so cruel to someone else’s child?”

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