My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 719 - : Encounter

Chapter 719: Encounter

Chen Jingyu donned a white shirt and black slacks, looking extremely dashing. He looked at Xia Xiaofu and smiled. “Xiaofu, long time no see.”

Xia Xiaofu was in a good mood from running into an acquaintance. It was all her fault that she was too dumb, while he was a high official with vast knowledge, handsome and strong…

The two of them walked on the pavement side by side. Xia Xiaofu laughed and said, “It has been two years since we last saw each other. How have you been?”

Chen Jingyu frowned in a pretense of distress. “Two years ago, someone rejected me and even refused to pick up my calls. I was very heartbroken, so I accepted the order from the management to go on a work project in Eastern Europe for two years.”

Xia Xiaofu knew that he was referring to her. When the Xia family was in trouble two years ago, she could actually accept Chen Jingyu’s help, but she broke off all contact with him for fear that Ou Luoxi would misunderstand.

She had considered if such a move would hurt Chen Jingyu’s feelings, but she had already given her entire heart to Ou Luoxi and did not have any space for anyone else.

Xia Xiaofu smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing? Relationships are supposed to be mutually.” Chen Jingyu shrugged like a gentleman, then asked, “How have you been these two years?”

Talking about these two years, Xia Xiaofu still felt like everything had been a dream. She did not want to recall it at all. “Yeah… I got married, then got a divorce. Now, I am a single mother of a one year old daughter. I am very satisfied with my life.”

She answered simply.

Chen Jingyu knew of her current situation. Seeing that she did not want to go into details, he knowingly did not press any further. Raising his head to look at X University, he sighed, “I have not been back to our Alma Mater for seven years. It seems like there have been many changes, but the culture within is still the same.”

Xia Xiaofu laughed with a hand over her mouth. “That’s right. It has only changed in appearance but not in spirit. Seeing that our Mr. Chen has returned today, the whole school is in chaos. Everyone is fighting to witness our charming Mr. Chen.

“Then why did I not see you in the audience?” Chen Jingyu gazed intently at Xia Xiaofu.

Xia Xiaofu was no longer a teenage girl, but she could tell that Chen Jingyu’s gaze held some flirtatious meaning. She was not so full of herself to think that such a well-to-do man would still have feelings for a divorced woman like her after two years, but after all, they were once close, so she was slightly sensitive.

She changed the subject. “You should be married by now? Are you a Dad yet?”

“I have been working in Europe for the past two years, but I am not interested in foreign beauties, and the ladies I was working with probably thought that I was too old for them, so no one was interested in me. Therefore, I am still single.”

Xia Xiaofu broke into a smile upon hearing this. “Sir, aren’t you being way too humble? There is no one who does not know that you are currently the most powerful and eligible bachelor.”

Chen Jingyu raised his eyebrows but did not reply.

The pair walked out through the school gate, and Xia Xiaofu raised a hand to flag a cab. “Sir, I’m going home now. See you again.”

“I drove here. Let me give you a lift.”

“No need. My cab has arrived. I shall not trouble you. Goodbye Sir.” Xia Xiaofu opened the cab door and sat inside, then waved to Chen Jingyu.

Chen Jingyu helped her close the car door like a gentleman. “Alright then, see you.”

The cab departed and Chen Jingyu put his hands in his pockets, gazing affectionately after the cab.

Xia Xiaofu was still staying at the same condominium as before. She took out her keys and opened the main door. “Mum, Little Xuyan, I’m home.”

“Xiaofu, you’re home? Dinner is ready. Wash your hands and come and eat,” Xiaofu’s mother said while walking out of the kitchen. In the past 6 months, her mother had aged considerably. Half of her hair had turned white.

Xia Xiaofu placed her handbag on the coffee table. Just then, a tiny figure toddled towards her and hugged her legs.

Xia Xiaofu looked down. It was Little Xuyan.

She swiftly squatted down and gathered Little Xuyan in her arms, then gave her two firm kisses. “Little Xuyan, did you miss Mummy? Mummy has missed you so much.”

Little Xuyan was now one year old and had just started walking not long ago. Her unsteady toddling was extremely adorable. She had inherited Xia Xiaofu’s good looks and her beautiful features could be seen even at such a young age. A set of big, pearl-like eyes accompanied her rosy face, making it hard for people to look away from her.

She flapped her arms around and started babbling.

“Is Little Xuyan saying that you’ve missed Mummy? When will my Little Xuyan be able to speak?” Xia Xiaofu was troubled as children are usually able to say daddy and mummy as well as a few simple words by the age of one, but Little Xuyan’s speech development was slightly delayed, and she still could not speak yet. Thankfully, the doctor has said that Little Xuyan was very healthy.

Little Xuyan observed Xia Xiaofu’s face unstoppingly with her big eyes. Perhaps it was because of the environment she grew up in, she was particularly sensitive, so when she saw Xia Xiaofu’s elegant eyebrows turning into a frown, she placed her tiny hands on Xia Xiaofu’s face and kissed her pacifically.

