My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1216 - Super Boss

Chapter 1216: Super Boss

The five of them tossed their respective purple rings in the air. When the five rings linked, they began to resist the palm strike.

When Yu Zhenghai’s palm seal touched the purple rings, their power was greatly reduced. Then, its remaining power was dispelled by his protective energy.

Yu Zhenghai flashed in front of them again and struck with his palm.


The five brothers were pushed back at the same time. Their blood and qi raged fiercely in their bodies, and their arms grew numb.

Yu Zhenghai said, “Too weak.”

The five brothers were dumbfounded! How could the first disciple of the Evil Sky Pavilion be so strong?

“Let me have a try.”

A figure flashed out from the back of the crowd and arrived in front of the five brothers with a sword in hand.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Energy swords sailed in the air.

The five brothers jumped in fright and retreated in the air.

Sun Mu took the lead and clasped his hands together. A greenish-purple ring of light appeared beneath his feet and emitted purple smoke.

Yu Shangrong entered the ring of light without any hesitation.

“Set up the formation!” Zhan Jin cried out.

The five brothers quickly weaved a witchcraft formation and flashed back and forth.

Yu Shangrong’s energy swords zoomed out at an even more exaggerated speed past the five brothers. A golden halo followed closely behind the energy swords. Only a breath had passed when he sheathed his sword again.


The five brothers were completely confused.


The witchcraft circle shattered and a golden sharp blade returned to Yu Shangrong. Following that, the other golden sharp blades followed suit and returned to him as well.

The five brothers’ robes were all cut by the sharp blade.


In their impression, Yu Shangrong was only a

The clothes of the five Sun brothers were all cut by the sharp blades.


In their impression, Yu Shangrong was only a Nascent Divinity Tribulation Realm cultivator who was a sword maniac. Although he was highly skilled, they did not think a Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar, no matter how powerful, could defeat a Thousand Realms Whirling cultivator. They felt as though they had been slapped by Yu Shangrong’s display of strength. Not only did he easily defeat them, but he had also trampled on their pride. Their witchcraft was proven useless when faced with Yu Shangrong. They finally realized it was not an illusion when Yu Shangrong and Yu Zhenghai fought Zhu Yan earlier.

Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!

Mingshi Yin patted Qiong Qi. He said lazily, “It’s boring. Even if I give them time to set up their formation, they still won’t be a match for me. I don’t like bullying the weak.”

These words came from Mingshi Yin’s heart. As for whether the others believed him or not, he did not know nor did he care.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Qiong Qi wagged its tail.


The five brothers looked at Mingshi Yin with complex expressions on their faces as they recalled the first time they met him. He was indeed an extraordinary opponent. Otherwise, how could he come and go as he pleased at that time when faced with them, who were at the Thousand Realms Whirling stage?

At this moment, Yan Zhenluo and Lu Li walked out. They cupped their fists together at the five brothers and said, “Please advise us…”

The duo did not hesitate and manifested their astrolabes immediately.

Yan Zhenluo’s astrolabe shone with six Birth Charts.

Although Lu Li had yet to recover completely, his five Birth Charts still shone distinctly on his astrolabe.


The five brothers were shocked.

Meanwhile, Kong Wen and his brothers were embarrassed. It was getting more and more awkward. It seemed like Lu Zhou was not exaggerating when he said their only use was to help them track.

Sun Mu and his brothers felt as though they were being slapped repeatedly. Previously, apart from Lu Zhou, they thought they were the strongest. However, it was clearly not the case. How could the Evil Sky Pavilion be so unreasonably so strong?

Who knew what Sun Mu was thinking. Perhaps, he was trying to salvage the last bit of his dignity, but he instinctively looked at the two girls sitting on Whitzard’s back.

Upon seeing this, Little Yuan’er took out her Nirvana Sash. She placed her hands on her hips and said, “Senior brother, he’s looking at me! I want to beat him up!”

Mingshi Yin shook his head and said, “Uh… Junior sister, don’t be angry. It’s just a glance. It’s not a big deal!”

“I feel that he’s not convinced.”

“No, no, I’m convinced,” Sun Mu hurriedly said.

