My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2047 - It’s Best to Huddle for Warmth in Winter

Chapter 2047: It’s Best to Huddle for Warmth in Winter

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You guys were planning to increase her cultivation by five levels in one year.

Ha ha, no freakin’ way…?everybody silently rolled their eyes but did not say anything.

Qiao Mu continued to stare at them expressionlessly.

“So don’t wander around if you don’t have anything particular you need to do.”

“Mentor Zhou.” Sunlight Academy’s Cao Dan walked over with all smiles and said, “Congratulations to you! You have obtained the usage rights to Blinsheet Island’s spiritual domains for the next three years. Plus you will be distributed a large amount of resources from the island itself.”

Zhou Danjin was naturally beaming so widely that his eyes were imperceptible. “Thank you, thank you.”

Cao Dan smiled as he gazed at Zhou Danjin, Wei Xu, and the other mentors. He said with a shake of his head, “You deserve it. Your academy’s students are all bright and gifted, incomparable to the ordinary person. Their reputations will definitely resound through the Six Prefectures in the future!”

“Ahahahaha.” Mentor Zhou had originally planned to just exchange pleasantries with Cao Dan, but only his immodest laughter could be heard at the end.


After the conclusion of the ranking competition.

Early the next morning, everybody was eager to set out for Blinsheet Island.

Upon seeing the students’ expectant expressions, Qiao Mu stroked the small water droplet in her palm and said softly, “Let’s wait 15 more days.”

It didn’t hurt to wait a bit.

At least she had to let these people make use of these first 15 days to cultivate. Once she refined the entire spiritual domain, everyone would…

Would definitely be very disappointed.

“Masta, Masta. You don’t need to be in a hurry. Little Tree’s body is already gradually recovering.”

Qiao Mu nodded slightly.

She had already saved that black spirit jade vein that they found in Mount Tai for the sapling. Evidently, the sapling’s withered trunk and leaves had improved after absorbing black spirit jade every day, but this was far from enough to support its total recovery.

After all, this tree was still supporting the entire star domain even while unconscious.

She could not overexpend the spiritual energy inside the star domain at this time, otherwise it might harm the sapling’s origin roots again.

If she could infuse the abundance of spiritual energy from Blinsheet Island’s three spiritual domains into Paradise Planet…

Qiao Mu’s heart became feverish.

There would definitely be hope for the sapling’s awakening!

A flock of seagulls glided over the surface of the sea. They skirted the water with a flap of their wings, spraying droplets that landed on her cheeks.

“Are you cold? Qiaoqiao.” Mo Lian asked while grasping the little fellow’s petite hand, and he raised his sleeve to wipe the droplets from her face.

After all, it was nearly the end of December.

The air was suffused with the smell of cold and damp saltwater, and the sea breeze nipped their faces.

Mo Lian took out a cape woven from gold and silver thread and draped it around the little fellow’s shoulders. He then dexterously tied a butterfly knot using the ribbon ends.

“It seems that winter will come sooner this year.”

“Winter in the Six Prefectures is not too pleasant.” Mo Lian pulled her into his arms and stroked her back. “But it’s fine. Hubby will definitely not let Qiaoqiao catch cold.”

Qiao Mu: …

Where did this drama king pop out from?

Would she, a level-three spiritual cultivator with a celestial skeleton, be afraid of the cold?

“Hubby has a sacred fire constitution.” Mo Lian whispered into her ear, “Hugging me in the winter for warmth is the best.”

Qiao Mu cracked open her mouth, wanting to smile but not ending up doing so.

This guy…

Really was enough!

Mo Lian lowered his head smilingly and nuzzled her cheek.

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