My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 726 - 726 Frontline Conflict

726 Frontline Conflict

At the frontline of the counterattack army.

The alliance army of the four races was fighting the mutated beasts. Vast spiritual energy fluctuations spread, and the entire star field could see the spiritual light here.

Behind the alliance army of the four races, a group of Battle Gods were floating in the vacuum, staring into the distance.

There was a universe membrane in the distance. The gap in the universe membrane was covered by a nest of flesh and blood. A large number of exotic beasts had rushed out of the nest.

The Battle Gods looked warily in the direction of the nest.

They were waiting for the warlord level exotic beasts to join the battlefield.

The atmosphere was a little silent. Silver Valley watched as the beast warriors died one by one. His eyes were cold as he slowly said,

“When will those divine-tier exotic beasts come out?! It had been so long, yet he still hadn’t appeared?”

Jin Ka said,”

“Let’s wait a little longer. If the number of divine-quality exotic beasts that come out is small, we’ll surround them with all our strength and kill them as quickly as possible. We’ll make sure to reduce a portion of their divine-quality combat strength first.”

Buchang nodded.

The golden card said, “I’ll be quiet, I’ll be quiet, I’ll be quiet.”

Right at this moment, a battle Saint from the automaton race flew over. His expression was extremely anxious as he came to Mados and the others’ side and said,

“Lord Mados, something has happened!”

These words made all the Battle Gods present look over.

Mados frowned as he looked at the Mechanical Battle Saint. His mechanical eyes flickered as he asked,

“What happened?!”

Under the watchful eyes of the numerous Battle Gods, this Mechanical Battle Saint felt quite pressured. He bowed slightly and said slowly,

“There’s news from Colony 63. A powerful presence has appeared in the star field they’re in. That presence is tens of millions of light-years away, but it actually caused the galaxy to tremble. Adelo, the person in charge of the colony, had already left the colony to investigate the situation. The other people in charge had brought the colony to warp and left the Star Field.”

“What? To cause the galaxy to shake from tens of millions of light years away?!”

Mados and the other Battle Gods were all shocked.

They looked at each other in disbelief.

“What level of expert is this?”

The human Dino-Battle God Ke Luo raised his head and looked at Mados as he said angrily,”

“Mados! You didn’t mention that your Machine Kingdom has such a powerful existence!”

Mados and the other Mechanical Battle Gods were also at a loss.

Seeing the three Battle Gods frowning and staring at him, he quickly said,

“We don’t know who it is either! We are the only ones in the Machinery race that are able to fight. After living together for hundreds of millions of years, don’t you know?!”

“Who is that?!”

Bing Ling’s voice was cold and stern.

Mados and the rest of the Mechanical Battle Gods looked at each other, unable to answer.

At this moment, a Mechanical Battle God thought of something and looked in the direction of the humans.”

“If you want to talk about the Battle God who is still in the Machine Kingdom… Only Lu Yuan and his brother were able to track down the headquarters of the Mechanical Blood. Could it be him?!”

Hearing this, the beasts and the Spirit turned to the humans.

Furious Star and the others were stunned for a moment, not expecting this.

Bu Chang and Ke Luo also looked at Furious Star. Among them, the one who was most familiar with Lu Yuan was undoubtedly Furious Star.

Being stared at by everyone like this, the corner of Furious Star’s mouth twitched, and his expression was extremely strange.

Bu Chang asked,

“Nu Xing, do you think it could be Ah Yuan?”


Furious Star grinned and was also a little dumbfounded.

According to Lu Yuan’s strength at the Battle-Saint level, Lu Yuan’s strength was a little stronger than his at that time. He was about the same as Ruoshui, no…It should be slightly stronger than Ruoshui.

However, he had no idea how strong Lu Yuan was.

He did not know if that person was Lu Yuan or not.

Such a powerful expert was naturally of great importance. For a moment, he did not dare to comment.

Just as Furious Star was hesitating, another Mechanical Battle Saint ran over. His expression was extremely nervous.

“Lord Mados! Something happened!”


Everyone looked at the Mechanical Battle Saint with sharp gazes.

The Mechanical Battle Saint was speechless.

His heart skipped a beat. He did not understand what he had said wrong.

The battle Saint who had come to report earlier glanced at his companion sympathetically.

“What happened again?!”

Mados rubbed his forehead, feeling a little tired.

The Mechanical Battle Saint quickly said,

“No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63, No. 63.””


Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

Mados stared at the Mechanical Battle Saint and couldn’t help but reach out to pinch his shoulder.

” What news?!”

The Mechanical Battle Saint’s shoulder was squeezed until it made cracking sounds.

