My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1663 - Grandpa

Chapter 1663: Grandpa

Fu Hanzheng insisted on leaving no matter what Mrs. Fu said.

When Fu Shengying came downstairs, she threw a fierce look at her husband.

“What did you say to him?”

Although Hanzheng did not say anything, she could tell from his attitude that he was angry.

It was not difficult for her to think of a topic that could irritate Hanzheng. “Who… do you think you are? I told you not to say anything, but you just can’t keep your mouth shut?!”

“I did not say anything wrong. I was just trying to persuade him to let go of that woman so that Youyou and Tiantian would not be in danger too.” Fu Shengying sat down in the living room, looking furious. He got even angrier when he thought of how Fu Hanzheng forbade them from seeing their grandchildren.

“You…” Mrs. Fu got so annoyed that she sat down opposite Fu Shengying. “You said that you don’t want to help when something happens to her, but yet you still try to ruin everything! When Youyou and Tiantian grow up, they will never recognize you as their grandpa!”

He thought that it would be much easier if Weiwei was gone.

Gu Siting would not constantly try to bring her back, and the two children would be safe too.

But if Hanzheng lost Weiwei and the two children lost their mother, they would be much worse off.


This man was so hard-hearted that he could utter such horrible words.

“What did I say wrong? He doesn’t allow us to see our grandchildren, he is such a horrible son…” Fu Shengying got very annoyed.

“You deserve it!” Old Lady came over to them and said when she heard the conversation, “I don’t have such a horrible son like you!”

“Mom!” Fu Shengying called her with a low voice.

“Don’t call me mom, I don’t have an unfilial son like you,” Old Lady said to him and then said to Mrs. Fu, “Go and pack up, we are moving out. We are moving to Pear River so he can stay here alone.”

Hearing her words, Mrs. Fu asked the servant to pack their things without hesitation.

“He said that we are not allowed to see the two children, and yet you are still going over there?” Fu Shengying said.

“He doesn’t want you to meet them; don’t count us in.” Old Lady snorted.


Fu Shengying got even more annoyed after being isolated by his mother and wife.

“What kind of father are you if you don’t know how to solve the problem? What kind of grandpa do you think you are?”

Old Lady looked fierce and imposing.

With a gloomy expression Fu Shengying stayed silent on the sofa.

He had thought that they were just trying to scare him, but within two hours, Mrs. Fu and the servants came downstairs with several boxes.

And she even asked the driver to drive the car out.

“Are you… really moving out?”

“What else would I be doing?” Mrs. Fu said and asked the servant to move the luggage into the car.

Old Lady got up too, ready to leave in the car with Mrs. Fu.

“Just stay at home and reflect upon yourself. We will be back when you are done.”

“Mom, you can’t be so unreasonable!” Fu Shengying said with a low voice.

He was just talking with Hanzheng about Gu Weiwei from a practical and objective point of view, but these two women did not support him at all and even tried to counter him.

“We can’t reason with an unreasonable person like you. Let’s go,” Old Lady said as she walked out with the walking stick and went into the car parked outside.

“Aunt Gui, let’s go.” Mrs. Fu urged.

“Madam, but dinner…”

“We can go there for dinner. As for what he wants to eat, he can sort it out himself,” Mrs. Fu said as she snuck into the car and took away their chef.

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