My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 904 - Watching A Movie

Chapter 904: Watching A Movie

“Who said that I don’t like it? Where did you hear that?” She turned her gaze back and raised her slim eyebrows as she glanced at Zhou Yao.

Zhou Yao shrugged his shoulders lovingly.

Leng Zhiyuan continued to look at the counter. She pointed towards a red string and asked, “Boss, hand that over to me.”


Leng Zhiyuan took the red string. There was a small red cloth pendant on the red string. It was sewn by hand. It was small and exquisite, and she placed the first photographs into the cloth bag.

“Do you mind wearing this around your neck?” she asked the man behind her as she turned around.

Zhou Yao had a frown on his face as he looked at the string. He went on missions frequently and did not wear accessories other than the watch on his wrist. He rarely used a wallet, either.

“You have already made the decision for me. Why are you even asking me?”

He was agreeing to it!

Leng Zhiyuan went behind him quickly and put it on his neck.

She was pretty satisfied about it herself. Such a masculine man like him looked very good wearing such a thin red string on his neck.

They left the photography studio. Zhou Yao held her shoulder as they went into a theatre. He asked her to stand in place, and he went over to buy the tickets.

He brought her over to watch a movie…

Leng Zhiyuan had not watched a movie before, but she heard that lovers were just like that, holding hands while going shopping, watching a movie, eating popcorn… In the past, she felt that dating was something very unbecoming of her, and she did not expect that now…

“What are you thinking about?” At this moment, Zhou Yao turned around and came back, and he stuffed something into her embrace.

She quickly stretched her hand out to take it. She lowered her gaze down to look. The thing that she was just thinking about, he bought it over — popcorn!

“Let’s go; the movie is starting!” He held the movie tickets in one hand and held her hand with the other.

They walked into the theatre. There were not too many people watching the movie, so they sat down in the two outermost seats by the aisle.

“What movie is this?”

“A spy movie.”

Leng Zhiyuan nodded her head. That was pretty good. If people like him and her went to watch some cheesy artsy movie, she would feel very uncomfortable.

She grabbed some popcorn and chewed it. “It’s good!” She pinched some and brought it over to his lips.

Although Zhou Yao had bought the popcorn, he did not want to eat it. Popcorn was a snack that young girls ate. He usually wouldn’t pay it any mind, but since she was handing it over, he opened his mouth to have a bite.

“Is it good?”

Zhou Yao nodded his head.

Leng Zhiyuan handed more over to him, and this time, Zhou Yao quickly shook his head and said, “I’m all set.”

She knew that he was not used to eating such things, and she said, “If you are not eating it, then I will be eating it all myself.” She was extremely delighted as she hugged the entire bucket of popcorn into her embrace.

Zhou Yao saw her satisfied expression. It was very soft, and she looked like a small woman. He still clearly remembered how she looked when they’d just met. She was so wild just like a small chilli pepper, and now, when he made her anxious, she was still wild, but most of the time, she would be so gentle when she was by his side.

Actually, she was an extremely meticulous woman. She knew when to hold back and when to let go, and she knew when to give her man the gentleness that he wanted.

She also knew that this was their last journey together. She did not say anything but only accompanied him so warmly and nicely.

The movie started, and Zhou Yao’s gaze became hot under the lights.

He did not know what was going on in the film. He was not watching it. There were not too many people in the theatre, and after one and a half hours, there was a gory scene in the movie. The girls in the front were all scared, and each one shrunk into her boyfriend’s embrace. He noticed.

He looked at the woman by his side. Leng Zhiyuan was watching the movie very seriously. She was a special agent, and she was already extremely familiar with these gory scenes. She would not behave like those girls; she was very calm.

Zhou Yao coughed and sat up straight. He stretched his large palm to hold her slim waist as he said, “Are you afraid?”

“I am not. Movies aren’t real. They use red dye… Look at that extra. The bullet had yet to hit his body, and he fell down already. He is not professional at all.”

Zhou Yao:…

Okay then. He took his hand back

The movie went on for some time. An unusual sound rang out in Zhou Yao’s ears. There was a couple seated in the couple’s seat behind them, and they were already hugging and embracing one another.

Zhou Yao felt his lips go dry, and he swallowed his saliva.

“Wifey…” he called her.

“Yeah?” Leng Zhiyuan was still watching the movie and did not turn her head back.

Zhou Yao only called her louder, “Wifey…”

“Yeah!” She answered him again, but her attention was still focused on the movie.

Zhou Yao was frustrated. Other couples were hugging and kissing one another when they were watching the movie, and he was the only one who had his partner by his side but was unable to touch her.

How could this be possible?

Leng Zhiyuan was watching the movie seriously when a muscular arm suddenly wrapped around her soft waist. The man used strength, and she crashed into the man’s embrace directly.

She was still carrying popcorn in her embrace, and the popcorn spilled out all over his pants.

“What are you doing? The popcorn is all over the place.” She quickly stretched her hand out to pick it up.

She was picking it up when one kernel landed on his zipper. She went to grab it, but her fingers unintentionally brushed him, and that spot was hot and hard.

Leng Zhiyuan froze and immediately sensed something was up with him. At this moment, she also heard the sounds coming from the couple in the couple’s seat behind them. Her small face became red.

She did not know that they could…do that…in the movie theatre…

She escaped from his hand and pretended not to know anything as she hugged the popcorn bucket. She was sitting precariously as she continued to watch the movie.

Zhou Yao had a look at her small red face and knew that she was pretending. His tall and handsome figure was pressing against her. He snatched the popcorn from her then hugged her.

“Zhou Yao…” She was struggling and did not allow him to hug her.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” He kissed her hair, and since she knew what he was thinking about, he also saved the trouble and could go straight to the point.

He was still asking her what was wrong?

He was totally playing dumb!

“We are in the movie theatre!” she reminded him.

“Are you the only one who knows that we are in the movie theatre? Others do not know that?”

Leng Zhiyuan:…

He firmly tugged her soft waist and dragged her directly to sit down in the seat in the corner.

Zhou Yao looked at her beautiful grey eyes. The lighting was dim, but her eyes were sparkling brightly, just like pearls in the night sky. She was both hurried and shy. Her clear eyes did not have enough time to escape him.

Zhou Yao felt like his heart was being scratched by a small kitten. His heart itched. He used two fingers to pinch her chin, and he over to block her red lips.

Leng Zhiyuan was unwilling, but they were in public. She did not dare to struggle much. If she did so, then others would look over at them. She used both of her small hands to grab his collar. Her long eyelashes fluttered as she nervously allowed him to kiss her.

He kissed her as he used his emotions. When he sucked on her fragrance, they could hear the sound of their tongues smacking.

Leng Zhiyuan froze and pushed him away immediately.

Zhou Yao felt uncomfortable. HHe raised his eyebrows as he looked at the woman in his embrace with his hot gaze. Her red lips were stained with some water. They were shiny and bright. Her face was all bright. Her skin was smooth and fair, and all of this was enough to set all of his senses on fire.

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