My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 45 - God Mu's Die Hard Fan

Chapter 45: God Mu’s Die Hard Fan

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“Not bad at all!You have impeccable taste!” Huo Qi nodded vigorously. His expression was animated, as he was clearly excited to have met a friend with common interest. “I’m God Mu’s fan as well, I’ve been collecting his merchandise ever since I was young and have supported all his endorsements. But you seem to be an even bigger fan than I am, even taking on his name. Ha ha ha…”

“…” What could she say?

“I heard he woke up recently, and I’ve been recently trying to get my hands on a license to tour the Red Planet,” he explained enthusiastically, his face indulgent, dying to chat with Mu Xuan the entire night. “Even though I can’t enter the Bloodling capital or see him in real life, the thought of being on the same planet as him delights me.”

“…” What a dummy!

Was the name Mu Xuan as common as Wang Jianguo and Li Jianjun on Blue Planet?

“What do you think bro? Want to come along with me?” Huo Qi was convinced that Mu Xuan was a fan as well, so he slapped his chest confidently. “Your bro here has his sources, I’ll definitely get my hands on that tour license.”

“…” Only a fan could understand.

Mu Xuan frowned, pulling his cub backwards, worried that she would get infected by the stranger’s weirdness.

Huo Qi continued to ramble in their silence.

Suddenly, a thundering sound erupted from the ships simultaneously as though sending out a signal. The next moment the ships flew off.

“I guess the bug won’t be back today.” Huo Qi sighed, turning to face them. “What are your plans? Why don’t you… join me in the space station till the next update comes? The Alliance might send a notice soon.”

Yao Si turned toward Mu Xuan, who nodded nonchalantly. “Sure, we’ll trouble you then.”

“You’re welcome!” He tapped his chest. “Having the same idols makes us family.”

The two stared at him, speechless.

“Let’s go, Alliance’s ship is here.” Huo Qi signaled to them before flying into a gigantic ship.

Yao Si and Mu Xuan followed behind. When they entered, they realized that the crowd which had been fighting the beast alongside them was all inside this space station. They formed small groups and were either resting or discussing something among themselves.

“Here, here!” Huo Qi waved towards them from a table in front of them.

As they walked over, Yao Si couldn’t help asking, “Mu Xuan, why can’t they recognize you?” It was the same when they were back on Eternal Brightness planet. Since he was a global idol, with his face hung everywhere, used in all sorts of advertisements, how could he walk on the streets for such a long time without anyone recognizing him? Was everyone in the Galaxy blind?

What’s more was that he had even given his name in front of Huo Qi. As a die heard fan of Mu Xuan, there was no way he wouldn’t have recognized him.

“Mental ability,” Mu Xuan replied coldly.

Yao Si stilled. “Are you saying… you used your mental strength against everyone else?”

“Mmh.” He nodded. “They don’t see me as you do.”

I see… But how great was his ability to be able to veil his appearance in front of such a huge crowd.

She silently counted the number of people around them…  Hmm, you’re indeed my father!


After resting for a short while, the ship headed into a portal, entering a space station nearby. Yao Si looked around curiously, as compared to the space station near the blue planet, this one was much bigger. It had a snowflake design. There were a number of ships stationed in the six corners, while the middle was slightly transparent . At first look, it seemed like a small town.

In front of the space station was a blue and white planet. Maybe since it was quite far from the Eternal Brightness, this planet seemed a little dim. Its shadowed half was completely black, a stark contrast to the bright space station they were in.

What was especially interesting was that besides that one planet, there wasn’t any others around, as opposed to the starry skies Yao Si was used to seeing. This seemed a little sad and lonely.

“Sis Yao Si, is this the first time you’re at the border of the Galaxy?” Huo Qi smiled, noticing her curiosity. “This is the forty-forth space station at the border, while in front of us is Planet 14.”

14,44? Why did it seem like such an inauspicious number! 1

“There’s no satellite on this planet?” she asked.

“There is!” Huo Qi replied. “There was originally four of them.”

“Originally?”  What does that mean?

“Yea, the bug ate them all.”

“The galactic beast ate the satellites?!” Yao Si eyes went wide from shock. Is that what they eat? Isn’t it too brutal…

“They eat everything,” Huo Qi replied infuriated. “Small planets, satellites…They aren’t picky, eating everything in sight. They’re comparable to those greedy bloodlings.”

Yao Si and Mu Xuan silently stared at him, triggered…

You could have left it at the galactic beasts, was there a need to insult the bloodlings?

“But my Mu Xuan is definitely different,” the man suddenly added, his face filled with worship and love for the male god he spoke of.

Yao Si glanced over at a certain someone’s cold face with her eyes saying ‘Please send your die hard fan away’.

“These galactic beasts appear out of nowhere and start eating without notice.” Huo Qi sighed deeply, shaking his head as he pointed to their surroundings. “If the Alliance hadn’t predicted its position in advance, all of these planets would have been eaten.”

“Are there many galactic beasts around?”

“Not really! There’s around three to five each year.” He shook his head, but just then, he suddenly remembered something, and broke into a sly smile. “But… Even though live beasts can be quite a handful, the dead ones are worth a fortune, their skin, meat, blood, and bones can all be sold. Nowadays, the beast’s meat is a favorite among many races and is highly sought after, so it has a great value in the market. Ech, it’s a pity the beast today escaped or we would have made a killing.”

Er…Why didn’t the price matter when it came to food? She suddenly remembered that back on the Blue Planet the most pitiful lifeform was—a crayfish! Despite being an extraterrestrial invader, it ended up being bred in farms.

As long as there were food fanatics around, anything could flood the market.

“But… that bug shouldn’t have gone far,” Huo Qi asserted. “If you guys aren’t busy and would like a share, you shouldn’t hurry out but wait around in the space station for a few days. The Alliance might send an update anytime soon.”

Yao Si was indeed not in a hurry! She turned and glanced over at Mu Xuan When she confirmed that he wasn’t in a rush to head back, she decided to stay for a few more days.

Huo Qi seemed visibly delighted, and after a short discussion about the galactic beast, he turned to glance at Mu Xuan, instantly turning into a die hard fan once more as he rambled on about his idol.

“Brother, let me tell you something! I heard that Mu Xuan endorsed a certain…”

Yao Si grabbed onto Mu Xuan’s tightly knotted fist. Calm down, this is your die hard fan!

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