My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1669 - Selfish Man  

Chapter 1669: Selfish Man

Gu Weiwei sneered, pushed Kuroda Keiko over to the bench and sat down herself.

“I told you, I don’t miss that place.”

Silent, Kuroda Keiko just could not believe the coldness in her eyes.

“You had a very happy time at the Gu Family and Aunt Gu loved us very much.

“Even if you can’t return to the past, must you become the enemy?”


“Keiko, it is not me who wants to be the enemy of the Gu Family, but Gu Siting who forces me to be the enemy of the Gu Family,” Gu Weiwei sighed deeply and said.

Kuroda Keiko looked at her steadily. “I heard from my brother that Gu Siting has been regretting what happened back then and is trying his best to get you back. He may have used the wrong method, but… he truly loves you.”

“Loves me?” Gu Weiwei sneered and looked directly into Kuroda Keiko’s eyes with pursed lips. “Gu Siting only loves himself. He was the one who wanted me dead and now he wants me back. He wants everything to go according to his wishes so he can become whatever he wants.”

Before she met Fu Hanzheng, she had thought that they were in love.

But when she had real love, she realized what that was, was not love


He was just a selfish man who wanted everything to be what he wanted, yet he claimed to be her lover.

Kuroda Keiko pursed her lips, wanting to say something, but seeing her expression, she swallowed her words.

“Keiko, how much do you know about me and the Gu Family?” Gu Weiwei smiled bitterly and said as she looked at the lake in the distance, “The Gu Family raised me because of the deal with Cayman Dorrans, who is my father. Gu Siting wanted my life and now he has given me one more, so we are even.”

“Cayman Dorrans? Your father?” Kuroda Keiko was so shocked that she thought she had misheard.

Cayman Dorrans of the huge Dorrans Family in Italy was her real father?!

Also, Cayman had a deal with the Gu Family.

Gu Weiwei nodded. “Cayman Dorrans has too many enemies, so he concealed my identity and gave me to the Gu Family to raise. He also helped the Gu Family in business, so the deal started when I came to the Gu Family.”

The Gu Family’s business had been pushed to the bottom by the Fu Family, but they were brought back to life by the Dorrans Family.

All of these things happened because they helped Cayman Dorrans to raise her, the daughter he could not officially recognize.

After knowing everything, she no longer had any lingering feelings towards the Gu Family.

“When did you know about this?” Kuroda Keiko asked.

Gu Weiwei smiled. “I learned about it from Fu Hanzheng by accident, but Gu Siting has always known who my real father is. And yet he has never revealed a single word to me.”

Seeing the coldness and calmness in her expression, Kuroda Keiko acted as if whatever she said had nothing to do with her.

She had been living in the main family of Japan for so long that she barely heard anything about the Gu Family.

What she knew now was what she had learnt from her brother.

She had no idea that after she left the Gu Family, so many more things had happened.

“Keiko, if you are here to try and persuade me, or are asking me to return to the Gu Family, then just forget about it,” Gu Weiwei said resolutely as she looked at this old friend whom she had not seen for years. “I will never return. Even if Gu Siting can bring me back, I will still do whatever it takes to return to Hua Land. If I fail to return, then we will both die together.”  .com

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