My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1102 - On Fire

Chapter 1102: On Fire

“Xiao Cui, Xiao Lan, and the others went to buy flower seeds early in the morning. When they come back, young madam can go out and bask in the sun before proceeding to plant and weed.”

A bright smile suddenly brimmed on Ye Xiaotao’s small face. “That’s great.”

“Young madam, have your breakfast. I’ll go down and get busy.”


The maid walked out. Ye Xiaotao picked up the milk and took a small sip. At this time, a loud “bang” was heard. A pungent smell spread in the air.

Ye Xiaotao was shocked. She quickly stood up and ran out. “Xiao Fei, what happened?”

The maid, Xiao Fei’s expression had changed entirely. “Young madam, this is bad. The study is on fire.”

Ye Xiaotao had already seen it. The study door was open, and fierce flames surged out like a fire dragon.

“Young madam, let’s get out quickly. It’s dangerous here!” The maid, Xiao Fei, immediately ran up.

“No, father is still in his room!” Leng Mu’s room was next to the study room. Ye Xiaotao quickly ran up, “Xiao Fei, don’t come up. Call 911.”

“Oh, okay.” Xiao Fei ran downstairs again. However, almost immediately, a few “bangs” followed. The living room below exploded in a few places, and the entire villa was instantly surrounded by fire.

Ye Xiaotao’s face was pale. Her heart sank to the bottom, and her entire body was cold.

At this moment, a few muffled sounds were heard. They sounded like pillars collapsing. Ye Xiaotao looked up and saw that Leng Mu’s room was already on fire.

“Father!” She screamed and immediately rushed into the room.

Leng Mu was still lying on the bed, and the quilt on the bed was already burning. “Father, wake up quickly. There’s a fire. I’ll bring you out!” Ye Xiaotao used her hands to lift the burning quilt. Then, she helped Leng Mu up and ran out.

However, after taking one step, she immediately fell to the ground. Leng Mu was still unconscious, and her strength was not enough to carry him. Leng Mu fell beside her legs. His head hit the table and chair that had fallen to the ground.

Ye Xiaotao’s tears came pouring down. It was fear and despair. When she was really facing a life-and-death situation, she was so afraid.

“Father, I’m sorry! Father!” Ye Xiaotao cried out to Leng Mu. Leng Mu didn’t wake up, but the fire was getting bigger and bigger. What should she do?

At this moment, she saw the phone at the bedside. Yes, the phone.

She needed to call for help!

Ye Xiaotao stepped over the flames and ran to the phone. Her two small hands were already red and swollen from the heat. Her fingers trembled as she quickly dialed a number. She made a call.

The melodious ringtone rang twice before the phone was picked up.

“Hello, Leng Hao…” Ye Xiaotao’s strong facade crumbled in an instant. She covered her mouth with her hand. She didn’t know why things turned out this way. When she was in danger, she would still call him first.

As long as his call was connected, she would feel a huge weight being lifted from her heart.

He had always been the harbor in her heart.

“Leng Hao, come back quickly. The house is on fire. It’s really on fire…” She tried her best to keep her voice calm. “I…”

“Who are you?”A female voice sounded abruptly. “Are you looking for Young Master Leng? Wait a minute, he’s taking a shower.”

Ye Xiaotao froze. She sat cross-legged on the ground and forgot to react.


In the luxurious room.

Leng Hao took a shower and came out in a white bathrobe. He saw Achen’s female secretary answering his phone.

Achen stayed overseas to wait for news. He needed to change into clean clothes, so the female secretary came to deliver clothes to him.

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