Xia Xiaofu’s heart was about to melt. “Little Xuyan, it is the weekend tomorrow. Mummy has not spent time with you for a long time. Shall we go shopping tomorrow?”

Little Xuyan was so happy that she jumped up and down in Xia Xiaofu’s embrace.

Looking at the mother and daughter, Xia Xiaofu’s mother sighed in content. In life, it is most important to live happily. “Xiaofu, quickly carry Little Xuyan over here to have your dinner.”

The next day, Xia Xiaofu stood at the roadside waiting for a cab with Little Xuyan in her arms.

Early in the morning at 8AM, the cabs were very high in demand, and all the cabs on the road were occupied. Just then, a car horn sounded. Beep. A black Land Rover stopped at the roadside and rolled down its window, revealing the handsome face of Chen Jingyu. “Xiaofu, where are you going? It is difficult to hail a cab at this time of day. Let me give you a lift.”

“Sir, isn’t that very troublesome for you?” Xia Xiaofu awkwardly looked at the endless traffic on the road. It indeed seemed impossible to get a cab.

“Not at all. It’s my off day. Get in.”

Guess there is no other choice but to accept. Xia Xiaofu and Little Xuyan got in the backseat.

The Land Rover set off, and Chen Jingyu glanced at Little Xuyan through the rearview mirror. Both his eyes lit up. “Is this you daughter? So beautiful.”

Xia Xiaofu gave him a brilliant smile. “Yes, this is my daughter Xia Xuyan. Little Xuyan, this is Uncle.”

Little Xuyan looked at Chen Jingyu, then hid her head in Xia Xiaofu’s embrace, cutely burrowing into her mummy’s soft, flat stomach.

“My daughter does not go out often, so she’s not used to meeting strangers and gets shy.”

Chen Jingyu smiled warmly, then looked at Little Xuyan. “Unfamiliar in the first meeting, acquainted in the second. Little Xuyan, Uncle likes you very much. Maybe we can make friends.”

Xia Xiaofu felt that Chen Jingyu was really a good man. He could make her feel very at ease.

Chen Jingyu parked the Land Rover at the underground parking garage and accompanied Xia Xiaofu to go shopping at the mall.

Out of courtesy, Xia Xiaofu did not reject him. If he wanted to go shopping but she said too much, it would instead seem like she was pretentious. Besides, he had brought her here. It would be rude if she chased him away once she had reached her destination.

“Little Xuyan, stay here with Uncle while Mummy buys you a cup of strawberry yogurt.”

“Xiaofu, rest assured. Go ahead.”

“Ok.” Xia Xiaofu walked away.

Chen Jingyu looked down at the tiny child beside him who was looking around curiously after seeing that her mother was not there. She indeed rarely left her house as she was looking at everything around her so curiously with her big, bright eyes.

There was a children’s toy store beside them, so Chen Jingyu held her tiny hand and said “Little Xuyan, let’s go. Uncle will buy some toys for you.”

After entering the toy store, Little Xuyan craned her neck and tried her best to see the various toys lining the shelves. Chen Jingyu took a beautifully detailed Barbie doll and showed it to her, asking, “Little Xuyan, do you like it? Uncle will get it for you.”

Like all little girls, Little Xuyan’s eyes lit up when she saw the Barbie doll, but she looked at Chen Jingyu then bashfully girnned, revealing a set of tiny front teeth that were as cute as a rabbit’s. She turned around and totteringly ran out of the toy store.

She did not want it.

Just then, Xia Xiaofu returned with a cup of strawberry yogurt. “Little Xuyan…” She squatted and held the straw to Little Xuyan’s mouth. Little Xuyan drank a few gulps of it through the straw, and Xia Xiaofu wiped the corners of her mouth, gently asking, “Is it good?”

Little Xuyan nodded vigorously.

Chen Jingyu walked out of the store and watched as Little Xuyan cuddled next to Xia Xiaofu. Xia Xiaofu looked so gentle and graceful as a mummy. Looking at them, a warm smile appeared on Chen Jingyu’s face.

This mother and daughter pair were so lovable that one would uncontrollably want to embrace them and protect them.

“Xiaofu, it’s almost lunchtime. What do you and Little Xuyan want to eat? It’s my treat.”

Xia Xiaofu stood up and smiled. “No need. Let me treat you instead to show my gratitude for giving us a lift here this morning.”

“Sure, a meal in exchange for chauffeuring. Worth it.”

Xia Xiaofu smiled widely.

Just then, Chen Jingyu suddenly reached out and touched the hair beside her face. “Don’t move, there is some milk in your hair. Let me wipe it off for you.”

“Thank you.”

Xia Xiaofu allowed Chen Jingyu to help her wipe her hair. Right at that moment two figures entered her line of vision, and she felt a gaze land on her. She turned and looked at them, then stiffened when she saw who those two people were.

