My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1672 - Isn’t the Attack Too Powerful? (1)  

Chapter 1672: Isn’t the Attack Too Powerful? (1)

With so many seniors present, Hua Zhenghong had no choice but to abide by the rules of the Great Void. Since she was wrong, she would naturally have to be punished. It was not too late to seek revenge later. Those who achieved great things knew when to bend and yield.

Lu Zhou swept his gaze across the surroundings and saw the three flying chariots that were clearly different from the others. He naturally knew they belonged to the three Emperors of the Lost Lands. With the trio around, he felt much more at ease.

From a certain perspective, the emperors were also victims like the Unholy One in the ancient times. Although their views were not the same as the Unholy One, they still did not have a place in the Great Void for 100,000 years. To enter and return to the Great Void, the three emperors needed permission from the Sacred Temple. Based on this, one could see how strong Ming Xin’s methods were.

Hua Zhenghong returned to the center of the arena. “Please.”

Lu Zhou was not in a hurry to act. Instead, he looked around before he said, “Before I strike, I’d like to get the ugly words out of the way first.”

“Please speak,” Hua Zhenghong said.

“In this world, no one who fights with me has had a good ending before. After the three palm strikes, I’m afraid your life and death would be unknown,” Lu Zhou said.

There were many big shots present in the Cloud Domain today. To be able to say such words, one had to be arrogant beyond imagination.

To the others, it seemed like Lu Zhou did not even think much about the three emperors.

Ling Weiyang, who heard Lu Zhou’s words, could not help but shake his head. He turned to the side and asked in a low voice, “Has your master always been like this?”

Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong could not help but feel emotional when they saw their master again. However, due to the gravity of the situation, they could only suppress their joy and excitement.

Yu Zhenghai replied in a low voice, “Yes.”

Ling Weiyang laughed. “Then, he’s really lucky that he hasn’t been beaten down…”

“This…” Yu Zhenghai felt slightly awkward and embarrassed, but he still said seriously, “What my master said is true. No one who fought him had a good outcome.”

Yu Shangrong did not forget to chime in, “Many pretentious powerhouses were killed by my master with just one palm strike.”


Ling Weiyang did not easily trust others, but he had grown to trust Yu Zhenghai and Yu Shangrong. Moreover, when he thought back about his previous fight, his heart skipped a beat. He wondered why such a figure only appeared in the Great Void now?

Hua Zhenghong smiled and did not take Lu Zhou’s words to heart. She was one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. Even if it was a divine emperor, she was still confident she could defend herself for a while. Furthermore, the person in front of her did not look like a divine emperor. Finally, she said, “If you’re really so capable, I’d like to experience it myself. No matter what the outcome is, I’ll be responsible for it.”

“Alright.” Lu Zhou’s eyes burned with soul-stirring power at this moment.


Lu Zhou suddenly flew into the air. As he looked down from above, he raised his hand. Following that, a large amount of Primal Qi began to converge.

Everyone could feel how powerful the palm strike was going to be even before Lu Zhou struck.

“Retreat,” someone said.

“Retreat again.”

The cultivators retreated about 3,000 feet back to prevent being accidentally injured.

On the other hand, Shang Zhang, the big shots from the other halls, and the three emperors did not move and continued to watch.

Bai Zhaoju, Ling Weiyang, and Chi Biaonu tightened their grip around the armrests of their chairs as shields appeared around their flying chariots.

Ling Weiyang looked at Lu Zhou with a complicated expression as he thought to himself, ‘He’s grown even stronger than before?’

Hua Zhenghong’s expression changed slightly, and a hint of surprise appeared in her eyes. ‘He’s actually so strong?’

When Lu Zhou was done accumulating his power, he pushed his hand down with the might of the sky and the mountain.

“First palm strike, Flawed Perfection.”

This was a Buddhist’s grand technique.

The palm seal flashed with golden light as it expanded rapidly.

No one underestimated this palm strike. Instead, they felt that it could topple mountains and overturn the seas.

At this moment, Hua Zhenghong realized she had underestimated her opponent. She quickly raised her hands to the sky and manifested her astrolabe. Following that, she stacked several energy seals above the astrolabe and pushed her hands upward.

Hua Zhenghong was one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. She could not back down, let alone make a fool of herself. She had to withstand the palm strike, and she had to withstand it gracefully and calmly. Her eyes flashed with determination as she looked at the sky.


When the two forces collided, an incomparably dazzling ball of light burst forth in the sky, releasing a frenzied explosive force.

The space collapsed, the air froze, and Primal Qi was driven away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The incomparably powerful force struck the shields on the flying chariots over and over again. Earlier, the owners of the flying chariots had assumed it would be easy to block the backlash. However, after experiencing the might of the explosion, they retreated one after another.

The backlash continued to ripple outward.

The cultivators who had already retreated were forced to manifest their avatars.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

For a moment, the sky above the Cloud Domain was occupied by countless avatars. It was a magnificent sight.

The ball of light stayed in the sky for a long time before it finally dissipated.

The cultivators from the ten halls resisted much of the shockwaves generated by the collision.

When everything finally calmed down…

“Where’s Lady Hua?”

Hua Zhenghong seemed to have disappeared.

Everyone looked at each other with bewildered and shocked expressions on their faces.

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