My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1709 - The Master and Disciple Are Reunited    

Chapter 1709: The Master and Disciple Are Reunited


“You’re saying he already knew about my identity?” Lu Zhou asked.

Li Yunzheng nodded. “When master told me about it, I found it hard to believe as well. I only believed it after he explained everything to me in detail. The poem played a big part in convincing me. He spent a long time reading ancient poems from the nine domains. He even sent his former subordinates to ask around. However, in the end, no one could find the origin of the poem. From that, we concluded that grandmaster was the one who wrote the poem. Since it was written by grandmaster, and it appeared on the painting, there was no doubt that grandmaster is the Unholy One.”

Lu Zhou nodded slightly. He had thought about this as well, and he was not sure what to believe.

When he first arrived in the golden lotus domain, he saw 26 characters from the modern world in Ji Tiandao’s memory. That poem was also left behind by Ji Tiandao. However, the poem had existed since ancient times. Was the Unholy One and Ji Tiandao one and the same? Or were they both transmigrators like him? If they were transmigrators, what were the chances of them using the same poem and also cultivating the Heavenly Writing? It should be low.

In the end, Lu Zhou still did not know what to think.


Li Yunzheng’s voice pulled Lu Zhou away from his complicated thoughts. His expression remained the same as he said, “Then, let’s go back to the Evil Sky Pavilion to have a look.”

“The Evil Sky Pavilion? Now?” Li Yunzheng was surprised.

“No matter what important matters there are, push them back for now,” Lu Zhou said.


Zhu Honggong, Li Yunzheng, and Jiang Aijian bowed.

Then, Lu Zhou brought out a jade talisman.

Li Yunzheng recognized it immediately. “Teleportation Jade Talisman? Grandmaster, isn’t this too extravagant to use this? We can just use the runic passages.”

Lu Zhou shook his head. “I have three of these. They were given to me by Qin Renyue, the Venerable Master from the green lotus domain. It’s useless to keep them.”


Indeed, it was useless to supreme beings. Why would a supreme being need to use Teleportation Jade Talisman? With the laws from the Dao and Great Dao, there was no need for such things at all.

Even then, the others thought it was rather extravagant to use the Teleportation Jade Talisman just to return to the Evil Sky Pavilion. Naturally, they did not say anything.

Lu Zhou shattered the jade talisman, and a burst of light shone down on them.

After that, everyone disappeared.

Evil Sky Pavilion.

There was a burst of light before Lu Zhou and the others appeared at the back of the Evil Sky Pavilion.

The place was familiar, but things and people had changed.

Due to the imbalance, the Evil Sky Pavilion was no longer as glorious as it was before. Its barrier was also greatly weakened with not much defensive power.

The trees on the mountain were still very lush.

It was dark in Golden Court Mountain. However, the darkness was nothing to Lu Zhou who had night vision.

As they walked, Lu Zhou asked, “How long has he been staying in the Evil Sky Pavilion?”

“About a year,” Li Yunzheng asked.

Calculating the time, it should be half a year later after Lu Zhou got out of the abyss and came here to bring the others away.

The four of them arrived at the southern pavilion. It was unexpectedly clean compared to the other places. Clearly, someone had been cleaning the place regularly.

At this time, a beautiful woman pushed the door of the courtyard open and ran into them.

“Woman?!” Zhu Honggong was shocked. It was as though he had not seen a woman in 800 years.

Zhu Honggong’s sudden exclamation startled Jiang Aijian as well.

Perhaps, it had been too long so Lu Zhou had forgotten who the woman was.

Finally, Jiang Aijian smiled. “Sister, why are you here?”

“Third Brother, you’re back?” The woman was surprised as well.

Jiang Aijian said, “Why aren’t you paying your respect to Senior Ji?”

The woman hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Senior Ji.”

Realization dawned on Zhu Honggong at this moment. “Oh! I remember now! Aren’t you Princess Yong Ning? Ah, so many years have passed, but your appearance hasn’t changed. You’re still very beautiful.”

With this, Lu Zhou finally recognized the woman. He nodded and said, “So it’s you. No need for formalities.”

