My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 42 - Inverse Ability

Chapter 42: Inverse Ability

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“Your Highness, I’m still…” Just as Yao Qian was about to call back his ability, his eyes went wide. “Ah? Ah!”

Yao Si could feel herself reacting instinctively, releasing the sudden force within her out. The power gushed forward aggressively, and the situation was instantly reversed. The ground shook vigorously as gigantic vines sprouted out toward the sky, their thick green stems almost beast like. Yao Qian’s thorns were crushed instantly as the vines rose high and wide, spreading across the entire field.

“Your Highness, this is the wood ability… Aiya!” Before he could finish his sentence, he was suddenly lifted by a vine, left dangling in mid air.

Everything happened in an instant. Before anyone could react, the entire practice grounds was filled with gigantic stems that were crawling in all directions, on the verge of destroying the entire venue.

Yao Si realized… that she couldn’t stop! Her body was like an open tap, pouring endless power out.

“Indeed!” Mu Xuan’s figure flashed, appearing out of a sudden. “It’s enough.”

He reached out to place his hand on her shoulder, and the next moment the energy within her dissipated. The stems froze in midair and started to wither.

“This…” Yao Si glanced at the mini forest in front of her with a face full of confusion. “What happened?” Wasn’t her ability from the water series or negative space series? How did it become the wood series out of nowhere, and it was even getting stronger after each activation. “Mu Xuan, what exactly is my ability?”


“…”  Excuse me?

Can you explain yourself?

“Your ability isn’t restricted to just one series and it can’t be summoned at will.” Mu Xuan pulled her over, and after finding a thicker stem, he sat down. “But whenever someone around you activates their ability, you’ll be able to awake whatever is best offensively.”

“Wait? What is that best offensively?” Did her ability perhaps have the power to detect others’ abilities?

“The first ability you awoke was from the water series, which was because the opponent was using a fire ability. The second one you awoke was a space ability and so yours became the negative space. A while ago, Yao Qian used the earth ability and you used wood .”

“Which means, my ability… depends on the opponents ability and will be the best series against it?”

“Mmh.” He nodded. “After getting the specifics down, it’s called inversion.”

This meant that all abilities out there would be vulnerable in front of hers, right? That’s awesome!

“Wait!” She suddenly had another thought. “If… the opponent doesn’t activate their ability, doesn’t that mean my ability won’t exist, either?”

Mu Xuan stilled, the thought having never crossing his mind. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded. “Indeed.”

“Which means my ability is a passive ability?”

“… You can say that.”

F*ck! Isn’t that pathetic ? And she actually thought she had a cool ability. She could already predict what her next opponent would say to her: Try and hit me!


“But…” Yao Si thought of yet another question, and she glanced at Mu Xuan. “If my ability reacts against the opponent’s ability, then why… didn’t I have any reaction when you displayed so many of your abilities before?” She couldn’t even feel his energy when he activated his ability. It only worked when Yao Qian came along.

Mu Xuan frowned, caressing her head comfortingly. “This… probably has something to do with my ability.”

“What do you mean?” Previously he used the fire and earth abilities, was it that there was something special about his ability besides it being so diverse?

“I’m not like other members of our race, my energy originates from the bloodline that awakened the second time,” he replied gravely. “Other bloodlings’ abilities are passed down from… I’m basing it on a theory now, but all of them should have been passed down from the ancestral bloodline.”

Yao Si was startled. “So…”

“I have the full ability.”

“…” A full ability! That was a truly amazing skill, so was that why he could summon so many different series? “But how does that answer my question on why I didn’t feel anything…” Yao Si froze, her eyes widening. Omg!  Based on her inverse ability… ” So if you’re a full ability, then the opposite of that…”

“No ability.”


F*ck!  That could actually happen! Why did it seem like the end of her ability…

“That’s enough.” Mu Xuan pulled her up. “Your ability isn’t stable yet, that’s why you couldn’t control it well just now. You need more practice. Maybe you can work on your passive ability.”

“Really!” Yao Si’s eyes gleamed.

“Mmh.” He nodded. “Let’s head back to rest.”

“Alright.” Yao Si followed him out, but just as they were about to leave, she couldn’t help taking another look at the practice ground.

Hmm… Why does it feel like I’m forgetting something?

Forget it, she could deal with it after a nap!

A certain someone who was left hanging could not utter a word.

What was he here for in the first place?

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