My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2899 - Chapter 2899: I Want to Kill You

Chapter 2899: I Want to Kill You

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“This immodest woman is already married, yet she continues to entice people everywhere!”

“Lower your voice!” Ali desperately wished he could cover Achir’s mouth. “It’s one thing to say that in front of me, but don’t utter such things in front of Big Bro.”

Who couldn’t discern what had transpired with Big Bro over the years?

Big Bro simply wouldn’t tolerate anyone maligning Qiao Mu.

Achir seethed with envy, her eyes welling up with tears.

“What can I do to deal with her?” Achir slammed her hand on the table in anger.

“How can a married woman like her seduce my Brother Asi?”

“I’ll make her pay.”

“Quiet down, you.” Ali rolled his eyes, exasperated. “Do you think you can confront Qiao Mu with your strength alone? She could overpower you with just a single finger.”

“Have you forgotten?” Ali raised his hand and patted Achir’s head gently. “If it weren’t for Big Bro saving you just now, you’d be lying on the ground.”

“Even I can’t match that girl, let alone you.”

Achir fell into silence, though defiance still flickered in her eyes.

Knock, knock, knock. Hurried footsteps echoed from downstairs.

“Where’s Qiaoqiao?” Qi Xuanxuan entered the scene, spotting Achir and her brother, her brows furrowing. “You’re Ming Asi’s sister-in-law, right? Where’s


“How audacious!” Achir pounded the table and rose with a fierce expression. Without uttering a word, she flung another dirt ball at Qi Xuanxuan’s face.

Previously, she had failed to hit Qiao Mu, and almost paid the price for it. Now, she could exact some retribution from this woman first.

Who had provoked Achir with such blindness to cause trouble for Princess Achir!

Bang! Qi Xuanxuan clenched her chubby little fist, and it crackled with lightning as she deflected Achir’s dirt ball, sending it hurtling back.

With a resounding crash, an eight-seater table situated between the two combatants was catapulted into the air and crashed down onto the ground.

Achir and Qi Xuanxuan instinctively retreated two steps each.

Duanmu Qing’s body swayed, and he reached out to support Qi Xuanxuan’s back. Ali, too, hurriedly embraced Achir’s form.

“Ah! You audacious woman, daring to show such disrespect to this princess! I’ll end you!” Achir shrieked, feeling as if all of her Viscount-grade composure had shattered into pieces and fallen to the ground.

She couldn’t believe it. This maiden’s cultivation level was lower than her own! It was evident at a glance that Qi Xuanxuan was merely a Level 6 spiritual cultivator.

However, how could a Level 6 spiritual cultivator withstand the onslaught of a seventh-level spiritual cultivator like her? Their simultaneous backward steps were telling.

In essence, it meant that despite her status as a seventh-level spiritual cultivator, she was incapable of overpowering a level-six spiritual cultivator.

Was he intentionally trying to teach her a lesson?

The logic was undeniably clear.

Achir had relied on medicinal enhancements to attain the sixth level of the earth spirit, aided by heavenly mithril. Naturally, she couldn’t compare to Qi Xuanxuan, who had diligently advanced through her own efforts.

Qi Xuanxuan had comprehended the spirit lightning elemental spirit through harmonizing with the intricate laws of nature.

The eighth-grade spiritual thunder held no comparison to the sixth level of the earth spirit.

Even though her cultivation level was one grade below Qi Xuanxuan’s, she still possessed the capacity to hold her own in battle..

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