My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1804 - Holding Up the Sky (3)   

Chapter 1804: Holding Up the Sky (3)


Lu Zhou said in a deep voice, “Golden Buddhas’ Bodies.”

Five Golden Buddhas stood between heaven and earth, crushing the falling rocks and illuminating the land that was shrouded in darkness.

All living things looked up, but they did not know if they saw hope or despair.

The five Golden Buddhas sent Emperor Yu flying. He was defeated again. One of the Golden Buddhas smacked him repeatedly, sending him flying over and over again. He was also defeated over and over again.

Emperor Yu’s entire body was drenched in blood. His wings were no exception. Wounds riddled his body as well.

In contrast, Lu Zhou, who was standing within one of the Golden Buddha, was completely unharmed. He watched everything with an indifferent gaze.

Emperor Yu stopped. The gap in their strengths was too big. It made him despair and turned his face ashen. ‘Could it be that… I really have to kneel to survive?’

Emperor Yu looked at the Great Abyss Land. He shook his head. It was impossible. The Feather tribe could not leave the Great Abyss Land at all. Their roots were here; their blood and their tears watered the land here. Most importantly, the power they relied on to survive came from the Great Abyss Land. Leaving this place was like uprooting a giant tree. How could they live?

Upon seeing this, despite feeling reluctant, the first elder of the Feather tribe sighed and said, “Your Majesty… Give up, give up…”

“I will never give up!” Emperor Yu roared. His eyes were so wide open that they looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets.

Upon seeing this, the Feather tribesmen seemed to have been injected with stimulants. Their eyes shone with even more determination.

Lu Zhou said indifferently, “It’s meaningless. Even if I don’t intervene, you can’t stop this day from coming. You wish to lift up the sky? You’re dreaming.”


At this moment, the Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction crumbled completely.

Lightning flashed in the sky.

Everyone looked at the Pillar of Destruction that finally collapsed. Its collapse heralded the end of the Great Abyss Land.

In the Great Void’s Zhao Yang Hall, which corresponded to the Great Abyss Land, mountains and rivers within 10,000 miles began to collapse and surge. Countless living things tried to fly away, but they were ruthlessly pulled down by some unknown force.

The Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction was the main pillar out of the ten pillars. With its collapse, the backlash spread to the other nine halls immediately. Even the other parts of the Unknown Land and the nine domains felt the shaking of the earth.

Cracks began to appear in the Great Void that stretched for hundreds of thousands of miles.

The sea surged, and tsunamis as tall as the sky swept out.

Humans had no choice but to flee from the sea as countless fierce beasts invaded the nine domains in a frenzy.

With this, the war between the humans and fierce beasts reached its climax.


Emperor Yu raised his head and saw a circular piece of the sky, spanning tens of thousands of miles, falling down.

The first elder of the Great Void trembled when he saw this scene. He spread his arms and cried out, “It’s over! The Feather tribe is finished! We’re all finished! The end of the world is here!”

Emperor Yu looked back at Lu Zhou. He begged Lu Zhou in desperation, “I beg you! Please don’t stop me! I, Xuan Chen, of the Feather tribe beg you!”

Lu Zhou looked at the Feather tribesmen and the rapidly falling piece of sky. He shook his head and sighed, remaining silent.

Seeing that Lu Zhou was silent, Emperor Yu nodded. He tapped his Dantian’s sea of Qi, and it began to burn.

“Let’s go!”

Emperor Yu flew at the lead as the warriors of the Feather tribe followed him and flew up. All of them spread their wings and burned their Dantians’ seas of Qi. They brought out their avatars, using their cultivation and their lives to complete their goal.

Emperor Yu’s avatar was the biggest. Seven light disks appeared in succession and surrounded his avatar.

Emperor Yu’s snow-white avatar occupied the sky. Even the stars could not compete with how dazzling it was.

Emperor Yu took the lead and rushed up, crashing against the falling piece of sky.


With the power of his avatar, his flesh and blood, and his iron will, Emperor Yu wanted to defy the heavens and hold the sky up. Alas, as soon as he made contact, he spat out a mouthful of blood, and his internal organs were immediately damaged. However, he maintained his avatar through sheer willpower. His burning Dantian’s sea of Qi provided him with a huge amount of Primal Qi.

The other Feather tribesmen followed in Emperor Yu’s footsteps.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The avatars in the sky were dazzling as they held up the sky.

As expected, the Feather tribesmen began to vomit blood. Those with weaker cultivation bases died immediately, plummeting from the sky.

