My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 486 - 486 Ending 1

486 Ending 1

Lu Yuan thought that if he followed these battle emperors, he might not have to work too hard and would be able to obtain a large amount of unknown aura.

It wasn’t just the aura of battle supremes and King-ranked mutated beasts, but unknown aura of emperor-ranked mutated beasts could also be harvested.

Wasn’t there an emperor-level beast? He didn’t know if it had mutated. If it had, perhaps he could obtain the unknown aura of an emperor-level beast.

‘Hmmm …’ Perhaps the Heaven Abyss Saint had gone to hunt emperor-tier mutated beasts?

If he had the chance to meet them in the future, he might be able to gain quite a lot.

Just as Lu Yuan was deep in thought, the muscular Cat-Man battle God smiled and said,

“Human brat, I didn’t expect you to stay behind to deal with the mutated beast. Good job.”

The cold-looking Cat-Man battle emperor said,

“If there’s a chance, we can go to the upper level. There are many mutated beasts there.”

Lu Yuan smiled and nodded. “Thank you for your reminder, senior. I will.”

He finally understood why the two cat battle gods treated him so well.

So it was because he had stayed behind to hunt mutated beasts?

As for going to the upper level of the Land of Origin, Lu Yuan had already planned to go after some time after hearing what the Heaven Abyss Saint had said.

Entering the upper layer of the Land of Origin, hunting mutated beasts, and transforming the evolution cube had also become one of Lu Yuan’s plans.

“Do you want to hunt mutated beasts with us?”

The muscular cat man battle emperor invited.

Lu Yuan smiled and shook his head. “My speed can’t keep up with the two seniors. I might be a burden. I’ll just hunt mutated beasts that are King-tier and below by myself.”

“That’s good too. If you encounter an emperor-grade mutated beast, release your aura. Other than us, there are others around. As long as a battle emperor is nearby, he will definitely come over.”


After that, the two humanoid cat battle emperor left, and Lu Yuan also disappeared from the spot.

Of course, Lu Yuan didn’t leave because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speed of the two Cat-Man battle emperor.

He decided to go somewhere else to take a look. The Cat-Man battle emperor had said that there were other battle emperor here. If he moved to a battle area with a strong aura, he should be able to encounter other battle emperor hunting Emperor-level beasts. He would just go and absorb the unknown aura.

In addition, he could also look for an emperor-tier mutated beast. He might be able to find something.

After that, Lu Yuan hunted king-level and battle supreme-level mutated beasts while looking for other emperor-level beasts.

It had to be said that there were many battle-emperors among the cat people. Not long after, Lu Yuan encountered several battle-emperors who were fighting emperor-level mutated beasts and obtained a considerable amount of unknown auras.


The huge hole where the space gap was located.

The darkness suddenly twisted. Then, a strange green light shot out and penetrated the darkness. A piece of flesh full of scars rushed out of the darkness and flew into the distance.

The darkness vanished, revealing the Heaven Abyss saint’s figure.

The Heaven Abyss saint’s face was slightly pale, and his black leather armor was slightly damaged. His aura was a little weaker than before.

At this moment, the space around him was distorted, as if it was binding him.

The Heaven Abyss Saint was stunned. He gathered all his power, and the space around him started to crack like glass.

As time passed, the cracking sounds became more and more frequent. Soon, a loud explosion was heard, and the violent aftermath wreaked havoc.

The Heaven Abyss Saint broke free from the restraints and snorted coldly.

“Do you think you can run away?!”

His body instantly disappeared from the spot and chased after the strange piece of meat.

In another area, Lu Yuan killed a king-level mutated beast with one sword strike.

He let out a breath of air.

It had been a long time since the mutation, and Lu Yuan found that the number of fierce beasts around him was decreasing.

Lu Yuan himself had killed quite a number of King level and battle supreme level beasts. Of course, most of them were killed by the Cat-Man battle emperor who had come to support him.

From time to time, he would see many fierce beasts’ corpses and absorb wisps of unknown aura from them.

Lu Yuan discovered that the unknown aura would decrease with the time the mutated beast died.

If the time of death was too long, it would not be able to absorb the unknown aura.

Lu Yuan did not absorb any unknown aura from some of the fierce beast corpses when he passed by. Some of the corpses gave him very little unknown aura.

It probably wouldn’t take long for the mutated beasts in Night Valley to be dealt with.

He just didn’t know if the Heaven Abyss Saint had found the source of the mutation.

Moreover, Lu Yuan had not encountered any emperor-level fierce beasts yet, and he was already very uncomfortable.

Let’s go to other places.

Just as Lu Yuan was about to leave, the evolution cube in his body suddenly started shaking violently.

This was the most violent tremor Lu Yuan had ever encountered.

His pupils contracted as he looked around in shock, his eyes full of vigilance.

With such a strong vibration, there must be an emperor-tier mutated beast nearby.

Just as Lu Yuan was on his guard, a strange and evil aura suddenly emerged from the distance. Lu Yuan’s body seemed to be drenched in ice water, very cold.

He quickly turned to look in the direction of the aura, and a strange piece of meat was flying over.

There were many wounds on the piece of meat, and oil-like liquid gushed out of the wounds and dripped continuously. A large amount of dark aura covered the piece of meat, as if it was corroding it.

Even so, Lu Yuan still felt a fatal threat from the aura emitted by this piece of meat.

His scalp was a little numb, and he had goosebumps. What the hell was this?

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