My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming

Chapter 24 - You Can Go to Eternal Sleep

Chapter 24: You Can Go to Eternal Sleep

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The surrounding scenery suddenly changed like a curtain being drawn open. The mountains, the earth, the sky, and the vast red plants were all being wiped away as if a blackboard was being cleaned. It then gradually turned transparent and disappeared in the end. In less than ten seconds, the forest which Yao Si had spent days trying to cross and still weren’t able to leave transformed into a boxy white space under twenty square meters in size.

Less than two steps behind here were dozens of “Gluttony” opening their gigantic flower maws. But they were all trapped inside glass pillars, and she could faintly see white ice blades in their insides, not melted.

This…What was happening here?

Yao Si froze on the spot, unable to regain her senses for a long while.

“Ah, what a pity.” Qu Ze tossed the little purple orb in his hand with a regretful look. “I still have dozens of foreign plants, which I brought back from other planets, that haven’t been tested.”

“Test?” Yao Si’s mouth twitched, a rising fury surging from the bottom of her heart. “You mean…”

“We weren’t transported to a forest?”


“There were no cannibal plants?”


“There were no human binding trees?”


“And we weren’t almost stabbed into sieves?”


“So you’ve been fooling me around the entire time?” She took a deep breath.

“Yes… Ahh, don’t say it so harshly, your highness.” Qu Ze switched back to the simple-minded look in a second, but the sense of innocence was missing from his eyes. “Isn’t everyone trying to welcome you with your return to our kind? I, as one of the great elders, wanted to express my friendliness and made a harmless joke.”

“Harmless!” Yao Si felt that the string called ‘reason’ snap in her mind. She clenched her fingers into a fist and swung it right at his face. “Qu Ze! Screw your grandmother!”

For the past few days, she had really treated him like a newbie, putting her own life on the line to save him. Yet in the end he told her that it was all for a test, that all of it was fake, f*ck!

If I don’t beat you until your mother can’t recognize you, then my last name isn’t Yao!

“Your highness.” Qu Ze was still smiling brilliantly, as if he couldn’t be bothered to treat her fist seriously. He flicked his finger and two vines suddenly burst out from the ground, winding around Yao Si’s flying punch.”A gentleman uses his tongue, not his fists. You can’t hit me with…”


The next moment, an angry fist smashed fiercely into his face. Qu Ze felt his nose becoming heavy, and two streams of vividly red liquid ran down his face.

“How… How is this possible?” His eyes widened, and he revealed an expression filled with disbelief.

Yao Si didn’t have time to explain it to him. Her punches fell incessantly, like raindrops, onto him, and they were all aiming for the face and any other place that hurt most. The fury in the depth of Yao Si’s heart exploded with full force, burning all her reason, forgiveness, and demeanor of an elder to hell. There was only one thought left in her mind, punch that asshole!

“Wait wait… How can you, ouch!”

“Don’t only aim for the face, hurts hurts hurts… Ah.”

“I’m sorry, sorry, isn’t that enough… Wait, can you not kick there.”


At that instance, the entire room was echoing with someone’s soul-stirring screams.

When Yao Si no longer had the energy to throw another punch, the burning anger within her heart finally dissipated a little. She then stopped, inhaled a deep breath, then kicked the person on the ground again. “Spit it, what do you really want?”

She had no old feuds or new hates with him, so she didn’t believe for a second that he’d wasted so much effort of dragging her here just for some bloody experiment.

“Your highness…” Qu Ze’s originally goblin-like beautiful face was now swollen, reminding of a pig. He tried with great effort to get up but was unable to stand, so he could only sit on the ground. He wanted to squeeze out an innocent expression, but it caused the injuries on his face to throb and he inhaled sharply. “Hawl kan yau doo dis, Qu Ze sow apsit. (How can you do this, Qu Ze so upset).”

Yao Si lifted the corner of her mouth and rolled her eyes at him. “I was only making a harmless joke at you too.”


“That’s enough, stop pretending.” If she ever fell for it again, then she’d be an idiot. “Say it, what do you really want.”

Qu Ze was stupefied. He put away the merry expression and looked straight into her eyes, as if trying to make sure of something. After staring for a long time, he lowered his voice and asked, “You really want to know the reason?”

Yao Si felt a little uncomfortable being stared at by him, but she had no way to escape it, so she nodded firmly again. “Say it!” Let’s see what story you can come up with this time!

“Okay!” He nodded, slowly stood up, and raised his head to look directly in to her eyes. He was so close that they were almost touching, and standing like that he clearly spelled out his next four words. “I. Don’t. Like. You!”

“Haha…”Yao Si sneered, pushing away the pig-head in front of her. “What a coincidence, me too!”

His face turned rigid for a second, but then he continued, “I received the notice, that’s why I had to travel thousands of miles, all the way from another galaxy, to rush back. I was researching a very important project at that time, but I was forced to stop and return just because you’re a fifth-generation bloodling.” His swollen eyes were filled with displeasure. “How ridiculous, why should I? Just because we’re of younger generation, we must set everything aside and hold you above everything?”


“Don’t be a joke. What have you done for us bloodlings? Do you have any major contributions? Who decided that I must be friendly to you?”


“I am an elder of the thirtieth generation and can count as one of the oldest of us.” The corner of his lips turned upwards as he caressed the purple orb in his hand. “From the Zergs to the fourth Union of the current galaxy, I’ve lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Every battle of the bloodlings, every catastrophe I witnessed, because I am a thirtieth generation bloodling, that’s my duty. I’ve guarded the bloodlings for so many years…”

He took a long breath, then tilted his head and looked at the white room. “Everyone in our kind is like this, even thirteen is like this. We’re trying to make the bloodlings a better race, that’s why… I’m thegreat elder of our kind. But you, what do you deserve?”

He looked at her with great defiance. “You’ve been hibernating for tens of billions of years, you’re only an outsider who relies upon her antique bloodline to assume great airs. You’ve not done a single thing for the bloodlings, why should we recognize you as our ancestor? Address you as you as ‘your highness’?”


“We don’t even know your background, your character, and you don’t even know the most basic language of the galaxy.” His brows knotted when he exhaled. “Yes! I did offend you, but as the great elder, I must do it for the bloodlings. I must make sure your arrival won’t affect the entire bloodling race. If you really want to call me accountable for this, then I’m willing to accept your disposition. Even if it means that my bloodline will be canceled and I’ll fall into eternal sleep.”

“Eternal sleep?” Yao Si was surprised. Eternal sleep was capital sentence. Due to the special physique of the bloodlings, they were immune to all harm but the attacks of their own kind. If they were killed by their own, then that was really death, and the bloodlings called this method eternal sleep.

“You’re a fifth-generation bloodling, naturally you have the right to exercise this privilege, even if it is without reason.”

“Oh…” Yao Si looked at him from top to the bottom, the powerful self-healing ability of the bloodlings had already healed half of the damage to his pig head. She stood up and flicked the dust off her clothes, then with a cold expression said carelessly, “Then you can go to eternal sleep now!”

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