My Disciple Died Yet Again

Chapter 32: Good Things Come in Pairs

Chapter 32: Good Things Come in Pairs

“Little sister Su, let me explain.” Xiao Yi pulled the person in front of him. “I grew up with Ling Long. She’s my responsibility, I have to take care of her.”

“You’re lying! What childhood friends? Evidently, you’re in love with her.” Su Zi cried a fountain of tears.

Heh? It’s actually a love triangle. Zhu Yao immediately activated her drama-watching mode, she then turned to glance at Wang Xuzhi beside her, and silently patted on his shoulder. Don’t worry, you will have your own fans, and you will have your own girls as well.

“Tell me, do you want her, or do you want me?” Su Zi interrogated him.

“Little sister Su.” Xiao Yi did not answer her directly, rather, he pulled Su Zi by the hand, and pressed her against his chest. “Don’t you understand my heart at all? Ever since I first met you at the square that day, my heart had fallen for you, and it will never return to its former calm.”

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

“Your every word, your every movement, and even your every smile, move my heart. I’ve almost forgotten, if there’s no you, how would my heart beat once more? I want to treat you well for my entire lifetime. Do you really not believe me?”

Yo, it’s a pity that this Xiao Yi isn’t acting in the dramas which old aunties watch. Zhu Yao silently took out two steamed buns, she handed one over to Wang Xuzhi beside her, while she nibbled on one herself.

As expected, the girly’s fury extinguished in a second, and felt entirely moved. “Big brother Xiao Yi… I, I do. I do believe you. I’m just envious, envious that the person who was by your side for so many years was her, and not me. I’m the one who loves you the most.”

“Little sister Su…”

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

The two of them got closer to each other, finally, their bodies made contact, and then, they tumbled around.

The bun in Zhu Yao’s hands instantly fell onto the ground. This… This development is a little too quick. Why did it suddenly jump from lovetalk mode to meal-eating mode? And the first dish that comes up is the main dish! You two are only in your early teens, and not adults yet, hey!

In front of her eyes, Xiao Yi had already begun to cleanly strip off every single one of the girly’s clothes. His pair of big hands swam up and down her body, causing the girly to continuously moan seductively.

“Big brother Xiao Yi… Ah, I… I, Xiao… Big brother… Please, give it to me!”

Xiao Yi smiled sinisterly. While using his tongue to trace the girly’s figure, he replied charmingly. “Little sister Su, don’t be anxious. Big brother will give you the best.” And then, he slowly took off his own clothes.

When Zhu Yao was watching the situation intensively, her vision blackened, a hand had covered her eyes. The hell, what are you doing, little wimp? We’re about to see the main event, and you actually turned my lights off.

Wang Xuzhi’s voice was husky, having an indescribable awkwardness. “Grand-martial aunt, do not watch such indecent things!”

Do not watch, your sister! Zhu Yao’s inner heart was roaring. This damn little wimp, only in times like this when he would never compromise, would he call her grand-martial aunt. In the modern era, she was considered to be someone who had went through all sorts of large scaled films, a rare opportunity to watch it live was right in front of her, and he actually prevented her from watching it.

However, although her eyes were blinded, she could clearly hear every single thing that was happening.

“Ah… Mn. Big brother Xiao Yi… it feels good, more…”

“Relax, my little cutie-pie, I will make you feel even better.” Uh… It seems like I can never see the phrase ‘little cutie-pie’ in the same light from now on.

“Big brother Xiao Yi… Please… Give it… Give it to me.”

“Dont’ be anxious, You. Little. Demoness. Of. The. Devil.”

“Big brother Xiao Yi…”

“Little sister Su…”

It was fiery hot on that side, while it was actually awkwardly dead silent on Zhu Yao’s side. The voice in Zhu Yao’s inner heart was roaring and requesting for the pictures. No matter how perfect the sound effects were, without the motion pictures, it would still be a lousy movie. I want to watch. I want to watch. I want to watch. I want to watch. Yet, Wang Xuzhi’s hand was covering her eyes ever so tightly.

