My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1631 - Gu Weiwei's Birthday   

Chapter 1631: Gu Weiwei’s Birthday


With the two children outside, the couple were left alone.

But when Fu Hanzheng dialed the internal line and asked Xu Qian to deliver something, no one answered the call.

He walked out of the office with a frown and saw a group of people gathered around the desk where Youyou and Tiantian were playing cutely.

“Have you finished your work?”

The crowd dispersed as Fu Shiqin and Xu Qian placed the children into the pram.

Gu Weiwei pushed the pram into Fu Hanzheng’s office and said as she saw the employees going back to their desks, “Hey, those who have taken pictures of the little buns, please send them to me.”

“I will send you the pictures. I just took some super cute ones.”


Soon, everyone started to post the cute pictures they had just taken.

Gu Weiwei brought the children into the office and gave each of them a slice of an apple.

The little boy who had just grown teeth no longer made a fuss as he held the apple tightly and tasted the sweetness.

Sitting on the sofa, Weiwei was reading a book and glancing at the two little ones who were immersed in the delicious apple.

Two hours later, Mrs. Fu and Fu Shengying arrived at the office.

“Oh my, my lovely grandchildren, what are you eating? It smells so good.” Fu Shengying lifted Tiantian up and the little girl gave the apple to Fu Shengying as if she were trying to feed it to her grandfather.

Fu Shengying was so pleased by Tiantian’s move that he pretended to take a bite.

Tian Tian giggled and continued to nibble on it herself.

Mrs. Fu picked up Youyou and said to Gu Weiwei and Fu Hanzheng, “We are taking the children home now, will you pick them up tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Fu Hanzheng nodded.

“Lei Ning and Yuan Meng should be downstairs, let them drive you home.” Gu Weiwei stressed.

Mrs. Fu carried Youyou for a while, put him back into the pram and then left with Fu Shengying and the two children. Fu Shiqin also got the chance to leave work early with them.

“Weiwei, just wait for half an hour, and then we can leave when these files are done,” Fu Hanzheng said.

“There’s no rush.” Gu Weiwei nodded and continued to read on the sofa.

Fu Hanzheng finished the documents that needed to be approved today and left for Fu Shiqin’s new restaurant with her.

But they were stuck in a traffic jam for almost two hours, as it was rush hour.

Since Fu Hanzheng had already planned it, the restaurant did not accept any other bookings but received only them instead.

The restaurant was on the top floor of the building, and one could see the bustling night scene of the capital city below. A pianist dressed in a tuxedo was playing a gentle classical song.

Gu Weiwei entered the room and saw the grand welcome decorations.

“It is just a dinner, there’s no need to make it so grand.”

It was almost like they were at a national banquet.

“We should celebrate today,” Fu Hanzheng said and walked in with her.

Gu Weiwei walked for a while and became startled when she saw the flower petals on the floor as well as the colorful sign saying ‘Happy Birthday’.

“Whose birthday is it today?”

She remembered clearly that his birthday was next month.

Fu Hanzheng pulled out the chair for her and said gently after she took her seat, “It’s your other birthday, remember?”

Gu Weiwei felt her forehead and suddenly remembered something.

It had been Mu Weiwei’s birthday that was celebrated with everyone else.

Today was her birthday, Gu Weiwei’s birthday.

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