He hurriedly said, “Adelo said that he encountered two extremely powerful experts fighting. Among these two experts, one of them is a human. He should be a human race among humans. The other one has a powerful mutated aura, but it’s a humanoid flesh monster that’s slightly different from ordinary mutated beasts. Its aura is extremely terrifying. For some reason, the two of them started fighting…Oh, right. Adela also said that he saw a few members of the Machinery Blood on the other side of the battlefield, including Ke Luo and Garton, two wards-level powerhouses.”

Hearing this, the Dino-Battle God Ke Luo who was originally shocked widened his eyes and pointed at himself,”

“… Me?”

Mados and the rest of the Mechanical Battle Gods came back to their senses. Mados quickly said,

“The Machine Blood has the name of Battle God, Ke Luo. He was originally a Battle Saint, but after joining the Machine Blood, he was eroded by mutation and his strength increased greatly, reaching the Battle God level.”

The automaton race naturally knew about this. The others looked at Ke Luo with strange expressions.

Ke Luo grinned, revealing a cold killing intent.

“You actually dared to use the same name as me and betrayed the universe.”

Bu Chang patted Ke Luo’s shoulder and said,” Now is not the time to say this.

His expression was solemn as he looked at the Mechanical Battle Saint. “Are you saying that one of them is human?”

“Yes, Adelo said so.”

After getting confirmation, the four Battle Gods looked at each other.

“It seems that human should be Ah Yuan.”

Everyone took a deep breath and revealed shocked expressions.

Yingu looked at Buchang and grinned, revealing his white teeth. His claws combed his silver fur and said,

“Buchang, do you think that human called Lu Yuan really just broke through not long ago?! How can he be so strong?”

The others were also curious.

“I don’t know.” Buchang smiled.

A spirit whose entire body was burning with flames said,

“There’s still the Battle God of the Machinery Blood over there…The Lu brothers had gone to investigate the headquarters of the Machinery Blood. It seemed like they had some results, but there seemed to be an accident. Who was the one fighting with the Lu brothers?”

As the Spirit spoke, he looked at the automaton Battle Gods. It wasn’t just him, all the Battle Gods of the three races did the same.

Mados saw that everyone was looking at him, and he revealed a bitter expression. He said,

“I really don’t know about this…He had never encountered such a humanoid monster in the Machinery Kingdom. If such a monster really existed, it would definitely be impossible to hide in the Machinery Race.”

After all, the automaton race’s body was made of metal. It was very different from flesh and blood.

Hearing this, everyone frowned.

Silvervalley sneered, “You people from the Machinery Hivemind are really stupid! They didn’t even know about the hidden dangers in their own country.”

The Mechanical Battle God was speechless.

Bu Chang thought for a moment and said,

“Could they have entered the Machine Kingdom through the gap when it was first opened?”

Mados and the others looked at each other, recalling the situation at that time. Their expressions were ugly as they said,

“It’s not impossible…”

“Then what should we do?”

Yin Gu combed his silver hair and asked.

Mados and the other Mechanical Battle Gods were surrounded by a murderous aura. Mados said,”

“Since Brother Lu Yuan has already found the members of the Machinery Blood, we should naturally exterminate all the members of the Machinery Blood first and not leave any future troubles! This will also prevent us from being ambushed by the Machine Blood during the counterattack.”

Jinka stuck out his tongue, his huge body coiled in the vacuum. He slowly opened his mouth and said,”

“Hehe…According to the situation reported by your Battle Saint, Mados, are you sure that you can help after you go over?! That kind of expert is not someone we can deal with at all, right?”


Hearing this, Mados and the others were speechless.

Matos clenched his fist and then loosened his grip. After repeating it a few times, his eyes flashed and he slowly said,

“No matter what, this disaster was brought about by the Machinery Blood. Since we found them, we naturally have to make them pay the price! We’ll let Lu Yuan and his brother deal with this mutated humanoid flesh monster. We’ll take care of those Mechanical Battle Gods!”

Bu Chang frowned and said,

“That being said, what if the divine-quality exotic beast in the nest rushes out? If you guys go over, who will stop you?”

As soon as Bu Chang said this, a terrifying aura emerged from the flesh nest. Everyone’s face changed and they quickly looked in the direction of the flesh nest.

From the nest, exotic beasts flashing with green light rushed out. There were more than ten of them.

These exotic beasts had ferocious appearances and extremely powerful auras. They charged at the allied army of the four races.

“It’s a divine-quality exotic beast!”

“Damn it…They actually moved out together. I originally wanted to lure a portion out first…”

“Their numbers have increased again!”

The expressions of the experts from the four clans were ugly.

Yin Gu’s cold eyes looked at Mados and the others, and he said,

“Let’s not bother about the blood of machines! If you still want to defend the Mechanical Kingdom, kill these mutated beasts first!”

Hearing this, Mados and the others also had ugly expressions.

Then, spiritual energy surged around Mados, and a metal greatsword appeared in his hand. Information was transmitted along with the fluctuation.

“Mechanical Heart! Kill the enemy with me!”

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