My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 682 - 682 Illusions Appear, Trump Cards Out 1

682 Illusions Appear, Trump Cards Out 1

In Red Maple City, Si Chengxin was cultivating in the gravity room. Sensing the terrifying aura, he suddenly opened his eyes and his expression changed drastically.

After rushing out of the room, Si Chengxin flew into the air. There were many Battle Kings and Battle Monarch from the Red Maple Empire with him.

Everyone looked in the direction of the aura in the distance.

Due to the distance, even a Battle Monarch couldn’t see what was happening.

Beside Si Chengxin, a Battle Monarch said in shock,

“This direction…It was in the direction of the Misty Forest, right? What happened over there?”

Si Chengxin shook his head with a solemn expression.

“I don’t know, but since the aura of the Misty Forest can reach us, and it’s so powerful, it must be extraordinary. At the very least, it must be a battle saint, or even a battle god, right?”

“Battle God? There’s a Battle God in the lower levels of the Land of Origin”

The few Battle Kings and Battle Monarchs beside him were shocked and couldn’t believe it.

“Maybe? Otherwise, how could there be such a powerful aura?”

“Should we go over and take a look?”

Si Chengxin thought for a moment and said,

“Inform the few old men in the upper echelons first and let them decide.”

Hearing this, the others nodded.


In Heaven Abyss City, the Battle Kings, Battle Emperors, and even Battle Emperor of the Catmen Clan were all shocked by the strange changes in the Misty Forest.

Everyone discussed animatedly. They planned to inform the Heaven Abyss Saint first before making a decision.


Above the Misty Forest.

Lu Yuan looked at the sea of clouds formed by the thick fog with an extremely solemn expression.

“There are differences between god-tiers. Even if one refines a god-tier gene to perfection, if one is unable to absorb the nomological knowledge contained within the gene, they will still be an ordinary Battle God. And I have already reached the limit of my usage of the laws. I can’t go any further unless I can completely control the laws. Come, let me test your current strength, inheritor of the Origin.”

A hint of fighting spirit appeared in Lu Yuan’s eyes. Then, he smiled and said,

“In that case, let’s give it a try.”

This was the first time Lu Yuan used all his strength after breaking through to this level.

Terrifying spiritual energy surged as the Shadow Divine Kingdom was activated and expanded.

When the darkness of the Shadow Divine Nation collided with the dense fog of the sea of clouds, a loud boom sounded.

The two sides canceled each other out. Lu Yuan realized that the fog in the sea of clouds was unmoving, but his Dark Shadow Divine Kingdom was somewhat turbulent.

One had to know that Lu Yuan of the Umbra Divine Kingdom had already been tempered to perfection. Coupled with the addition of his basic attributes, it could be said that he was extremely powerful. Even so, he was still inferior to the sea of clouds. One could imagine that the Mirage Dragon’s words were not without reason.

It was indeed very strong.

A clock hand appeared in Lu Yuan’s eyes, and an illusory piece of bronze gravel appeared in the darkness.

The sands of time.

The Sand of Time was added to the Shadow Divine Kingdom, stabilizing the originally turbulent darkness.

Powerful energy surged and was in a stalemate with the sea of clouds. They eroded each other and stood in their own domains, facing each other.

A golden green light flashed in the eyes of the Mirage Dragon. The next moment, its majestic voice sounded,

“Let there be light.”

A terrifying power of light erupted and bloomed in the Shadow Divine Kingdom. Under the effect of the power of light, the power of darkness was greatly weakened.

Lu Yuan was a little shocked. Then, the hour and minute hands in his eyes turned back and the light retracted. It was as if he had returned to the time when it did not appear. The entire Divine Kingdom fell into darkness again.

The mirage dragon saw this and smiled.

“My power is the law of illusion. Anything I imagine can become reality. At my level, almost everything can be materialized.”

As he spoke, his eyes flashed with golden-green light. Terrifying spatial cracks suddenly appeared in the Shadow Kingdom. The spatial storm raged as if it wanted to swallow the entire Shadow Kingdom.

The mirage dragon conjured a spatial rift.

Lu Yuan frowned and used the power of time again to return the space crack in the Shadow Kingdom to its normal state.

He smiled and said,

“In my Time Domain, as long as it doesn’t exceed the limit, all the abnormalities will be reversed by me.”

The mirage dragon didn’t say anything. Golden-green balls of light appeared around its body, and five-colored rays of light flowed within them.

The balls of light turned into streams of light and shot toward Lu Yuan in the Shadow Kingdom.

Lu Yuan was about to resist when he suddenly felt a little dazed.

In the next moment, he found himself in a villa on the upper level of the Origin Source Grounds. Li Qinghe, Si Tingxue, and the others were on the bed.

The girls looked at Lu Yuan shyly, their eyes silently inviting him.

Lu Yuan was stunned for a moment. Then, he quickly surged his spiritual storm and tore the environment apart.

If they were really here, they definitely wouldn’t have such expressions, right?

Lu Yuan had just left the environment when a golden-green light flashed and directly hit Lu Yuan’s body.

Boom! Boom!

The space in the Shadow Kingdom fluctuated, and the power of darkness surged. Even the Sand of Time flickered and became unstable.

Lu Yuan felt an incomparably terrifying power enter his body. Even his current body could not withstand that terrifying power, and wounds appeared on his body.

Lu Yuan’s expression changed drastically. He hurriedly activated the body of the universe and guided the terrifying power into the small universe in his body.

The golden-green light completely exploded in the small universe. The stars in the small universe collapsed, the galaxy shattered, and even the entire small universe trembled slightly.

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