My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2177 - Hand Over the Transfer Order Token

Chapter 2177: Hand Over the Transfer Order Token

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“Kill them so that they will not see a tomorrow.”

“With just you?”

Faint humiliation flitted past Feng Lan’s eyes, and she looked up with a contorted expression. “It naturally will not just be me. There is also my 100,000 mystic cultivator subordinates…”

“Your subordinates?”

“They, they are the lord’s subordinates.”

“The lord did not have you train these people so that you could wantonly order them about.”

Feng Lan silently lowered her head.

Everybody thought that Geng Pengcheng had an extremely powerful private army, but they were unaware that it was actually she who had amassed and trained this private army. They took orders directly from the lord, but she had the right to transfer them.

Yet now…

Hall Master Gong said that she could not wantonly exercise this power.

Feng Lan naturally did not want to comply.

If she did not mobilize these people, how could she crush Qiao Mu and her group?

How could she avenge her husband?

At this time, she did not know that the original Geng Pengcheng had died at Qiao Mu’s hands, but she had a feeling that this incident had something to do with that stoic-faced little lady.

However, right now, Hall Master Gong actually issued this kind of order?

“Feng Lan, you had best not act on your own.” Hall Master Gong ordered coldly, “Hand over Shuntian Defense’s transfer order token.”

Madam née Feng silently clenched her fists.

As expected, an inhuman roar came from behind Hall Master Gong.

Madam née Feng’s heart clenched. When she looked up and saw that bald woman standing just behind Hall Master Gong, sweat seeped from her palms.

This woman was so strange that she wondered who she was.

Madam née Feng braced herself and pondered:?She looked inhuman, but her outer form resembled a human. Could it, could it be…

Madam née Feng’s eyes practically lit up.

“Hall Master, could this be, be? A perfect zombie!”

“Tsk.” Hall Master Gong snorted. “Do you think her appearance right now looks perfect?”

This was still far from achieving a perfect zombie.

“She failed to evolve. Right now, she is a first-stage superior-level zombie.”

Hall Master Gong swept that bald woman a glance and criticized, “She couldn’t even advance to the second stage. Wasted so many good resources on her.”

The bald woman hung her head in frustration.

This behavior?

Madam née Feng was surprised and hastily inquired, “Hall Master, she has gained complete consciousness?”

“Naturally,” Hall Master Gong stated coldly.

This first-stage superior-level zombie possessed the memories while alive as a human.

Not only did she have complete consciousness, but her intelligence was also basically no different from a human’s. However…

Hall Master Gong furrowed his brows as he looked at this bald woman’s outer appearance. He shook his head and commented, “A defective product will always only be a defective product.”

If she could advance to the second stage, these green veins bulging from the skin would most likely recede, and her outer appearance would basically look no different from a normal human’s.

However, looking at this bald woman now would definitely alert people that this was “not one of us.”

It was unfortunate that they just fell one step short.

Hall Master Gong sighed and waved for that bald woman to retreat.

He strode up to Madam née Feng and held out his hand. He ordered coldly, “Hand it over.”

She had done her utmost to cultivate this private army over so many years.

Madam née Feng gritted her teeth and shook her hands as she took out the Shuntian Defense’s transfer order token from her inner world. She bowed as she offered it to Hall Master Gong.

“Hall Master,” Madam née Feng called out submissively.

“I will transfer these people away from here.” Hall Master Gong swept Madam née Feng a look.

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