My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 31 - Peculiar Hobby

Chapter 31: Peculiar Hobby

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Mo Lian extended his hand, but before he could touch the giant sack over the child’s shoulder, he came across her cold glare.

Instinctively reacting, the child vigilantly lifted the bundle and jumped backward, her eyes brimming with accusation, as though they were about to rob her a second time.

Yu Xiu: …

“Cough, cough, cough.” Mo Lian helplessly cleared his throat. “Xiao Qiaoqiao, don’t worry, this all belongs to you.” We won’t take a single cent from you!

“Humph!” A certain child made a disdainful sound and turned around, wanting to leave.

However, Mo Lian swiftly blocked her and seized the chance to pick up her tiny body, as well as that gigantic sack. A flash of his figure and he had leaped onto a tree.

At the same time, clamor engulfed the entire Wu Estate. Many villagers were carrying buckets and basins, forming groups to put out the fire of their own accord.

“Qiaoqiao, what enmities and grievances do you have with the mistress of this household?” A slender fingertip gently poked the tip of the girl’s delicate nose. Mo Lian’s lips lightly turned up, his mood ineffably brightening as he looked at her turmoiled expression.

“Humph.” A certain child pridefully turned her head sideways and peered at the people coming and going in front of the house’s entrance, her face revealing the disgruntlement that she felt.

So many people were helping that Wu woman extinguish the fire, so how could it incinerate the place? The most it would do was burn down two wings of the house, and it was far from her desire to burn down half of the Wu Estate. How boring!

“If you won’t speak, then I will guess! See, the first time I saw you, you wanted to strangle her in the rancid sewer!”

“That wasn’t a rancid sewer!” Qiao Mu suddenly turned her head, her large, twinkling eyes looking at the youth in front of her with displeasure.

“How’s that a rancid sewer! It’s a tiny quagmire at most! He doesn’t even know to speak properly! How obnoxious, humph!”

Mo Lian: “…the rancid sewer wasn’t the main point, alright? The main point was that you were killing someone…”

“This is the second time, and this time, you want to burn them alive! I won’t believe you even if you say you don’t have any enmities.”

“Since you loathe this person so much. How about I help you kill her? Don’t worry, if it’s in my hands, I can guarantee that she won’t live past tonight.”

Yu Xiu silently cried. “Your Highness, your approach isn’t right! The child before them is extremely vicious already, so how could Your Highness continue to lead her crooked? Doesn’t Your Highness’ conscience hurt from doing this?”

Qiao Mu’s tiny face was taut and solemn. “I don’t need it!”

Yu Xiu touched his heart. “That’s good, that’s good. The child was still very pure and kindhearted.”

However, a certain child’s subsequent words immediately shattered his outlook on life.

“Letting her die like that—wouldn’t it be too easy for her!” Qiao Mu icily stated before glancing at the smiling Mo Lian. “Do you have a method that will allow her to remain alive but to live in hell from now on?”

Yu Xiu’s eyes slightly widened.

“I do.” Mo Lian briskly nodded and patted the child’s head. “Leave it to me.”

Qiao Mu was silent for a while before her tiny voice emerged in the night again. “Can you help me buy a crossbow that can shoot arrows continuously?”

“I can.”

“I would prefer if the firing speed is fast! I don’t want the type of trash that dawdles half a day but can’t even shoot two arrows!”

“Not a problem!”

“Can you buy clothes that my whole family can wear for 20 years?” the child asked after pondering for a bit.

“I can.”

“Can you help me order 1000 iron arrows?” She did not feel like she was wanting a kilometer after being given a millimeter at all!

“Not a problem.”

“Give it to me within 10 days?”


Qiao Mu nodded in satisfaction and threw the gigantic sack of gold from her shoulders into Mo Lian’s arms. “You can use what remains to buy something good to eat.”

Yu Xiu: “…Our Highness isn’t a foodie, please and thank you!”

Mo Lian laughed heartily as he walked away with the child in his arms. He suddenly realized that ever since he met this interesting little guy, joy seemed to be a more frequent visitor in his life, and a tinge of energy had injected itself into his life.

Yu Xiu: “Your Highness, won’t you ask why in the world does this girl want clothes that her whole family can wear for the next 20 years?”

So, in other words, this bizarre girl committed murder, arson, and burglary tonight in order to dig up enough gold to purchase the next 20 years of clothes for her family…?


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