My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1185 - Set Her Free

Chapter 1185: Set Her Free

Two months later.

The Ye and Gong families held an unprecedented grand wedding in the imperial city of the capital.

In the dressing room.

Auntie Miao held a comb and combed Ye Xiaotao’s hair. She said softly, “Xiaotao, Auntie Miao has no children in my life. You are my child. Today, I will marry my daughter. I am very happy.”

Ye Xiaotao held Auntie Miao’s hand and pressed her little face against it. She closed her eyes and rubbed them against it.

Auntie Miao’s eyes were filled with tears. “Xiaotao, there’s no one in this world that can’t be replaced. From today onwards, forget about the past and be Mistress Gong. Trust me, you will be happy.”

Ye Xiaotao nodded.

“Come, Xiaotao, Auntie Miao help you to put on the wedding dress.”

Ten minutes later, Ye Xiaotao stood in front of the mirror. The pure white wedding dress made her skin look like jade. Her slim figure and gorgeous face were so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off her.

Auntie Miao praised, “Xiaotao, you look so beautiful in the wedding dress. Today, you will be the most beautiful bride in the world.”

“Okay.” Ye Xiaotao nodded.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. “Madam, the master is looking for you. It seems that master can’t find his gloves.”

Auntie Miao covered her mouth and laughed. “Xiaotao, I’ll go over for a while. Your Daddy is too excited. Later, you will hold his arm and walk down the red carpet. He is so excited that he doesn’t even know where he left his gloves. Let me go over.”


Auntie Miao walked out.

In the dressing room, Ye Xiaotao was alone. The curve of her lips smoothed out slowly as she sat alone in front of the dressing table in a daze.

“Eldest miss.” At this moment, someone knocked on the door again.

“Come in.”

The maid walked in. “Eldest miss, someone just delivered a parcel. They said that it’s a wedding gift from an old friend.”

The maid placed the parcel in front of the dressing table and walked out.

Old friend…

Which old friend?

Ye Xiaotao reached out her small hand to touch the parcel slowly.

A few minutes later, she opened the parcel.

In the exquisite gift box, there was a pair of crystal high heels.

Size 34.

The size she was wearing.

Ye Xiaotao’s beautiful black and white eyes lost focus immediately. She knew who it was from, in fact, she had guessed it correctly earlier.

Leng Hao.

On her wedding day, he gave her a pair of size 34 princess crystal heels.

“Pa!” Ye Xiaotao reached out and swung the crystal shoes with the box onto the floor.

Was this his blessing?

She didn’t need it!

What right did he have to bless her?

Was he mocking her?

Ye Xiaotao’s almond-shaped eyes revealed a bone-deep hatred, but soon, she got up and squatted on the floor. She reached out her small hand and held the crystal shoes in her palm.

The corners of her eyes were wet. She reached out and touched it, and her face was full of tears.

She hugged the crystal heels, cried and laughed.

At this time, the sound of footsteps could be heard from outside of the door. “Young Master Gong, you’re not allowed to see the bride before entering the church according to the tradition.”

“Don’t stop him. Young Master Gong can’t wait to see his wife. We can’t stop him either.”

The door of the dressing room was pushed, and Gong Yi’s laughter rang out. “You all will get big red packets later.”

“Thank you, Young Master Gong. Bride, why are you squatting on the ground? Why are you Crying?”

“Bride, you can’t cry on your wedding day. It brings you bad luck.”

The bridesmaid helped Ye Xiaotao up in a fluster.

Ye Xiaotao looked at Gong Yi with tears in her eyes. Gong Yi was frozen by the door.

“Bride, hurry up. I’ll help you wipe your tears. You’ll need to touch up your makeup later.” The bride took the handkerchief to help Ye Xiaotao wipe her tears.

“I’ll do it. All of you, get out.” Gong Yi took the handkerchief.

“Okay.” Everyone left.

Only the two of them were left in the dressing room. Gong Yi wiped away all the tears on her face gently. Then, he squatted down and picked up the crystal high heels on the floor before he put them in the gift box.

“Gong Yi.” Ye Xiaotao held his hand. “I’m sorry. I just… couldn’t control myself.”

Gong Yi looked at her. Her delicate makeup couldn’t cover up her pale face. She used to have a pair of big, bright eyes, but now those eyes were empty and struggling.

She was in pain.

Gong Yi was thinking, was it right for him to keep her like this?

It was his happiness to be able to marry her, to be able to keep her by his side for a long time, but was she happy?

He was confident that he could give her a lifetime of happiness, but this happiness was not her happiness. He might not be able to make her happy for the rest of her life.

Leng Hao had hurt her once, but wasn’t he hurting her as well?

Gong had been a moral kidnapper to her for so long.

Her apology and guilt towards him were so obvious. She was trying her best to make it up to him. She wanted everyone around her to be satisfied and relieved, but what about herself?

Her entire heart was given to that man.

Gong Yi held her little hand and placed it by his mouth to kiss it. He smiled warmly. “Don’t say sorry. You have done nothing wrong to anyone.”

“But…” Ye Xiaotao lowered her eyelashes.

“Xiaotao, are you ready? It’s the time!” At this moment, Auntie Miao pushed the door open and entered. “Ah, Young Master Gong, why are you here too? Hurry up and get out. You are not allowed to see Xiaotao now. There are so many guests outside. Your father is so happy and busy. Hurry up and help him.”

Auntie Miao pushed Gong Yi out.

Then Gong Yi stood outside the door. He looked at Ye Xiaotao tenderly through the door that was about to close. This was probably the last time he would look at this girl whom he spent twenty years protecting.

It was a trap set up by three people. He, Xiao Tao, and Leng Hao were all bigots.

Whoever he falls in love with at first sight was a matter of a lifetime. It could not be changed.

So let him resolve this deadlock. He was willing to sacrifice and fulfil her wish.

This was the last time he would protect her.

Set her free!


This wedding gathered all the upper-class people in the capital, and naturally, there were big stars.

Liu Wenlong was included among the guests.

He wore a black shirt and black trousers. His body was tall and strong. His eyebrows were thick and did not lose his heroic spirit. His facial features were beautiful, and he was very pleasing to the eye.

His appearance caused a huge sensation —

“Isn’t that Liu Wenlong? Oh My God, I can see his real face!”

“He won the Golden Melody Award at the age of 30 and is known as the youngest king in the music industry. I heard that he has invested in records, movies, and companies in the past two years. He is truly a rich single man.”

“I almost can’t make it, my heart is beating very fast. I want to get his autograph!”

Therefore, a group of socialites surrounded Liu Wenlong. “Can you give me your autograph?”

Liu Wenlong’s expression was firm. He nodded politely and began to sign his autograph.

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.”

At this moment, a graceful figure entered Liu Wenlong’s sight. The woman was wearing a pale yellow cheongsam. Her figure was soft and graceful just like the misty rain in February in Jiangnan.

Xiao Yi!

His expression changed abruptly, and he chased after her immediately.

His footsteps were too quick that he accidentally knocked over the wine plate in the waiter’s hand. The red wine spilled on his shirt, and the waiter turned pale with fright. “Sir, I’m sorry, let me help you to wipe it.”

Liu Wenlong ran far away.

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