My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 36 - A Talisman Practitioner’s Tactics

Chapter 36: A Talisman Practitioner’s Tactics

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Startled, Qiao Mu turned to look at the pudgy child who suddenly sat straight up on the rattan chair.

The pudgy child’s eyes were nearly squeezed together. When he stared at Qiao Mu, he tried his hardest to widen his eyes, but they merely separated a few hair’s breadths from each other.

Qiao Mu narrowed her cool eyes, and fragmented memories flashed through her mind. Three days ago, it was this pudgy child who caused her to roll down the hill in front of the school.

It was not until Qiao Mu saw the pudgy Zhou Tao’s face that she recalled how she was frequently bullied by this prodigal rascal in the village in her previous life.

Although they were all trivial matters, when the old enmities added with the new acrimonies, it was enough to fill a basket.

She originally intended to ignore this little tyrant, but who knew she would be stopped by this brat?

The prodigal Zhou Tao hastened the two porters carrying the rattan chair and had them place him down in front of Qiao Mu. He tossed the chicken bone in his right hand away and bit off a piece of the drumstick in his left hand before shouting, “Wimp, you dare to still come here! If it weren’t for you backing out at the last minute that day, we could have gone up the mountain to explore!”

Qiao Mu sent him a cold glare before walking around the pudgy child to enter the school and heading straight for her classroom.

Master Jiang had not arrived yet, so the 13 to 14 children under 10 were currently fooling around inside the classroom. When they saw Qiao Mu enter, they all simultaneously paused, and their eyes shot toward her.

Qiao Mu paused and looked around. Her brows slightly knitted together as she failed to recall where she used to sit. This segment of her childhood memory was simply too long ago for her.

Qiao Mu walked forward before picking the low table furthest in the back and sitting down. Then, she flung her sack onto the desk.

Zhou Tao’s rattan chair stopped in front of the classroom, and with his face full of disbelief, Zhou Tao angrily stormed toward Qiao Mu. “Qiao Mu, you coward, I was speaking to you, didn’t you hear me?”

Had this darn girl gone mad? She actually dared to use such an icy gaze to look at him earlier, and now, she was completely ignoring him when he was speaking!

“You are screwed!” The pudgy child maliciously glowered at her before turning toward their thrill-seeking classmates who were watching from the sidelines with enjoyment. He waved his meaty little hand and angrily shouted, “Everyone, attack her! Help me discipline this darn arrogant girl well! Show her who is in charge of this village!”

Qiao Mu calmly and secretly took out the repetition talisman from her sleeve, then she looked at the pudgy child with a sneer, “The teacher is coming.”

“What rubbish is the teacher!” The pudgy child took a large bite out of the drumstick in his right hand before haughtily lifting his chin towards the sky and pompously exclaiming, “In this village, our family is the wealthiest! Even that old geezer, the village chief, will give face to my dad! Whoever has the most money has the final say! Do you think the teacher can save you! A lousy worm like you dares to look at me with such an arrogant expression? Attack! Beat this darn cowardly girl to death!”

However, what he did not know was that before he said this, Qiao Mu had flung a beginner-level talisman onto his plump belly and ripped it apart through the air with a strand of energy from her fingers.

The repetition talisman stuck onto the clothes above the pudgy child’s belly. How would the pudgy child know though? He was currently spiritedly commanding his fellow students to go up and beat her!

Unexpectedly, an angry shout came from outside the window. “What are you all doing?! Stop!”

Master Jiang furiously charged inside. Seeing his group of disappointing students, he zealously waved the rattan ruler in his hand. “Return to your seats.”

Someone pulled the pudgy child to his seat, and with a face of dissatisfaction, he turned his head to aggressively glare at Qiao Mu.

To his surprise, she actually returned a rigid and icy smile to him. That glimpse of a smile was like a bucket of cold water that directly splashed onto the bottom of his heart.

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