Princess Yong Ning said respectfully, “Thank you.” Then, she said gratefully, “Back then, I was seriously injured. If it weren’t for Pavilion Master saving me, I wouldn’t be here today.”

Jiang Aijian sighed and said, “When a girl grows up, you won’t be able to make her stay. As her brother, I can’t stop her. Since she wants to stay and take care of Si Wuya, I can only agree.”

Zhu Honggong rolled his eyes and said, “Does she still need your permission? You’re an unknown prince who refuses to participate in the court affairs.”


Seeing that Jiang Aijian had no comeback, Zhu Honggong smiled and asked, “Sister-in-law, how’s my Seventh Senior Brother?”


Princess Yong Ning blushed as she stammered, “He, he’s in there. He, he, he drifts in and out of sleep. You can go in and take a look. I, I, I’ll prepare the tea.”

With that, Princess Yong Ning turned around and left quickly.

“Okay, sister-in-law. Take care…” Zhu Honggong looked at Princess Yong Ning’s back and nodded repeatedly. He said with an envious look, “Sister-in-law is indeed from the royal family. She is generous and gentle.”

Jiang Aijian: “…”

Lu Zhou walked into the southern pavilion and pushed the familiar door open.

The room was clean and tidy. It was like a peaceful training hall. It was spacious and comfortable.

There was a long brown table in the room, and on the table were the Four Treasures of the Study. All kinds of books, scrolls, and paintings were piled up on the table. At the center of the table was Lu Zhou’s item, the ancient goatskin map. Its name was the Skynet Map.

Lu Zhou walked over and looked at the map. Surprise flashed in his eyes. The map was almost the same as he had guessed.

“It’s really like this?”

‘One flower, one world, one leaf, and one awareness…’

The nine domains were all connected to the Unknown Land. Compared to the vast Unknown Land, the nine domains looked small and fragile. On the Skynet Map, their sizes were smaller than that of a fingernail. The difference in size was too big.

In contrast, the Unknown Land was so big that it occupied almost the entire Skynet Map. The positions of the Ten Pillars of Destruction were marked on it.

‘No wonder Si Wuya is so familiar with the ten pillars…’

Si Wuya also knew which Pillar of Destruction would recognize which of Lu Zhou’s disciples and which core his disciples should enter to comprehend the Great Dao. The Ten Pillars of Destruction that were marked on the map corresponded with his ten disciples. There was not one more and not one less. Everything was destined.

Lu Zhou sighed softly. Then, he turned around and walked past a screen before he saw Si Wuya lying on the bed. Although his gaze and expression were calm, when he saw Si Wuya’s familiar face, his heart that had not moved for a long time stirred slightly. The person who was lying on the bed was his seventh disciple whom he thought had died many years ago, after all. Time flew by, and more than two hundred years had passed in just a blink of an eye since then.

The master and disciple were finally reunited.

Golden Court Mountain was a very special place. It was both revered and hated by the golden lotus cultivators. There were those who called it the demon’s lair, and there were those who believed this was a place where powerhouses rose to power.

After all, the disciples of this place were all famous and defeated many experts. Many had died under their weapons.

There were many glorious legends about the Evil Sky Pavilion in the golden lotus domain.

After leaving the Evil Sky Pavilion, the master and disciple finally met in the Evil Sky Pavilion again.

This was fated.

Lu Zhou looked at Si Wuya for a while. Seeing that there was no movement, he walked to the bed and sat by the bed. He lifted Si Wuya’s hand and checked his pulse. Then, he closed his eyes and sent the divine power into Si Wuya’s Eight Extraordinary Meridians. His heart skipped a beat when he discovered that Si Wuya had recovered his vitality and there was no aura of death like before. This meant that Si Wuya had really come back to life.

Lu Zhou’s feelings now were even more intense than when he brought the Qin Yuan’s daughter back to life with the Resurrection Scroll. His fingers trembled slightly as he withdrew his hand.

