My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 680 - 680 Origin

680 Origin

Hearing the mirage dragon’s words, Lu Yuan was stunned on the spot.

He looked at the mirage dragon in confusion.

“Do you know me?”

The mirage dragon stared at Lu Yuan and shook its head slightly. Then, it said,

“I don’t know you, but I know what’s inside your body.”

Hearing this, Lu Yuan’s body stiffened and he tensed up. He looked at the mirage dragon warily.

The thing in his body?

Wasn’t that the Evolution Cube?

The mirage dragon actually knew?

This was the first time someone noticed the Evolution Cube in Lu Yuan’s body.

Wait a minute …

If that was really the case, didn’t the mirage dragon notice the Evolution Cube in his body when it saw him last time?

Could it be that they killed him because they saw the Evolution Cube in his body and had malicious intentions towards him?

Seeing Lu Yuan’s vigilance, the mirage dragon narrowed its eyes. Its voice did not change at all as it continued,

“Don’t worry, I have no ill intentions towards you.”

Lu Yuan was speechless. “Then why did you kill me last time?”

The mirage dragon laughed when it heard that. The white fog in the lake of fog rose and fell.

It smiled and said,

“I just wanted to give you a reminder.”


Lu Yuan frowned slightly.

Hearing this, the corner of Lu Yuan’s mouth twitched.

“Just because of this?”

F * cking retard, he was killed last time because of this?

Lu Yuan felt like hitting someone.

However, to be honest, if he had not seen this mirage dragon when he first left Sandstone City, Lu Yuan would have been a little arrogant.

After all, the Evolution Cube was indeed powerful.

While Lu Yuan was thinking, the mirage dragon sized him up and said,

“Because of this, it seems that the effect is not bad, right? You’ve already grown to such a powerful stage, and you’ve already passed the most difficult period.”

Lu Yuan fell silent. He could not refute the mirage dragon. Then, he looked at the mirage dragon and asked with a serious expression,

“So what exactly is the thing in my body?”

When the mirage dragon heard this, its golden-green eyes became a little complicated.

It chuckled. “It’s nothing. It’s just the last resort for this universe to save itself.”

“The final plan to save yourself?”

Lu Yuan was stunned and looked at the mirage dragon in confusion.


The mirage dragon sized up its surroundings. Its eyes seemed to see through the void and looked at the entire Land of Origin.

It slowly opened its mouth and said,

“Do you know how this Land of Origin came about?”

Lu Yuan was stunned and shook his head.

He only knew that the Land of Origin had appeared a long time ago. It had been billions of years, right?

At that time, it seemed that there were spatial cracks and mutations in various places along with the Land of Origin.

Thinking of this, Lu Yuan’s pupils constricted slightly, revealing a trace of shock.

Noticing the change in Lu Yuan’s expression, the mirage dragon smiled and said,

“Looks like you have a guess. That’s right, the mutated beast nest appeared in the land of chaos outside the border. It discovered our universe and began to erode the universe membrane, intending to invade our universe. The universe was unable to defend against the erosion of mutated beasts, and a gap appeared. In order to protect itself, the universe’s original will began to gather all the resources in the entire universe to create this origin ground in order to nurture experts who could deal with the mutated beast mother nest.”

Hearing this, Lu Yuan’s expression was a little dazed. “I see. No wonder he had heard that the mutation phenomenon, the spatial rift, and the origin ground appeared around this time.”

According to this theory, after the appearance of that mutated beast nest, it first eroded a gap in this universe. Then, the phenomenon of mutation and spatial cracks appeared, and the universe created the Land of Origin?

To protect himself?

Lu Yuan somewhat understood.

“In that case, the will of the Land of Origin, the information that often appears in our minds, is actually the will of the universe?”

The mirage dragon nodded slightly.

“What about the thing in my body?”

Lu Yuan asked with some doubt.

The mirage dragon chuckled and said,

“The will of the universe has a good intention. It hopes to nurture a powerhouse who can fight against the mother nest of mutated beasts. Unfortunately, the strongest person who grows in the Land of Origin is only a Battle God level powerhouse who can use the laws. There are no existences who can control the laws. Perhaps the reason for this is that the will of the universe forcefully instills power through the transcendent genes, which has the effect of pulling up seedlings to help them grow. However, it is even more difficult to grow into a law level in the real universe. After all, since the birth of the entire universe, there had never been such an expert. Otherwise, the universe’s will would not have been forced to use such a method to protect itself.”

Lu Yuan nodded slightly.

As far as he knew, it was not just the human race. The strongest experts of the Machinery race, Beast race, and Spirit race were all Battle Gods. There had never been an expert above the Battle God State.

So, as expected, only by breaking through to above the Battle God level could he deal with that mutated beast mother nest?

The mirage dragon continued,

“As the erosion of the mother nest became more and more serious, even the universe will began to be eroded. The Land of Origin could be invaded by mutated beasts at any time. The universe will had no choice but to create another upper layer of the Land of Origin to isolate the mutated beasts. Even so, it only delayed the time of destruction. Therefore, the universe will used the last method, which was to initiate its own universe origin and fuse it into the body of a living being. It would let this living being with the universe origin grow from scratch and build the strongest foundation. At the same time, with the universe origin, it would be very easy to comprehend laws. It would not even be difficult to break through to the law level.”

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