My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 914 - Qiao Mu as the Scapegoat

Chapter 914: Qiao Mu as the Scapegoat

The moment Xu Mingxin saw Qiao Mu losing her temper, she immediately knelt down, not daring to utter a word.

She was merely an insignificant daughter of a concubine, so it would be quite good if she could get out of this blameless. However, she dreaded that she would be implicated again by her idiotic sister.

On the other hand, Xu Mingzhu backed far away, skirting to the side with an extremely unsightly expression. How would she still dare to come forward and speak up for Third Miss Zheng?

“Little Master, that royal maid has confessed.” As Lightning strode to Qiao Mu’s side, his words caused Third Miss Zheng’s expression to change drastically.

Qiao Mu nodded at him.

Soon, a royal maid, with not a discernible wound yet ghastly pale beyond compare, was dragged over like a dead dog.

“Speak.” Qiao Mu gazed icily at that royal maid. “Are you from Sophora Flower Palace?”

That junior royal maid nodded while trembling with fear and trepidation, yet when Third Miss Zheng witnessed this, she couldn’t resist yelling, “Insolent! This young miss has never seen you in Sophora Flower Palace before! Don’t randomly claim relations in order to incriminate others.”

The junior royal maid glanced tearfully at Third Miss Zheng before wailing uncontrollably, “Miss, this servant truly couldn’t endure it anymore!”

Just now, those hidden guards made her, a normal woman, suffer the pain of having her tendons separated and her bones displaced. How could she endure it? It was simply more unbearable than death.

Third Miss Zheng plopped down on the ground in her discomposed state, yet she glared ruthlessly at the royal maid with her lips pulled into a line. That gaze seemed to say: ‘You think that after confessing to the crown prince consort, Her Highness the Noble Consort Zheng will let you have a good ending?’

The junior royal maid was trembling so much that her entire body swayed.

Qiao Mu glanced at Third Miss Zheng apathetically before turning to look at the royal maid again. “How about letting me take a guess, what Courtesan Zheng wants to do again this time in her idleness?”

“If I were to fall for your scheme, in order to atone for your mistake, I would definitely have to follow you… to go change my clothes, am I right?” Qiao Mu’s frigid gaze, which was as incisive as a knife, settled on the junior royal maid.

“Let me think, where do you want to lead me to?” While speaking, Qiao Mu slowly stood up and moved toward the royal maid step by step. “You want to lead me to Courtesan Zheng’s, right. To do what?”

“Courtesan Zheng must have arranged a large-scale miscarriage drama, and is waiting for my arrival!” Qiao Mu curved her eyes as she gazed mockingly at that royal maid.

The junior royal maid’s eyes bulged in terror.

She, she didn’t say anything yet? Yet the crown prince consort had already guessed the gist of it.

It was very simple. After Qiao Mu saw through the fact that Courtesan Zheng had faked her pregnancy during the New Year’s feast, the latter would definitely not allow Qiao Mu to keep this bargaining chip.

She would seize an opportunity to… have a miscarriage.

Of course, if the crown prince consort could be implicated during this miscarriage process, that would be even better.

That’s why, Courtesan Zheng’s thoughts were very easy to deduce. Qiao Mu had basically hit the nail on the head.

Inside the palace, Qiao Mu was originally vigilant at all times, always being suspicious of everything, so how would that Consort Zheng be able to plot against her successfully?

“You b*tch.” Third Miss Zheng struggled to get up, threatening to shove that royal maid to the ground.

She thought that it was because the royal maid had leaked out the secret that things ended up like this.

“Tie her up,” Qiao Mu was uncourteous as she berated.

Shaoyao immediately pulled out a thick rope, tugging on the ends with her hands, before directly walking over to Third Miss Zheng.

“The king is here!”


The old king of the Mo Kingdom rushed over furiously, and when he glimpsed the situation inside the jade pavilion, he automatically hollered, “Crown Prince Consort!”

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