My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 29 - Persuasion

Chapter 29: Persuasion

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“That’s right!” Qiao Zhongxing slapped his thigh. At the mention of mystic cultivator, his hands gesticulated in joy. “Alright, Qiaoqiao, then let’s not wait until afternoon. Second Uncle will go and do this now!”

Their Xiao Qiao’er was the first seven-year-old mystic cultivator to emerge from the Qiao Clan in the last several hundred years.

Every mystic cultivator had their own inner world for storage; however, there were not many people who possessed such an elite thing in the entire Sikong Planet.

And so, Qiao Zhongxing was duped by Qiao Mu in this fashion and happily carried the 400 taels of gold as he went out to procure the items.

What he had long forgotten though was that the inner world of a mystic cultivator was typically only three or five cubic meters big, so how could it fit so many items?

Qiao Mu lightly sighed in relief. Entrusting this matter to Second Uncle was the most reliable since Second Uncle was very serious and honest in whatever he did. If she said she needed 800 arrows, then he would not give her 799.

There were merely 14 days before the zombie outbreak. As long as she finished preparing all the supplies within 10 days, then she would have sufficient time to bring her mother and sister to the nearby Xijiu City to temporarily settle there.

In contrast to a completely vulnerable village like Qiaotou Village that was prone to the first wave of attack, Xijiu City was number one in both the strength of the city’s defense and the stock of supplies in their vicinity.

Most importantly, however, Xijiu City was not too far from Qiaotou Village, and it only took two days to get there.

After entrusting Second Uncle with the tasks, Qiao Mu felt her heart steady. She decided she would make a trip to Madam Wu’s house and have a good talk with her about life.

“So tired… I feel like I used up a year’s worth of words with Second Uncle…”

Qiao Mu lazily sagged onto the recliner in the courtyard with one hand supporting her chin and her mind wandering off into the distance.

This was the sight that greeted Qiao Zhongbang when he entered.

“Qiaoqiao, time to eat.” Qiao Zhongbang took two steps forward and was about to extend his arms to pick up his daughter when the child sprung up from the recliner and darted toward the dining table without looking back.

Qiao Zhongbang could not help but turn astonished. Only now did he belatedly realize that at some point in time, the little girl had stopped liking him.

Her behavior could not be any more obvious; she was very indifferent toward him and even ignored him. Often, if Wei Ziqin was not present, she would not even bother to speak to him.

Qiao Zhongbang cheerlessly drifted to the table and sat down, and the family of four silently ate. Now and then, Wei Ziqin would pick up some food and give it to Qiao Mu and Qiao Lin, and the three of them ate amiably in their own world, as though they have completely rejected their family head—him.

“Um, Ziqin.” Qiao Zhongbang could hear the hoarseness in his voice. “Wu Yanzhen said that she has contacted that family already, and soon, we can bring Xiao Lin’er…”

“Mother, I heard that Er’gou’s younger sister was sold to a family by their parents. Recently, Brother Er’gou sneaked to the town to see his sister. He found his sister not only being beaten and scolded but also ordered about and worked to death like an ox all day long by that family’s eldest miss. Er’gou’s sister has endless chores every day, and her whole body is covered in scars and injuries without a spot unmarred.”

Wei Ziqin’s pupils visibly contracted. She suddenly tossed away the chopsticks in her hand before dragging Qiao Mu and Qiao Lin up and turning around to leave.

“Ziqin!” Qiao Zhongbang shot up.

Wei Ziqin looked back and shouted at him, infuriated, “I can raise my daughter myself! I don’t need that mother of yours to stick her nose into other people’s business! Don’t think that I don’t know Wu Yanzhen isn’t anyone good! She and that wonderful sister-in-law of yours, Xu Jiao, are birds of a feather! They want to earn a commission from my daughter? Dream on!”

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