“We’re convinced as well…”

“We’re convinced as well…”

“We’re convinced as well…”

“We’re convinced as well…”

Even a powerful senior brother had to curry favor with her. It was obvious she was a little ancestor in the Evil Sky Pavilion. They would be courting death if they provoked her.

The five brothers kneeled again.

“Pavilion Master, please forgive us, please forgive us… The five of us are willing to swear that we’ll abide by the Evil Sky Pavilion’s rules until the day we die.”

Lu Zhou shook his head. “What kind of place do you think the Evil Sky Pavilion is? Do you think you can come and go as you please?”

Lu Zhou’s words were not just a warning to the five brothers. He wanted people to know the Evil Sky Pavilion was not to be taken lightly.

Lu Zhou turned around and jumped onto Whitzard’s back. He said, “According to the rules of the Evil Sky Pavilion, those who betray the pavilion will have their cultivation destroyed if the transgression is light. If the transgression is serious, the punishment is death.”

Yu Zhenghai, Yu Shangrong, Ming Shiyin could not help but look at Lu Zhou. “???”

‘When is there such a rule?’

Sun Mu and his brothers’ eyes widened in shock and fear.

Lu Zhou called out, “Yu Zhenghai.”

“Your orders, master?”

“Destroy their cultivation bases,” Lu Zhou said. In fact, he did not really want to destroy their cultivation bases; he just wanted to warn them.


Sun Mu hurriedly kowtowed. “Please forgive us, Pavilion Master! Please forgive us! We know we’re wrong! Please show mercy, Pavilion Master!”

Little Yuan’er said, “That won’t do! If we’re lenient, what if everyone thinks they can come and go as they please in the Evil Sky Pavilion? Won’t that be bad? Won’t that be troublesome for my master?”


Sun Mu continued to plead, “I’m willing to pay for my crimes. Please give me a chance, Pavilion Master.”

“Pay for your crimes?” Lu Zhou asked.

“The five of us came from the northern basin, which is 300 miles away from here. There should be mystic microstones there,” Sun Mu said.

“Mystic microstones?”

Mingshi Yin reacted quickly and waved his sleeve. He erected a barrier to prevent others from listening to their conversation.

“That’s right! We discovered them when we were passing by,” Sun Mu said.

“Then, why didn’t you dig them up?” Mingshi Yin asked.

“At that time, there were other cultivators around. They were from the Yannan’s Blessed Land.”

“So you planned to dig them up when no one’s around? What a pity! What a pity! You’re really not smart. Do you know why so many people want to join the Evil Sky Pavilion? Apart from my master’s might and our strength, the pavilion isn’t lacking in weapons, resources, high-quality cultivation methods, and treasures.”

The five brothers truly regretted their actions.

Lu Zhou said indifferently, “From now on, you have nothing to do with the Evil Sky Pavilion. Whether you live or die, it has nothing to do with the Devil Sky Pavilion. Leave.”

Sun Mu sighed and prepared to leave with his four brothers.

Little Yuan’er asked, puzzled, “Master, aren’t you worried they’re lying?”

“We’ll know if they’re lying once we go there…” Lu Zhou said.

“If they’re lying, how are we going to find those traitors?” Little Yuan’er asked.

“What do you think we should have done then?” Lu Zhou asked.

“We should’ve just destroyed their cultivation bases no matter what. We can preserve the rule of the Evil Sky Pavilion that way and also obtain the mystic microstones. That’s right, I think my method is really good,” Little Yuan’er said confidently.


Lu Zhou stroked his beard and glanced at Ming Shiyin. It was good that Little Yuan’er knew how to weigh pros and cons, but her thinking was still a little lacking.

Mingshi Yin seemed to understand the implication behind his master’s look and tried to appease Little Yuan’er. “Ninth Junior Sister is right…”

Sun Mu and the others swayed in the air and almost fell down.

Lu Zhou said, “Alright, stop goofing around. Let’ go.”


At this time, Kong Wen walked forward and asked awkwardly, “O-old Sir, can we… can we still follow you?”

The old man before him was a f*cking super boss, after all! Even if he could not obtain anything, just by following such a person, he would be able to gain experience. It would be the greatest blessing in his life!

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