My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 12 - : Sleep After Getting Tired From Crying

Chapter 12: Sleep After Getting Tired From Crying

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When she was studying in middle school, she read a book called Unrivaled Beauty, which she really liked. It took place during the early years of the Republic of China, and was about a woman who fell into prostitution. She was good at singing and dancing, and she was a bit of a smooth talker. When she had the time, she liked to read books on a rattan chair. She dreamt about revealing herself, unmasked and reborn from the ashes, when she returned to her hometown.

She admired the woman. There was a “Qing” in her name. That’s why she always said “Ning Qing, which means unrivaled beauty,” whenever she introduced herself.

She was the young lady of the Ning family back then. She wasn’t very thoughtful when she was young. She had always naively thought that if she were to live in earlier times, she would definitely have lived a life as tranquil as a summer flower, just like the woman from the book.

But, what was she doing?

She wasn’t exactly desperate, yet she devoted her body to a stranger. Whatever she was doing was against her younger-self’s expectations. Did she just give up on herself?

Lu Shaoming moved his head sideways and his lips glided over her hair. The girl’s body was soft and small, and she exuded an enchanting scent.

He wasn’t a saint and his body reacted instinctually. He lifted the corners of his lips faintly and spoke in a low yet gentle voice. He sounded rather tempting. “That which you are destined to lose must be that which you possess. Even if you possess it, the others couldn’t take it away if you don’t want to lose it.”

Ning Qing’s tears flowed out like a river. She turned around and sat on the ground. She hugged her knees to her chest and rolled up into a ball.

Lu Shaoming looked at the chandelier above his head. He turned around and saw that the girl’s shoulder shook helplessly as she cried. In the sunset light, his bright eyes were twinkling with dark light, like those of an eagle hiding in the night sky.

He waited in silence. When the girl got tired from crying, she fell asleep. He gently withdrew his arm that was under her head.

Whenever a person was emotionally tense, they would need to relax and sleep. This girl was in that state.

When he moved, the sleeping girl shivered insecurely. She turned and instinctually found his warm chest and curled up in his embrace like a kitten.

Lu Shaoming bit his lips and looked helpless. Wasn’t she just ridiculous? She continuously fanned the fire. Was she not worried that he couldn’t control himself?

He bent his left index finger and touched her soft delicate skin with the back of his finger. He recalled that three years ago, she still looked so innocent. But now she was like a blooming flower, radiant and enchanting.

For the past three years, he remembered how she had shed tears for him when she thought he died. Her tears fell on his cheeks and seeped into his senses that were numb from the extreme pain, and they continued to flow into his heart.

As the direct descendent of the Lu family, how much glory he carried represented how much danger he immersed himself in. In a family that was all about advantage and disadvantage, there wasn’t much warm family affection. It wasn’t that the family had no love, but a small flower in a greenhouse wouldn’t be able to fight against a plum blossom in the dead of winter.

He was cold blooded but there was a tinge of warmth because of her.

She had shed tears for a stranger, and he admired that.

The atmosphere in the room was rather quiet and sweet. There were three knocks on the door and Zhu Rui walked in, “CEO…”

Zhu Rui saw that his CEO was barechested and embracing the girl; he was shocked. Just as he was going to speak, Lu Shaoming made a gesture that meant “shhh.”

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