My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 728 - : Map

Chapter 728: Map

“Thank you for your trouble.” Qiao Mu nodded, and after she followed the Venerable Master out with her eyes, she stroked the small, pitch-black box.

Feeling the exterior, this small box was as warm as jade. Nothing at all looked abnormal about it.

However, it was only when a burst of dense killing intent, accompanied by the vital spiritual energy of heaven and earth, spurted out after opening it did Qiao Mu realize that this seemingly common box could actually completely lock up the aura of this godly blade within, preventing any of it from leaking out.

Once it was opened, a skyrocketing spiritual glow gushed out. Although this spiritual movement lasted for merely a split second, it was still enough to alarm the surrounding wilderness.

In her surprise, Qiao Mu hastily raised her head before discovering that the entire space above the room had long been sealed by a certain force. This spiritual glow couldn’t flow out at all.

Only then did she let out a sigh of relief as she slowly sat down again. She mused: So spiritual weapons will diffuse a numinous treasure’s brilliance all over the place upon appearing.

If she didn’t take timely precautions, the disturbance it created would have inevitably informed everyone about it.

Then Mo Lian must have used some special method to seal the numinous treasure’s glow of the spiritual weapons that he gave her previously. It seemed she was the one who was rather ignorant and inexperienced.

As for the Tianji Treasure Blueprint, that was because it had originally been sealed inside the concealed weapon box, so no divine glow appeared.

Rather, it was the Nine Stars Mirroring the Moon Cauldron that was quite peculiar. Qiao Mu kept feeling that this medicinal cauldron wasn’t that simple.

It was impossible for this item to only be a mere mystic weapon. She reckoned that the reason it didn’t produce a numinous treasure’s glow was related to the Nine Stars Mirroring the Moon design on the cauldron’s body. So far, only one star on the cauldron’s body was radiating a streak of light.

While sitting on the praying mat, Qiao Mu carefully sized up the dagger in her hand.

It was entirely a flawless snow-white, and a faint silver spiritual glow suspended above it. It was a few inches longer than her palm and fit fairly conveniently into her hand.

Qiao Mu slashed lightly with it, and she saw a strand of her hair be cut squarely into two. It truly was a sharp weapon that could sever a strand of hair just by blowing it against the blade and that could cut through iron as if it were mud.

She fondled it admiringly, turning it over in her hands repeatedly. After slightly ejecting mystic energy from her hand, the Startled Swan Dagger glided across the air with a swish before instantly getting sucked into her conscious.

Presently, her conscious was in a liquefied state.

After guiding her spiritual conscious inside, she saw a stream, looking like a jade belt, slowly flowing through her conscious.

Up above the stream were the Spirit Division Record, the Golden Talisman Jade Tome, as well as the Tianji Treasure Blueprint. Her ferule, club, medicinal cauldron, etc. were also tranquilly floating up overhead.

Now that this Startled Swan Dagger had also been sucked into her conscious, it also automatically found an empty space to silently stay put without causing any anomalies.

After observing for a while, Qiao Mu quietly dispersed her thread of spiritual conscious into her own conscious.

When she returned to the present, she looked down at the small black box on her knees, and she fiddled with it to remove the partition inside.

Qiao Mu took out a parchment map from the small box.

The location indicated on this map was probably the secret inheritance realm.

Yet when she took a preliminary glance at the map after spreading it out, she was involuntarily taken aback.

She was too familiar with the place this map had drawn, and she practically didn’t need to see the labeled place names. After seeing the mountain range drawn on the map, she could recognize the region with a single glance.

At this time, a chubby little hand gently tugged on a corner of her clothing.

Qiao Mu recovered her wits and looked down at the little monk.

The little monk had raised his pudgy chin slightly, and his pair of distinctively black and white eyes gazed fixedly at her. He said in a childish tone, “Benefactress, it’s time to eat.”

Qiao Mu petted his small bald head, and her lips involuntarily curved. “Call me Sister.”

The meal was quite delicious. The old monk’s vegetarian culinary talent simply caused one to view him with a whole new level of respect.

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