“Little wimp, take your hands away!”

“Grand-martial aunt, it’s indecent, do not watch it!”

“My ass. Aren’t you watching it too?”

“I’m not. I turned my head away.”

“I don’t believe you. I will only believe you if you release your hands.”

“Big sister Zhu Yao, I won’t fall for that.”

“You single little bastard.”

“It went in!”

“What!?” Zhu Yao forcefully pulled down his hands. “How many inches was it? Was it huge!?”

Wang Xuzhi: “……”

Zhu Yao: “……”

The atmosphere around them was dead silent for a moment, and only an inharmoniously unlawful sound could be constantly heard from afar. Papapa…papapa…

Wang Xuzhi sighed deeply, as though he had given up, and pointed to the cottage furthest away from them. “Earlier, I saw a red figure entering that house. The figure was extremely quick.”

Only then did Zhu Yao recalled the business they were here for. “Let’s go and take a look.” The fish finally took the bait.

The cottage seemed to only have a single resident, as it only had a single room. Since there was still light inside the house, Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi carefully approached it, and listened in while holding their breaths. Because they were still not clear with the situation inside, Zhu Yao did not dare to release her divine sense to investigate.

“Little brother, why don’t this humble lady service you?” An extremely bewitching female voice could be heard from inside the house.

And then, it’s the sounds of clothes being stripped off.

What the hell, again!? What day is it today? Why did everyone suddenly feel like getting things moving? Could it be that having an affair was trending now? She recalled a certain saying in the show ‘World of Animals’, ‘Spring has come, it’s mating season again!’

But it’s currently the winter season, hey!

It seemed like they were not able to find anything today. Zhu Yao tugged onto Wang Xuzhi, and was planning to leave. However, Wang Xuzhi did not move, and even gestured her to keep quiet. Yo, this brat, he’s actually addicted to it. And earlier, he even denied that he was watching them!

Wang Xuzhi, who had realized that her thoughts had once again drifted somewhere else, pulled her hand over, and gently wrote three words on her palm. “There’s demonic aura!”

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened, and calmly sensed her surroundings. As he had said, she caught an irregular aura, which carried a dark feeling. This is demonic aura?

The two of them carefully took a few steps forward, and appeared before the window. Then, they stretched their necks and looked inside the house.

In the house, there were a man and a woman. The man was lying on the bed, while the other extremely bewitching lady was currently sitting on the man, moving up and down. The two of them were completely *****. Before Zhu Yao could even gasp out of shock from their cowgirl position, layers of black miasma began to circle around the lady, and they fluctuated with her every movement.

A while later, a red light flashed in the lady’s eyes, and the surrounding miasma became thicker. As for the man below her, he was slimming down at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. She was absorbing his essence. The lady emitted a long howl, and three long tails suddenly emerged behind her.

“A fox demon!” Zhu Yao could not help but utter out.

“Who is it?” The fox demon felt movements, and ruthlessly pushed out her palm. With a bang, the wall in front of them instantly collapsed. If not for their great speeds, they might have been trapped under the rubble. The female figure flashed, and had already walked out of the house with her clothes over her. However, the clothes she was wearing, was just a piece of thin red chiffon, it basically had no concealing function, thus, her attractive body was clearly shown.

Zhu Yao and Wang Xuzhi did not move. They had the Presence Hiding Talismans on them. As long as they did not make any sound, people who were below the cultivation levels of the Azoth-stage, would basically not be able to find them. And this fox demon, if she was not wrong, should be a fifth-grade demonic beast, which was comparable to a practitioner at the elementary Azoth-stage.

As expected, after the fox demon looked around for a while, and did not see anyone suspicious, her expression suddenly turned cold, as she flew towards the small forest nearby.

Crap, I forgot about that pair of wild mandarin ducks!

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