My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 38 - Being Good, Doing Good

Chapter 38: Being Good, Doing Good

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Everyone froze.

Yao Si could feel the person behind her tremble, almost dropping his weapon.

I’m sorry! You chose the wrong hostage!

The police officers in front that had been trying to persuade the criminal rushed forward without hesitation, swiftly advancing on him. A white gleam shone, brushing past Yao Si’s ears. Thud! With a loud sound, it struck the person behind her.

She felt the grip on her neck loosen and the person behind her collapsing weakly onto the floor.

“Miss, are you okay?” the head officer asked, looking at her with concern.

Yao Si shook her head. “I’m fine.” She was just a little disappointed by this first kidnap experience.

“That’s good, that’s good.” The officer sighed in relief before breaking into a smile. “Thank you for your assistance, we’ve been chasing him through a couple planets, and finally we have him.”

Even though he sounded magnanimous, he often turned to look at her with guilt, as though afraid she would request something horrifying.

Yao Si glanced at the culprit who had fainted. “What crime did he commit?”

“He’s a galactic pirate, he will often rob commercial vessels around F37, taking many lives in his wake.”

“Oh.” He, indeed, seemed like a really bad person.

“Er… About this person, Miss Bloodling, do… do you have any more questions?”

Can victims of the galactic era have requests? Yao Si stood in a daze, then turned to look at the frightened manager. “Er… Will you guys pay for the damages caused?”

“Of course, of course.” The officer nodded. “I would like to express my utmost appreciation for these two citizens, if not for them, the process wouldn’t have been so smooth.” He nodded towards the other two. “It’s a little urgent so I’ll leave with the culprit now, what do you think…”

“Ah?!” Yao Si was confused but still nodded. “Alright.” Why are they asking me?

The head officer took a deep breath, as though having just unloaded a large burden off his shoulders. Turning to the group behind, he waved his arm. “Let’s go!”

Half a moment later, another officer came forward and bent down toward the culprit. But just as he was about to push him into the aircraft, Yao Si felt a sudden irritable heat spreading through her. Faintly, she caught sight of a red gleam on the culprit’s hands.

Her heart sank. “Careful!”

But it was too late. The next instant a blazing flame emerged from the man in black’s body, diving down toward all of them.

“Even if I die, I’ll drag everyone with me,” he howled.

The entire wall and the neighboring spacecraft were swallowed by the fiery inferno. Yao Si’s heart sank, feeling doom settling over it.

“Heh, we were prepared for your ability.” The head officer scoffed. He raised his arm to press a button, and the next moment a white light begun shining among the fire, a white protective layer forming around the policemen and the spacecraft.

The blazing fire from the man in black was reflected from the white layer, bouncing back violently…

Just like that… It turned around…

Heading in Yao Si’s direction!

This was indeed an unlucky day.

F*ck! Who did she offend to deserve such treatment!

The scorching flames flew towards her, itching to engulf her. Yao Si cursed and swore internally, her heart going cold. Just then, a sudden unfamiliar energy gushed upwards, bursting from her tiny frame. Instinctively, she straightened her hands, releasing that frightening force.

The room cleared in an instant! Only the sound of dripping water could be heard.

“…” What just happened? Yao Si thought.

“…” Bloodlings sure are scary, the manager decided.

“…” Do we still need to add on the space? wondered Old Liu.

“What happened?” A certain overprotective father seemed to have sensed something wrong and entered the room. When he saw the drenched room, he headed towards Yao Si.

His presence calmed her instantly, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and fatigue washed over her. Darkness clouded her vision, and she fainted.


Recently, the members of the Galaxy had noticed that bloodlings that had been committing evil all most of the time suddenly had a change of nature. They no longer fought at the slightest displeasure and had even began to do good.

At the beginning, a few crews of commercial vessels who sailed near F37 had been hijacked by galactic pirates, but just when they were certain that all hope was lost, a few bloodlings came out of nowhere. They used their abilities against the pirates, wiping all of them out before leaving.

Initially, everyone assumed that the bloodlings were bored and wanted some fun.

But these occurrences started to increase, and the bloodlings started to venture past F37 into other parts of the Galaxy. It grew to the point that as long as there were pirates, there would definitely be some bloodlings around to make them pay.

The entire Galaxy was shocked.

But that wasn’t all, a few days later, the headquarters of The Galactic Alliance received a letter from the Red Planet’s army. The letter only had a few words—Where is the bastards nest?

The Alliance marshal was full of confusion? Bastards? What bastards? This was after all an official letter, couldn’t they be more serious and state the specifics? Even though the marshal was clearly annoyed, he didn’t dare to confront them, worried of implicating the whole alliance.

He panicked the entire night. The last time the alliance had received a notification from the bloodlings, it was before the zerg entered the museum. The marshal held an emergency meeting with the heads of the various races to analyze the bloodlings’ latest mission, and together finally came to a conclusion.

It seemed… that piracy seemed popular these days. Were the bloodlings perhaps referring to their nest?

The marshal hesitated. If someone was going to die, it was better if it would be of benefit to everyone. The various races gave their support. Besides, galactic pirates were an old and pressing issue. However, due to their wide spread , unforeseeable approach, and distant location in the middle of the common galactic region, The Galactic Alliance was unable to to clear them out.

The marshal decided that regardless of what the bloodlings were referring to, he would point them in that direction.

Hence, he sent all the distant locations of the galactic pirates. He waited for the reply in apprehension, preparing for a response in case they weren’t asking for the pirates but rather a certain clan.

The response came swiftly, and with just one word—Noted!


What did they mean? Why couldn’t they specify! Who communicates like that?

However, a week later the marshal finally got his answer. The galactic pirates that had been bothering the Galaxy for as long as a thousand years and against which the alliance had been helpless were wiped out in one night.

The bloodlings who had always kept to themselves and avoided trouble had actually went to the trouble of wiping out all the pirates. The ruler of the bloodlings, Mu Xuan, had even personally headed to F37 to destroy one of their nests.

The greatest plague of the Galaxy was uprooted by bloodlings just like that. It was even said that the bloodlings’ internal department no longer greeted by asking “Have you eaten?” but rather “Are you bored? Want to fight some pirates?”

From that moment on, no one dared to attack commercial vessels. Those that managed to escape death were the ones in prison, having already been caught. But even there, they trembled in fear at the thought of the bloodlings. Instantly, the bloodlings’ image took a swift turn for the better. Mu Xuan, who was already a godly figure to the bloodlings, became even more revered and held in deeper regard, becoming the idol of the Galaxy.

In contrast to such an event, something minor happened as well: The ruler of the bloodlings bought the Eternal Brightness planet. Since then, it was no longer the main planet of the Galactic Alliance but rather the bloodlings.

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