Although Si Wuya had regained his vitality, his cultivation seemed to have been blocked by something. His Dantian’s sea of Qi was very fragile like a newborn. Even ordinary Primal Qi might shatter his Dantian’s sea of Qi and his internal organs. How could he have contained Ling Guang’s power? Even Lu Zhou’s divine power could not stay for long in his body. Lu Zhou could only help him temporarily suppress Ling Guang’s power until he awakened his bloodline.

Appearance-wise, Si Wuya did not change at all. Only his cultivation had changed. He was no different from a baby.

‘This is a good thing…’

Many people began to cultivate and temper their bodies when they reached adulthood. With that, they missed the best time to cultivate. With Si Wuya’s state now, it was like he was given a second chance to cultivate at the right time.

At this time, Jiang Aijian and Li Yunzheng walked over. They could not help but sigh when they saw Si Wuya.

Jiang Aijian said, “He’s really stubborn. He forcefully injected the power of Ling Guang’s bloodline into my body to prevent me from dying. Then, he even allowed me to obtain the effects of the Great Void Seed. Alas, he…”

Li Yunzheng said, “That’s master’s choice. Uncle Jiang, don’t blame yourself.”

Lu Zhou said, “His meridians have the remnants of the power from the resurrection technique that I left behind. You don’t have to worry too much…”

“Resurrection technique?” Jiang Aijian said, “I thought it’s because he has the blood of Ling Guang, and just like the phoenix, he can’t die.”

Li Yunzheng said, “No. There’s no one who can’t die. Even the Fire Deity can’t continue to live if he’s hurt enough times. Even if he can live forever, it doesn’t mean he can’t be killed.”

Jiang Aijian glanced at Li Yunzheng and said, “Look! He really taught you well!”

Li Yunzheng smiled and said modestly, “I’ve made a fool out of myself in front of Uncle Jiang.”

Jiang Aijian looked at Lu Zhou and asked, “Senior Ji, based on his current condition, how long will it take before he returns to normal?”

“It’s impossible for him to return to normal in a short time. It’ll take at least 1,000 years,” Lu Zhou said.

“1,000 years? Master can’t wait that long. The Pillars of Destruction can only hold up for another 300 years at most,” Li Yunzheng said worriedly.

“That’s why we need to use some special methods to stimulate and strengthen his Eight Extraordinary Meridians and Dantian’s sea of Qi,” Lu Zhou said.

“What kind of methods?” Jiang Aijian asked, puzzled.

“The blood essence of the Four Divinities of Heaven,” Lu Zhou replied.


Li Yunzheng was surprised. After a while, he shook his head and said, “The Fire Deity is one of the Four Divinities of Heaven, but his true body is long gone.”

What to do? They had to either wait 1,000 years or obtain the blood essence of the Four Divinities of Heaven. However, the true body of Ling Guang, the Fire Deity, was long gone.

Jiang Aijian said helplessly, “This is indeed a very difficult problem to solve. Even someone as smart as me can’t think of a solution at all.”

At this moment, Zhu Honggong finally rushed in. When he saw Si Wuya lying on the bed, he burst into tears after he pounced over to the bedside. “Seventh Senior Brother! You’re finally back! Seventh Senior Brother, you really died pitifully back then!”


“Seventh Senior Brother, during the time you were gone, I’ve dreamt about you every day and night! Every time I thought of you, I was overwhelmed with the urge to cry! Seventh Senior Brother, can you hear me?”


Jiang Aijian could no longer endure it so he said, “Alright, stop being so loud. He needs to rest.”

The crying stopped abruptly.

Zhu Honggong looked up and said, “Oh, is that so? You’re right, you’re right. He needs to rest.”

‘F*ck! I thought he was crying for real!’

Jiang Aijian was speechless.

Li Yunzheng nodded. “Master is like a newborn now so he needs a lot of sleep.”

Zhu Honggong looked at Lu Zhou and said, “Master, I heard you said you need the blood essence of the Four Divinities of Heaven. Master, I know you must have a way!”

If there was no way, Lu Zhou would not be so bored as to bring up this idea.

Lu Zhou nodded. “There’s indeed a way.”

Everyone was overjoyed upon hearing these words.

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