“Go up!” Emperor Yu roared, boosting the morale of the Feather tribesmen.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The surging Primal Qi was as vast as the sea.

A halo of light rippled underneath the piece of sky.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhou frowned slightly as he watched. He did not stop Emperor Yu. It did not conflict with his interest now, and even if it was meaningless, everyone had a right to struggle and fight for what they believed in.

At the same time, the Feather tribesmen were reduced to ashes one after another.

The falling piece of sky only slowed down for a moment and did not stop at all.

Emperor Yu looked at the piece of sky and roared furiously, “Why?!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Tens of thousands of Feather tribesmen exploded and died in the sky. Their cultivation and determination were nothing faced with heaven’s will. The outcome was the same: death.

The piece of sky continued to fall.

At this moment, a young Feather tribesman cried out, “Your Majesty, I… I, I’ve tried my best! I’m sorry!”

As soon as the young Feather tribesman’s voice fell, he exploded in the sky.

“Emperor Yu…”

Another Feather tribesman exploded before he could finish his last words.

They carried the sky on their shoulders. If the sky wanted them to die, they had to die. They had tried their best. At the moment of their deaths, hidden in their despair was a hint of relief. It was finally the end.

At this moment, Lu Zhou suddenly raised his head and leaped up.


A towering blue avatar appeared and lifted the sky with its hands.


The sky fell for some distance before it suddenly came to a stop.


Emperor Yu turned to look at the gigantic blue avatar and Lu Zhou, who was hovering within the avatar, in disbelief.

Lu Zhou sighed as he looked at the injured Emperor Yu, who was on the brink of death. He asked, “Is it worth it?”

Emperor Yu’s Dantian’s sea of Qi was still burning. He said, “It doesn’t have anything to do with it being worth it or not. What matters is if I’m willing to do it or not.”

“Why don’t you leave the Great Abyss Land?”

“The root of the Feather tribe is here…” Emperor Yu said as he pointed at the Great Abyss Land’s Heaven Suppressing Pestle.

Lu Zhou understood that Emperor Yu was talking about the power in the abyss.

Everything was fated. Since ancient times, how many tribes, clans, and civilizations had gone extinct and were sealed in the river of history? Perhaps, humans would one day also end up like that.


The sky seemed to grow heavier and began to fall again.

Lu Zhou waved his sleeve.


A golden avatar appeared, standing shoulder to shoulder with the blue avatar.

Nine light disks shone in the sky.

The piece of sky stopped falling again.

The three divine emperors were amazed. Unfortunately, they were too far away to see clearly. Since the sky was collapsing, affecting the Dao, they could only stay away from the Great Abyss Land.

When Emperor Yu saw the two avatars, his eyes flashed with surprise. He calmed down quickly and said, “The Unholy One is still the same Unholy One. Alas, the Feather tribe is no longer the Feather tribe of the past…”

Emperor Yu sighed as his Dantian’s sea of Qi began to shrink. At this moment, it finally hit him. Even the Unholy One’s two avatars and nine light disks could only stop the sky for a moment; he could not prevent the sky from falling. Then, what could the Feather tribe do?

Emperor Yu was unnaturally calm at this moment. He said, “Before I die, I have one more thing to ask of you.”


“Please make sure the Feather tribe exists in history. Make sure it’s etched in the history of the Great Void so it will not be forgotten,” Emperor Yu said.

Lu Zhou looked at Emperor Yu with a spirited gaze. Although their goals were different, he still said, “As you wish.”

“Thank you.”

As soon as Emperor Yu’s voice fell, his avatar began to flicker. Then, he looked down at the ground and at Lu Zhou. There seemed to be a smile in his eyes, as though he finally found peace within himself.

At this time, Lu Zhou finally withdrew his two avatars.

The sky began to fall again toward the Great Abyss Land and the Unknown Land.

At the critical moment, the Heaven Suppressing Pestle flew into Lu Zhou’s hand. He wrapped it with the divine Dao power. Instead of retreating, he advanced and pierced through the sky like an incomparably sharp sword. In just a blink of an eye, he had traveled 10,000 miles away.


At the same time, the piece of sky that spanned tens of thousands of miles crashed heavily to the ground.

A piece of the Great Void had fallen while Zhao Yang Hall was completely destroyed.

Lu Zhou looked at the ruins on the ground. Then, he raised his head to look at the sun that shone down.

Countless creatures died, but the Great Abyss Land in the Unknown Land had been reborn.

The dazzling sun hung in the azure sky and shone down on the new land.

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