My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 8 - The Baby Isn't Happy

Chapter 8: The Baby Isn’t Happy

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Through a doorway entered a man in a black suit. He had an Eastern complexion that rivaled those of movie stars, and his long black hair was almost to his thighs, yet every single strand seemed to have been tenderly combed, smooth to its tips. It made people want to… ask him what brand of shampoo he used.

Although he had the oriental look, his attire resembled that of western nobility. In his hand, he held a silver cane. But despite him looking refined and courteous, the words that flowed out of his mouth were anything but polite.

“Since when did a small space station had the right to exercise the powers of the galactic law court? You claim to be innocent so you are acquitted?” His eyes narrowed as he stared directly at Lu Ren, who stood on the side.

“Yan… Yan Xuan, min… minister.” Lu Ren’s eyes were wide open from shock, as if he couldn’t take this revelation. His entire person was frozen on the spot.

Yan Xuan took two steps forward, and his smile widened. “Oh, so you recognize me.”


Obviously! There was no one in the entire galaxy who didn’t know about this devil, the minister of foreign affairs of the bloodling Red Planet, in charge of everything connected to other species. Other than the man whose existence was legendary, the most famous person of the bloodlings was this person.

What was frightening about him was not his noble status among the bloodlings, but that mouth which could talk the dead out of their graves. To put it into simple words, he specialized in picking a hole in everything and wouldn’t give up until he had shed a layer of skin from his opponent. It was safe to say that you could see his figure in every brawl the bloodlings were involved in, and these brawls would usually escalate into racial wars.

If ordinary bloodlings had an issue, then this minister would have an issue. Other people’s ministries of foreign affairs were all set up to resolve disputes, but his, however, was to blow those disputes out of proportion.

“Minister Yan… Why… you… you came in person?” Why would the bloodlings send this devil to pick up the person! Lu Ren’s heart became a land of barrennes, and he could indistinctly hear the sound of “game over”.

“I heard you were demanding an explanation from the minister of foreign affairs.” Yan Xuan smiled extremely gently and said, “See, so here I am to give Commander Lu our explanation.”

“Ha, haha, hahaha…” Lu Ren’s sadness had become a river flowing inside him, slowly drowning him. He had a strong urge to travel back in time and slap himself across the face multiple times. Why did he ask for trouble and jinx himself? “Misunderstanding… It’s a misunderstanding…”

Explanation? It looked like this time he would have to hand over his life here.

“Things will be so much easier now, since the commander knows me.” Yan Xuan automatically ignored the last half of Lu Ren’s sentence. Setting down his cane, he added, “But before I provide an explanation to your station, I would like to ask the great Commander Lu a question. Slandering my kind as intruders; examining our genes without permission; and imprisoning a member of our kind for several days, what kind of an explanation do you plan to offer me for these things?”

“Mi… Minister Yan.”

“Oh wait, there’s one more…” His eyes suddenly became stern, and he said, “Attempting to deceive a newborn of my kind into agreeing to an unequal treaty without the presence of their guardian.”

Lu Ren felt his legs give away, and he almost knelt down on the floor. He had actually heard it just then, it was all over, all over…

His eyes dulled, and the words “endangered species” immediately emerged in bold in his mind. Mama, he was going to be condemned as the sinner of his species.

“Minister Yan, please listen to me, it was really just a misunderstanding. We didn’t know at the time…”

“You don’t have to explain to me,” Yan Xuan interrupted him in mid-sentence without hesitation. “Say it to the galactic law court!”

“…” Lu Ren froze, unable to open his mouth again.

Ummm, why did this sentence sound familiar to Yao Si? Nevertheless, this movie star like person was actually the minister of foreign affairs for all the bloodlings.

That was a high role…

Little thoughts began to arise in Yao Si’s mind. She took a few curious looks at that person, and then she suddenly had the impulse of running up to him and taking a photo with him. Despite knowing that someone was coming to pick her up, she would have never guessed that the person would be the minister of foreign affairs. The bloodling officials after so many years were unexpectedly close to their citizens.

Probably sensing her stare, Yan Xuan suddenly turned his head and looked towards her. His lips suddenly straightened into a line, but compared to the false smile previously, this one was much more genuine.

“So you’re that baby?” He took off his glove, raised his hand, and caressed her head. His tone was like he was coaxing a child.

Ba… Baby?

Yao Si was alarmed by this strange name, how did she look like a baby?

However, the person hadn’t realized in the slightest bit how strange her name was, for he continued to coax her, “My last name is Yan, you can call me uncle Yan. Don’t be afraid, I am here to bring the poor little baby home.”

“Ah about that… Minister Yan! My last name is Yao, my full name is Yao Si.” Not baby.

“Yao Si…” Yan Xuan repeated the name again, then replied with the same smiley face, “Little baby has a beautiful name!”

I said don’t call me baby already!

“Technically, I was twenty-eight before I entered hibernation.” So don’t call me a baby anymore.

“Oh.” Yan Xuan nodded his head, “So you not only remembered your name, you even remembered you age. What a smart baby!”


“Don’t be stressed.” Yan Xuan pulled a chair over and sat beside her, still using the same coaxing gentle tone saying, “When uncle Yan finish taking care of these businessee, we wil go home, lil’ baby only need to worry about eating your foodie, have a sleep sleep, and play around happily.”

Eat foodie? Have a sleep sleep…


“Wait.” So he wasn’t joking back then, he’s really taking her as a baby, “I am not a child.”

“I know I know, my little baby is a 28 years old adult.” He had an understanding expression hanging on his face, clearly he hadn’t heard a single word of what she said.

The corner of Yao Si’s mouth twitched, thinking about the easily hundred or thousand years long life for the bloodlings.

Shit! 28 years old really was a toddler.

“Your awakening was an accident, but little baby don’t worry, uncle will find your father for you, I promise. But before that, you can treat uncle me as your sire.”

Sire? He meant the person that converted her? Yao Si had no hope for this to happen, she wasn’t able to find him before, after all those years that had passed, it would be take a miracle to find that person.

“Baby, don’t worry.” He petted her head again. “As long as uncle is here, I promise no one will dare to bully you again,” he promised this as he turned, giving someone a meaningful look.

Lu Ren, who was already in a state of desperation, was suddenly petrified, it was as if he was going to fall apart from a single gust of the wind.

“Un… Uncle Yan.” Yao Si couldn’t bear it anymore. For good or evil, the old man had played the role of water boy and apologized for hours. “The incident that happened was in fact just a misunderstanding. I couldn’t possibly be the newborn bloodling that you guys are referring to. Even though before I hibernated I was indeed 28 years old, but the period which I hibernated for was… a little long.”

She considered for a while before deciding to clarify the fact that she was from the year 2017 of the Julian calendar. Since the bloodlings were no longer a secret in the galaxy, there was nothing that she couldn’t say. Including her unexplained conversion that had happened for no particular reason, and that great battle between the Eastern and Western factions of the bloodlings. All matters big or small were all made clear by details.

Initially, she thought she would receive surprised looks from other people, since she had slept through the entire lifetime of a planet. It was rare to live for billions of years, even for the bloodlings.

However, Yan Xuan’s expressions didn’t even change. He remained silent for a while, before opening his mouth again.

“So you still have remnants of genetic memories.”

Genetic memories? What on earth were those?

“Hum, able to remember everything…” He calmly caressed her head, then raised his hand and gave her a thumbs up. “Good job, my sweet little baby!”

Yao baby: “…”

Okay, as long as you’re happy.

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