My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 991 - The Truth

Chapter 991: The Truth

Zhou Yao’s tall body remained still for a few seconds. Then, he threw away the shovel in his hand and raised his head. He looked at Old Master Zhou and asked firmly, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Old Master Zhou was about to speak when Father Zhou said, “Zhou Yao, we know that it was hard for you to accept at the moment. But at that time, there was no other way except to evacuate. We all knew that you couldn’t accept Zhiyuan’s death. How could we tell you that Zhiyuan’s body couldn’t be brought back? We’re afraid that you’ll break down.”

“Humph,” Zhou Yao chuckled. He spread his long legs and slowly walked to the two of them. His gloomy black eyes were bloodshot. He asked word by word, “You’re not me. What right do you have to make decisions for me?”

“Zhou Yao,” Old Master Zhou frowned. “Even if we told you at that time, there’s nothing you could have done…”

“I won’t leave her alone in that place. If she died, I’ll pick her up piece by piece, even if her body is incomplete! If I can’t find her, I won’t believe that she’s dead. I’ll look for her. No matter where she is, no matter how many years have passed, I won’t leave her alone. I’ll definitely bring her back!”

“Zhou Yao…”

Old Master Zhou and Father Zhou feared for things to turn out that way. They feared that he would do something extreme. They believed everything he just said. In the past, when Ye Ziyi kidnapped Leng Zhiyuan, he was still able to stay calm and use Han Xuan. If they had told him the truth at that time, that part of the sea would have become his home in the past four years. He would definitely have gone to look for Leng Zhiyuan’s body.

Zhou Yao was the only descendant of the Zhou family. No one wanted him to waste himself like that.

“Zhou Yao, we…”

Zhou Yao had already left.

In the villa, Zhou Yao walked into the living room. Auntie Ni came up to him and said, “Young Master, welcome back. Didn’t you go to the army unit today?”

Zhou Yao did not show any emotions on his face. He was just very cold. He looked around and asked in a deep voice, “Where’s Sileng?”

“Madam and Ms. Bai took young master out to play. Young master is very happy.”

“Mmm.” Zhou Yao nodded and went upstairs without saying a word.

He went straight to Zhou Sileng’s bedroom and pushed the door open.

He walked to the bedside and looked down at the pillow on the bed. There was a stand of long black hair and a few soft short hair on the pillow. They were Bai Qi and Zhou Sileng’s.

He reached out to pick up the long hair and the short hair, put them into a plastic bag, and then went out.

Auntie Ni saw Zhou Yao coming down again, and she said, “Young Master, are you eating at home? I’ll prepare a few dishes…”

“No need!” Zhou Yao replied. He left the villa and drove away in his luxury car.

In the army.

Zhou Yao came to the medical center. He handed the transparent plastic bag to the doctor. “I’ll give you two days. I want to know the results from a DNA test.”

“Yes, General!”

Zhou Yao left the medical center and returned to his office. He sat quietly for a few minutes and then picked up the phone on the table. “Hey, get me a few confidential documents. I want a detailed list of everything that happened on that island four years ago and the names of all the islanders. Also, contact the foreign security bureau. I want to know the results of Ye Ziyi’s death four years ago and how the islanders were treated and settled. The more detailed, the better.”

“Yes, General!”

After giving all these instructions, Zhou Yao leaned back into his chair. He stared at the ceiling. At this moment, the words that Bai Qi said to him last night kept echoing in his ears.

She said, “don’t call Leng Zhiyuan by her name because you are not worthy…”

She also said that “Leng Zhiyuan will not come back. She is punishing you. She is punishing you for not being a good father all these years. She is punishing you for being entangled with those women all these years…”

She ended with “You can continue suffering like this…”

Zhou Yao slowly closed his eyes. In his mind, Bai Qi’s ordinary face overlapped with Leng Zhiyuan’s exquisite and stunning little face. He revealed a sad yet doting smile…

Bai Qi was with Zhou Sileng for two whole days. During these two days, she did not see Zhou Yao. It seemed that he had left again. She did not know if he had returned to the army or gone on a date.

She tried her best not to think about him. She was very satisfied to be able to be with little Sileng. Although she had not thought about how things would go in the future, looking at little Sileng’s smiling face, she could let go of all her worries.

On Monday, Zhou Sileng went to school, and she also went back to her rented apartment. During the weekend, Zhou Sileng proposed to visit her place, and she happily agreed. Thinking of how he would come in the afternoon after school, Bai Qi went to the supermarket. She planned to cook a meal for her son.

In the afternoon, she began to work in the kitchen. Her cooking skills were really bad, and she could barely cook for herself in the past four years. Occasionally, she would eat outside. But she would try her best to cook. She would be a good mother in the future.

Around 3:30, Bai Qi heard the doorbell in the kitchen. She was so busy that she didn’t notice the time. She thought that little Sileng had come after school, so she hurriedly put down the dishes, wiped her hands, and ran to open the door.

“Sileng, you’re here?” Bai Qi smiled brightly at the person outside the door.

But her smile soon froze. It was not little Sileng outside the door, but… Zhou Yao.

An uninvited guest!

The man seemed to have come in a hurry. It was winter, and he didn’t even wear a coat. He was only wearing a thin gray shirt, and his presence was cold. He was staring at her. Bai Qi couldn’t describe his gaze, but it was burning, deep, and fierce… In short, it was very complicated.

She didn’t want to see him, so she wanted to close the door.

But she couldn’t fully close it, because half of the man’s body flashed in, and the door directly pressed down on his body.

Bai Qi froze. She frowned and said coldly, “Get out!”

Zhou Yao lowered his eyes and stared at the woman’s face. “I’m not going out. You can press down on me, as long as… you’re willing to.”

Bai Qi’s heart skipped a beat. She had a strong feeling that he… already knew.

“Up to you.” She let go of the door and walked to the living room.

After taking two steps, she heard the sound of the door closing. Then, she felt a cold wind. Two strong arms wrapped around her slender waist from behind. He hugged her from behind.

What had been only a suspicion on Bai Qi’s part became certain. She’s certain that Zhou Yao learned of her true identity. She didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“Let go!” She shook him off with force and walked forward.

However, after taking two steps, he caught up to her again. He pulled her into his arms. His breathing was chaotic. He couldn’t wait to bury his nose into her hair and take a deep breath in. It was the fragrance that made him infatuated. He wrapped his arms around her slender waist and began to kiss her hair again and again.

Bai Qi couldn’t stand his kiss at this moment. She hated him. He didn’t do a good job as a father. He even got involved with those women. The thought of the sexy lingerie that Liu Chengcheng wore at the hotel that night alone made Bai Qi feel uncomfortable.

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