My Disciple Died Yet Again

Chapter 37: The Rubbed-Off Principles

Chapter 37: The Rubbed-Off Principles

“Kuh kuh, junior-martial sister, this is ancestral-martial master’s new disciple.” Glancing at Yu Yan who had already begun to emit killing intent, Zi Mo could only remind the woman who was carrying the baby and was not letting go of her.

Hong Chou was stunned for a moment. She turned to look at the ancestral-martial uncle whose expression was looking very bad. Unwillingly to give her up, she tightly held onto the little dumpling in her arms. “So it was ancestral-martial uncle’s disciple. I wonder what’s her name?”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment. After pondering for a while, he then said. “Naturally, her surname will follow mine, Yu, her first name… Two!” She’s his second disciple, after all.

Dumpling Zhu Yao instantly felt like scratching his face. You’re two! Your entire family are twos!

“Yo. The little girl is acting spoilt in front of me.” Looking at the dumpling who was waving her hands about in Hong Chou’s arms, Hong Chou began to like her even more, and she could not help but kiss on her small cheek.

Zhu Yao whose face was pasted with saliva: “……”

“But this baby is still too young, and seems to still need milk. Coincidentally, I have recently caught a spiritual beast that could breast-feed, so I can feed her. Why don’t I help ancestral-martial uncle raise her for a few years?”

Yu Yan simply waved his hand, the little dumpling automatically flew from Hong Chou’s arms back into his, and he coldly replied. “No need.”

Hong Chou sighed in frustration, and still did not give up, as her two eyes sparkled, looking towards the little dumpling. “A child so young, she still needs milk to grow up.”

Zhu Yao trembled, turned her head and snuggled into her master’s arms, using all her strength to rub off the saliva on her face. There’s so many weird uncles and weird aunties in this world, it’s still safer being with master.

Eh? Wait a minute. Wasn’t it master who abducted me in the first place?

Yu Yan was very satisfied with his little disciple’s act of reliance, straightening her small clothes, he continued to speak with Hong Chou. “Since that’s the case, send that spiritual beast to Jade Forest Mountain tomorrow.”

After saying that, before waiting for them to react, he had already flown back to Jade Forest Mountain with his new little disciple.

Zhu Yao felt as though she was about to become a pig. Every day, she would sleep after eating, and eat after waking up. Master single-handedly took care of all her life necessities. What she ate was the porridge he cooked, what she wore were the small clothes personally made by him, and where she slept, was even his bed.

Of course, she was the one sleeping. Master was simply meditating at the side.

The only thing that she could not bear was, why did he have to personally wash her as well? Although she was currently a little wimp, but an infant had her own sense of shame, you know? Every day, she would be stripped off by a man, thrown into water and be rubbed left and right, things like these were… were… she had gotten used to them as well.

With a poker face, Zhu Yao raised her head and looked towards the sky. Scrub, scrub harder. In any case, her principles had already fallen by a large amount, not much of them were left.

Yu Yan carried his dumpling disciple out of the water, and wiped her body dry. As he helped her wear her clothes, he stared at the round face of hers, his mind was filled with doubt. This disciple of his, was really strange. In the first few days he brought her here, she would frequently throw tantrums and cry. Why did she grow quieter the longer he brought her up? Currently, forget about crying, she no longer even had any expressions on her face. She would only raise her small head, and look at the sky with her pair of widened round eyes. He even suspected that her face might have suffered some sort of injury that even he was unable to find out, and hence, the poker face.

Yu Yan released her, and then, Zhu Yao who had been neatly dressed pedaled towards the bottle that was filled with spiritual beast milk. Carrying it up, guruguru, she finished it with only a few mouthfuls. Alright, she’s full now, it’s time to sleep. Tilting her head, she laid on the grass plains. In any case, her principles were gone, so she decided to peacefully become a pig.

Daddy Yu Yan sighed. Carrying the little dumpling on the ground, he entered the room, gently placed her on the bed, and covered the blanket over her.

Thinking that the little dumpling did not have any signs of waking up in a short while, he then turned and got out of the door. The children of the spiritual beasts Hong Chou sent had already stopped relying on milk, and the mother beast would not produce any more milk after the breastfeeding period. He had to find another one.

The infant’s rest period was very strange. Even if Zhu Yao was a middle-aged auntie inside her heart, she still could not control the needs of her body. When Zhu Yao woke up, it was evening. The room was empty, and she could not see master’s figure. Zhu Yao waited for a moment, and she still did not see her master. Hence, she decided to crawl out of the house to take a look.

Although, currently, she had small arms and legs, her crawling speed was still pretty fast. Not even a while later, she had already crawled out of the courtyard.

It was very quiet outside, and she could faintly hear the sounds the crickets. Her surroundings were very dark, but what’s strange was, she was able to clearly see everything in her surroundings. This sort of feeling was the same as when she broke through into Foundation. Could it be that her cultivation level followed after her when she reincarnated?

Zhu Yao was a little excited, and thought of circulating the spiritual energy inside her, only to realize her cinnabar was currently completely empty. There was not even a single strand of spiritual energy she could circulate.

What? I got all excited for nothing. So, she did not have any spiritual energy in the first place. Zhu Yao felt a little defeated, aimlessly, she crawled forward.

In front of her, she suddenly stepped on empty air, and her body uncontrollably tumbled forward, guruguru, she rolled down the mountain. I’m doomed!

Zhu Yao reflexively hugged herself into a ball, to prevent injuring herself. Hence, she who had a plump figure in the first place, rolled down even more merrily. Following down the path, she stained herself with lots of mud, and only after she bumped into a soft object did she finally stop.

“Eh!” A soft voice suddenly sounded next to her ear, and in the next instant, she was carried up by someone. “I picked up a little bun.”

In front of her was a white-clothed man. He was handsome and firm, and was even someone she was familiar with. “Little wimp!” Zhu Yao blurted out, but what she let out was only the “Iya” sounds of a baby. By randomly rolling down, she was actually able to roll down towards him, this sure was fate.

Eh, wait a minute, why did little wimp look different? Although he had the same face, evidently, he was more matured than that unripe young man before. His face was a little more sharpened, and there were even a few short stubbles on his chin. She did not see him for only a few months, wasn’t this change a little too big?

Naturally, Wang Xuzhi did not recognize her, and lightly smiled. Carrying her in his arms, he casually cast a Dirt Removal Art, cleaning the dirt stains on her, then, he gently pulled her messy hair. “This sure is a cute little bun.”

Zhu Yao rolled her eyes at him. She was simply a little round, how was she a bun? Like he was the one to talk. It’s good fortune for little kids to be a little round, when he was ten years old, he looked like a bun as well. Hmph!

“What, you’re not satisfied?” Wang Xuzhi evilly pinched her small cheeks. “You’re so round, so white, and so tender, if you’re not a bun, what else can you be?”

Zhu Yao struggled out of his demonic claws. Hmph. Little wimp, you have better remember this. When this big sister is able to talk, I will expose all of your dark history.

Seeing that she, very evidently, wanted to let out her fury, but still did her best to not show it on her face, Wang Xuzhi felt even happier, as though he had found his conscience, he helped her rub her reddened little cheeks. “Alright, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Senior-martial brother is only joking with you. It’s already so late, why is a little bun like you still running about?”

Zhu Yao turned her head to the side, ignoring him. She did not run out here, she rolled down here!

“Which Mountain are you a disciple of? I will send you back.” Wang Xuzhi asked.

Zhu Yao babbled as she pointed to the mountain peak.

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