My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 833 - Such a Light Punishment?

Chapter 833: Such a Light Punishment?

Just earlier, Qiaoqiao had them all stay inside the carriage, without letting any one of them get off.

The whole time, Wei Ziqin had been watching in deep worry.

She was very worried that if Qiaoqiao were to beat that State Duke of Qing’s Estate’s third son right now, it might impact her negatively.

Qiao Mu looked back at her parents and reassured them with her gaze. She then turned back to glare at Shi Guangjin icily, questioning, “According to the rules, how should those who offend the crown prince consort with conceited nonsense be punished?”

Hui Feng’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat. Shi Guangjin naturally wouldn’t be the one answering the crown prince consort, so he answered, “They should be flogged 60 times with bamboo strips as punishment.”

“Such light punishment?” Wasn’t beating a mystic cultivator with 60 bamboo planks just like tickling him for fun!

“No wonder everyone likes to insult me! It turned out that the punishment for that was so light?” Qiao Mu was enraged, and she looked at Hui Feng coldly, demanding, “Think more carefully! What should the punishment be!”

Even more cold sweat beaded profusely on Hui Feng’s forehead. He, an adult man, was actually unable to maintain a stable footing under the little lady’s cold and electrifying stare.

He could only stammer out, “It, It’s punishable by 100 military canes.”

“Not enough.” Qiao Mu flatly rejected. “Think more carefully again!”

If he gets beaten anymore, he’ll die! At the same time that Hui Feng was scolding Shi Guangjin’s 18 generations of ancestors, he incessantly prayed to Heaven: Your Highness, come quickly! This subordinate can’t hold out anymore on this end!

“Speak!” Qiao Mu shouted coldly.

Hui Feng hastily uttered, “200 military canes!”

Qiao Mu’s gaze exuded a chill as she apathetically swept Hui Feng a glance. “Then what are you people still standing there for? Hit! Hit him right now! Carry a stool over for me to sit on. I want to be counting personally!”

Everyone: “…”

Hui Feng stealthily stole a glance at Shi Guangjin: This motherf*cking bastard, you incurred this on your own!

“Someone, fetch the military cane.”

Immediately, two minor soldiers, while dragging along military canes, strutted forward with their chins up to either side of Shi Guangjin.

Qiao Mu also sat down on a big wooden armchair carved with pear blossoms before raising her hand. Shaoyao immediately understood and got out of the carriage, running to hand her a cup of hot tea.

The corner of Hui Feng’s eye jerked.

While sipping a mouthful of tea, Qiao Mu gazed leisurely at the two minor soldiers before dryly stating, “I’ve heard that the application of the barracks’ military cane is a technique that requires careful study.”

“For example, one method is called a dragging strike. You make a dragging motion upon striking, which will quickly cause the skin to break and bleed. Laymen who don’t know the ropes would think that the person was beaten very badly, but in reality, there wasn’t any force behind it.” As the crown prince consort coolly delineated this sentence by sentence, Hui Feng and the group of soldiers beside him felt cold sweat flowing straight down their foreheads.

“If you intended to use this kind of method to fool me! You guys are welcome to try!” As soon as Qiao Mu finished her piece, Hui Feng and the rest simultaneously knelt down on one knee as they proclaimed in unison, “We subordinates don’t dare.”

“If you don’t dare, then hit him!” Qiao Mu declared icily, “If you can’t muster strength even after filling your stomachs, I don’t mind finding two more people to carry out the beating.”

“Yes!” The two minor soldiers with the military canes fully straightened their postures at once, not daring to harbor any other ideas in mind again.

They had people push Shi Guangjin down onto his stomach on the spot before starting to strike his butt with a brandish of their military canes.

Shi Guangjin felt that he had lost all face then and there, being flogged with military canes in front of everyone outside of Huabei Gate. He was so livid that he kept trembling all over.

In the beginning, he didn’t think much of it when the military canes started striking down. After all, he was a mystic cultivator, so he merely felt embarrassed and humiliated.

However, this gradually wasn’t the case anymore.

After all, he couldn’t use mystic energy to shield his buttocks the entire time…


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