It was Ou Luoxi and Gong Ling whom she had not seen in half a year.

Ou Luoxi was wearing a pastel green shirt and brown slacks. His features seemed to have become even more defined and exquisite over the past half a year. With hardly any expression on his face, his two hands were parked in his pockets, giving off a cold, noble vibe.

Gong Ling had become more beautiful. She donned a long dress in the same pastel green as Ou Luoxi’s, mesmerizing from head to toe. She linked her arm through Ou Luoxi’s elbow intimitely.

The pair saw her and halted.

Xia Xiaofu was momentarily stunned with shock, after which she swiftly took a step backwards and avoided Chen Jingyu’s hand. If she’d seen correctly, Ou Luoxi’s gaze had nonchalantly flitted over.

The four of them meeting was awkward, and Gong Ling looked at Xia Xiaofu with a complex, slightly uncomfortable look. “Miss Xia, long time no see”.

Xia Xiaofu lifted the corners of her lips. “Hello, Miss Gong Ling.”

Ou Luoxi and Chen Jingyu looked at each other and nodded politely.

Xia Xiaofu just wanted to turn and leave this place. She reached a hand out to Little Xuyan but did not find her there. Looking up, she saw that Little Xuyan had already toddled towards Ou Luoxi with her tiny legs.

Xia Xiaofu’s pupils constricted in shock, and her heart almost jumped out of her chest, only to see Little Xuyan hugging Ou Luoxi’s thigh, her two white and chubby hands pulling on the leg of his pants as if she wanted to climb upwards.

This sight of Little Xuyan trying to get Ou Luoxi to carry her instantly saddened Xia Xiaofu’s heart

Little Xuyan usually does not like strangers. When Chen Jingyu tried to approach her many times today, she was unyielding. But upon seeing Ou Luoxi, she had unhesitantly run over. Xia Xiaofu wondered if it was Little Xuyan’s vague impression of him or the natural instinct between the father and daughter.

She felt sorry towards Little Xuyan, who did not have a father since she was born, and Ou Luoxi had only carried her once.

Every child yearned for fatherly love.

Xia Xiaofu swiftly walked over and squatted down to hug Little Xuyan. “Little Xuyan, you cannot be like this. It is very rude… Uncle would be unhappy. Let go. Come here, Mummy will carry you.”

Little Xuyan craned her neck to look at the tall man. Her lips slowly lifted into a smile and she chortled. Xia Xiaofu felt increasingly uncomfortable and discreetly looked up at Ou Luo Xi’s expression. His two hands were still shoved in his pockets and he looked at Little Xuyan with his cold, black eyes.

He looked very indifferent.

Xia Xiaofu instantly pulled Little Xuyan into her embrace and softly pacified her, saying, “Little Xuyan, Mummy will hug you.”

Just then Ou Luoxi looked up at Chen Jingyu and greeted, “Chief Chen, nice to see you.”

Chen Jingyu nodded, revealing a slight smile. “Young Master Gong Ming, how are you?”

Xia Xiaofu was stunned. Hearing from their tone, it seems that they have crossed paths before.

“Chief Chen, it is so unlikely for us to meet by chance. Let’s have a meal together, my treat.”

Chen Jingyu hesitantly looked towards Xia Xiaofu in thoughtful inquiry, “Xiaofu…”

“Hah.” Ou Luo Xi laughed, his gaze shifting towards Xia Xiaofu’s face. “Miss Xia, we have not seen each other in half a year. I assume you would not mind having a meal as friends.”

He had already said this much, so it was impossible for Xia Xiaofu to reject the offer, and she had no choice but to brazenly enter a restaurant with them.

In the restaurant, Ou Luo Xi sat beside Gong Ling while Chen Jingyu, Xia Xiaofu, and Little Xuyan sat opposite them.

“Brother Gong Ming, how do you and Chief Chen know each other?” Gong Ling asked the exact same thing that Xia Xiaofu had been wondering about.

Ou Luoxi smiled faintly, and Chen Jingyu laughingly answered, “In the past half a year. Young Master Shaoming opened up a route to the Eastern Europe and Switzerland sectors for the Green Door and has undertaken the responsibility for all the air and sea routes. One may say he is rather famous and unstoppable. I have had the honour of dealing with Young Master Shaoming once or twice.”

“It was all thanks to Chief Chen’s help at that time,” Ou Luoxi added.

Chen Jingyu raised a righteous eyebrow and said, “As long as you are reasonable and law-abiding, of course I would help.”

Xia Xiaofu now understood. The Green Door was involved in both morally right and wrong affairs, so they inevitably had to have dealings with the government agencies. With Chen Jingyu holding an important post as an Official, he would deal with someone like Ou Luoxi on occasion.

Xia Xiaofu understood Chen Jingyu well. She knew that a person like him would definitely not have a good impression of people like Ou Luoxi who often skirted rules.

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