My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 40 - One Use Ability

Chapter 40: One Use Ability

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The three burglars froze, trembling furiously. The flower pot fell from Lao San’s grip, shattering into pieces. A shard scratched his feet, forming a cut, and then he finally reacted.

“Blood- Blood- Bloodling!” Lao San legs weakened, and he felt on the verge of collapsing.

“Run!” the man in the middle shouted out all of a sudden, pulling Lao San upwards and running towards the door at lighting speed.

Yao Si nodded in approval, that man was sure acting as their boss — Too bad he smashed right into the door!

They seemed to have grown complacent from their previous easy successes and forgot that they had shut the door after entering. They hit it now extremely hard.

From the resounding thud, even Yao Si couldn’t help wincing on their behalf.

“You guys…” She was about to tell them that there was no escape since Yao Qian was already on his way, but a sound interrupted her.

Lao San burst into tears, his body shivering as he held onto the other two with a death grip. “Lao- Lao- Lao- Da!”

Even Lao Er, who had decoded the security code awhile ago, was in a daze, his eyes so wide they seemed on the verge of bulging out. He stared straight at her, his face clouded with horror as he held onto the interface of the lock, trembling.

Yao Si was starting to have questions about her appearance, was she really this horrifying? But she just wanted to reason things out with them!

At this moment, the man called Lao Da still maintained a sound mind. Ignoring his wounded head, he took hold of the other two burglars and instructed them, ” Let’s go!”

Suddenly a weird sensation flooded him—it was an invisible force that wrapped the three of them, pulling them inwards. The space outside the door started to distort, and a whirlpool appeared in front of them, sucking them in.

The three of them then disappeared.

Was this.. a space controlling ability?

He actually possessed a space summoning ability, was that how they were able to enter the Red Planet so easily… But Yao Si didn’t waste time pondering and instead focused on how to capture them. In that instant, she felt an unknown strength filling her up.

This was the same feeling she had felt when she first activated her ability.

My ability is back !

Yao Si was exuberant, and she couldn’t help raising her arms to test it out as a wave of energy flowed into her. She was expecting a water ball to appear, so she positioned herself in the direction of the window.

In the end, a black portal about four to five meters high took shape, and the next moment there was a loud thud.

Three familiar figures had fallen to the ground.

“F*ck, that scared me.” Lao Si caressed his sore bottom as he muttered, “How could we have bumped into a bloodling, thankfully Lao Da has the space ability…”

“Hi~” Yao Si waved toward the three man. “We meet again.”

“…” Lao San.

“…” Lao Er.

“…” Lao Da.

“…” Yao Si was confused.  Alright, it seems… maybe… my ability changed from the water series to the space series?

After a moment…

“Ah! Ghost!” A sharp wail pierced the air.

“Lao Da!”


“Let’s go!” Lao Da shouted once more, using his ability again, and a dark portal appeared once more, teleporting the three of them away.

The very next moment, with a loud thud, the three of them landed in the right corner of the house.


“Let’s go!”

Again, for the third time… Left corner.

The fourth time… By the kitchen door.

The fifth time… The study room door.

The sixth time… The toilet door.

The seventh time…

Yao Si took a deep breath. She couldn’t help heading toward a certain Lao Da, who was as pale as a sheet and was panting uncontrollably as though he was about to stop breathing the next moment. “Hey… You tired?”

The three of them just stared at her.

The house sank into silence.

The next moment, the three despairing figures collapsed onto their knees and lifted their heads up.

“Your Highness, we have sinned! We will repent, please forgive us!”

“Yes, you’re so powerful, it was our mistake to ever dare offend you. Your Highness, please forgive us, just treat us as air.”

“Yes, regardless of what you do, please spare our worthless lives!”

If this continued, Lao Da’s ability was going to be ruined, so the next instant three thuds sounded as their foreheads hit the floor once more.

“Your Highness, are you….” Yao Qian had rushed over hurriedly, but when he reached Yao Si’s home, all he saw was three people kowtowing to her highness. He wanted to ask what had happened but the question got stuck in his throat.

What’s going on here?

“Your… Your highness?”

“Don’t ask me, I know nothing.” Yao Si covered her face. She really had no idea what she had been doing just now… Was that really her ability? Space control? But why was others’ able to send people to far distances, even to other planets, but hers could only bring them in front of her!

What a weird ability; she was now confused and upset!

Her Highness seemed to be upset, so Yao Qian didn’t ask any more. He tapped on his optical computer, and a couple glowing chains fell out, arresting the three of burglars.

Yao Si stared at the three of them with mixed feelings: They had actually dared to enter the king’s, Mu Xuan’s, imperial palace to commit burglary. Should she be applauding them for their courage, or shaking her head at their stupidity?

“I shall not disrupt Your Highness’ rest any more. Would you like me to send the three of them to the police?”


Yao Qian tugged onto the three obedient people toward the door, but when he reached it, he stopped once more. ” Oh right, Your Highness, you mentioned that they were petty burglars, where’s their loot?”

“Er, this, I’m not…” Before she finished her sentence, a thought struck her. She waved her hand, and a white gleam shone. Her personal safety space burst open, and just like an endless stream, a bunch of objects poured out into the living room.

The big items included antique furniture while the tiny ones went as small as crystal accessories, but one thing that united them was that they were all priceless.

Hmph! There’s no need to find anymore, everything here is their loot.

The three burglars trembled uncontrollably.

Mama, these bloodlings are scary!

Yao Si was convinced that she had awaken two abilities: a water series one and a space series one. But both of them seemed to be a little unique, the space one being especially so. Yet ever since that night, it disappeared just like her water ability. Was her ability really a one use only?

It was indeed a depressing answer. Thankfully, Mu Xuan, who had disappeared for a long time, finally came back.

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